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VITAMINS FOR HEART HEALTH Recommendations To Achieve Easy And Fun Life

Vitamins For Heart Health

Vitamins for heart health are varied, but not all of them are useful. There are several vitamins are intended for heart. In addition to heart healthy meal and exercise, vitamin is needed to get more nutrition. As we know, we can’t eat nutritious food everyday. Somehow, we forget to maintain our body due to our job or other reason. In this case, vitamin is really important to provide enough vitamin us. Since it’s varied, there are several vitamin that are useful for our body. In this case, it’s really important for us to know for any kind of vitamin.

Based on some studies, some vitamins are proven as important thing needed for our body. Generally, most people think vitamin as a thing to deny heart attack. However, there are other benefits we can get by consuming vitamin. It reduces the risk of heart disease grows inside our body. As we know, heart attack is caused by many causes. One of causes is, blood clot that is occurred through fat that blocks our blood vessel. Besides, vitamin provides enough nutrition that our body need to nourish our heart function. There are still many things that we can get by consuming enough vitamin so, we need to know for any vitamin that is able to nurture our heart.

Besides, consuming heart vitamin is not only suggested for heart patient, but also for people who are healthy. Generally, vitamin is functioned as a thing to support our health. Vitamin provides enough nutrition that is really useful for our body. Therefore, eating vitamin is not only for those who are sick but also in order to keep our body healthy. By knowing this definition, it helps us to be aware in getting enough vitamin especially to keep our heart in good condition by consuming heart vitamin.

List of recommended vitamin for our heart

Not all vitamins are beneficial for our heart but, there are still many vitamins that we can get for our heart. There are several crucial things that we need to learn. First, our heart needs enough vitamin to strong enough. Remember, heart is known as the most important organ of human body due to its function since it pumps blood through veins inside our body. Second, we need to maintain our heart and protect it from any dangerous that can come from any possible ways including free radical that becomes dangerous thing.

Therefore the best way that we can do is, having good heart healthy diet and provides our body with enough vitamin. There are many choices that we can do by having supplement. However, natural way is far better so, here is the list of vitamin that you can get for your healthy. Importantly, these vitamins are something that you often see so, it’s not hard to get them since, there could come from anywhere especially, fruit or vegetable that you often eat.

Vitamin C

Talking about vitamin C, it’s something that is related with our immunity. Besides, vitamin C has other benefit that is good for our health. Its relation with heart’s health is really important due to its effect that is really great. Vitamin C is not as same as other vitamin. Mammal may not produce it because, our body is not able to do that. In this case, we can get Vitamin C from external source, for example fruit. There are many benefits that we can get by consuming vitamin C regularly.

benefits of vitamin C
Benefits of vitamin C that you should know (via inlifehealthcare.com)

Vitamin C has tons of benefits that connected with heart matters. First, vitamin C is able to turn fat into energy, thanks to carnitine, which can help your body to produce energy. The other benefit that we can get from vitamin C is its antioxidant that can protect us from free radical cell that may improve the development of cancer cell inside our body. As you know, free radical can also accelerate the development of heart attack inside human body. Therefore, we need to consume more vitamin C in order to keep us healthier especially in protecting our body. In addition to heart disease, we can also protect our body from various diseases that are possible to invade our body.

Vitamin E

Sometimes, we may see some advertisements shown on TV where there are some heart health supplements of vitamin E which is believed good to maintain our skin. However, vitamin E is more than just a thing needed to maintain our skin. Believe it or not, Vitamin E has bunch of benefit. So it’s not merely just for skin since, there will be lot of benefits that we can get especially in reducing the risk of heart attack. How it can? It can reduce the risk of heart attack development inside our body in huge percentage. So, it becomes great thing for everyone especially for some people that are already get this disease.

Technically, vitamin E is a good thing for human body to prevent the development of bad cholesterol inside our body. As we know, cholesterol is known as a cause of many serious diseases including heart disease causes. In order to avoid this problem, you need to avoid it by consuming enough vitamin E either from supplement or food. Vitamin E will help our body to eliminate bad cholesterol and start to balance between the amount of good and bad cholesterol. In this case, it becomes great thing that can help us a lot since, it will make us healthier and there will be a lot of positive things that we can get especially in make us healthier.

Beta Carotene

The other nutrition proven really good is beta carotene. It’s a substance found on fruit and vegetable, especially carrot that produce antioxidant as taken from medicalnewstoday. Like other carotenoid, it protects our body from free radical that can cause chronic illness including heart disease. The relation between them is, free radical is able to fasten the development of heart disease inside our body due to free radical cell. Therefore, it’s really dangerous for us and we need to consume enough beta carotene as one of ways to keep our body healthy.

benefits of carrots
Great example of beta carotene source, carrot which can protect you from chronic disease like heart disease

Some studies show that beta carotene is really important to reduce the risk of chronic illness development like cancer and heart attack. Based on Harvard medical school as reported in archives of internal medicine 2007, men that consume beta carotene are more likely to have less risk than other that don’t. Based on the study, we know that free radical is really dangerous and we need to fight against the problem by consuming the right thing, beta carotene. Actually, it’s really easy to get beta carotene because, we can consume fruit or vegetable. Besides, beta carotene also produce vitamin A that is good for our sight.

Vitamin B (Folic acid, B6 and B12)

Based on some studies, Vitamin B has three kind of important things such as, Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. These vitamins are really important for our body. Generally, vitamin B is functioned to reduce the risk of heart attack. However, it’s more than just a heart attack reducer. In our body, there is a substance called homocysteine. It’s a non-proteinogenic form of amino acid. In other word, it reduces blood stream inside our body. You can imagine that it will cause problem since our blood stream is not working well due to this problem. The higher amount of homocysteine may cause many bad things especially for your body.

It may inducts blood clot inside our body since it’s known as an early phase of heart attack. Besides, blood clot might be also known as the early phase of any serious diseases that can invade our body so, it’s really important to find out more about it. In this case, it’s really important for us to start reduce the risk by consuming vitamin B. Vitamin B is needed to reduce the amount of homocysteine. Therefore, we may regain balance amount of homocysteine that will cause lot of good things inside our body. It will be a good thing for us to get enough vitamin B.

Amino Acid

20 percent of human body is said to be made up by a protein as taken from aminoacid-studies and we have to consume enough protein to gain balance harmony inside our body in order to achieve healthy body. Amino acid is known as a substance needed to keep the balance of our body. In this case, you need to get lot of great things that can make you feel really great. Amino acid is known as its great effect that can make your heart really great. It can reduce the risk of heart disease and almost any heart attack patient are recommended with it since, it has great effect that can help you to reduce the risk of getting this disease.

top meatless protein sources
Vegetarian amino acid is a good way to get double benefit (low calorie and nutritional food) (via neilarey.com)

Not only as a way to reduce the risk of heart disease, amino acid can be a great thing that can help you to maintain your heart’s health so, it is a great thing for you to get it since there will be lot of great things that you can get in consuming it for your health. Besides, patient that has a condition of high trygliserida is also recommended to get this substance. Since it’s really important, you may think again to get this. It’s really easy to get it since, there are many things that provide this substance started from food and supplement. Therefore, it becomes great thing that help you to get it.

Vitamin D

Who said that vitamin D is only for our bone? Yes it’s right that vitamin D is really important since, our bone need enough vitamin D to keep it strong. However, vitamin D is also great for our heart since it’s included as vitamin for heart health. As explained earlier, various vitamins are needed to keep our heart healthy. Therefore, you need to supply yourself with enough vitamin. In this case, try to be not selective because, the more you consume vitamin means that you can get lot of great things inside your body especially healthy heart. In this case, you need to know about why vitamin D is really important for your heart.

Vitamin D is functioned as a substance needed to keep our heart healthy be keeping heart beat in normal beat rate and maintain our healthy. The thing that you should know is, abnormal heart beat rate is known as a sign if your heart is in problem. In this case, you need to get normal heart beat rate to keep your heart healthy. Besides, abnormal heart beat rate may cause lot of bad things so, it’s really important to keep it in normal condition. By doing it, you will get many great things and it will be a good thing for you just by consuming it.


Most of us might not be familiar with magnesium. Let me guess, you don’t even know what is magnesium right? It’s okay since, people are not get enough information about it. Therefore, we are going to tell you about what is it. Magnesium is a mineral that have tons of benefits for our body. For heart, magnesium has a big job to keep heart beat rate in normal condition. Besides, magnesium has big function to keep blood sugar in normal level. There are still many vital functions obtained by magnesium. It has lot of benefits for any important part of our body. Therefore, we need to consume enough magnesium for our body to get its benefit.

As explained before, magnesium has an important role to maintain our heart’s beat. In this case, magnesium has a big role to transport potassium and calcium through blood vein. Magnesium deficiency may lead our body into arrhythmias, a condition where heart beat rate is abnormal. Irregular heart beat can cause upper chamber to be quiver. Make sure to get enough magnesium since it’s really important. Usually, we can consume magnesium supplement that is available at everywhere. To be more natural, you can get it through kale and spinach that is known as magnesium veggie and easy to get.

Vitamin for Cardiomyopathy or weak heart

Cardiovascular disease is divided into several conditions. One of condition that is quite popular is, cardiomyopathy or weak heart. Cardiomyopathy caused by genetic reason. It affects our body especially our heart. There are several ways to nurture our body condition, eating some vitamins. Cardiomyopathy needs specific vitamin to keep our heart in good condition. Based on this problem, we like to share several important vitamins that you need to know. By consuming it regularly, you are able to get enough nutrition that is needed by our body.

Vitamin to strengthen heart’s muscle (Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, B16 and potassium)

In order to keep our heart work well, we need to strengthen its muscle since, cardiomyopathy weaken our heart’s muscle. As you know, weak heart may cause fatal condition where our heart won’t work really well. In the end, heart won’t work again since, the muscle is really weak to pump blood that will bring nutrition and other substance needed our body. You can imagine it as pumping machine that doesn’t work well and it’s caused by one of part that can’t work well. In this case, we need to change it with new part.

Since, we can’t change our heart’s muscle, we need to keep it in good condition by consuming enough vitamin with Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and B16. These substances are really important to strengthen heart’s muscle. By having enough nutrition, we can get many things that help our heart to work well. Remember, to consume it from natural resources such as, fruit and vegetable to get other benefit for our body.

Vitamin to accelerate blood circulation (flavonoid)

cabbage cheap and easy-to-get flavonoid food
Cabbage is known as cheap and easy-to-get flavonoid

Due to weak heart’s muscle, it causes lot of troubles and one of them is, our blood circulation doesn’t work well. Therefore, it needs help from the outside by many ways. The best way to do it is by giving enough nutrition to keep it in good shape. Usually, it’s available on apple so, it becomes a great thing where we can get apple easily. Besides, flavonoid is also really important since, it brings lot of other benefits for our body. So, it’s really important to get more things for our health just by consuming enough flavonoid for our body.

How to provide enough vitamin for our body

Based on some points stated above, you are able to know about some vitamins that are really important for your body. Some of them might be familiar with you since, you already eat it daily. Besides, there could be other things that are not familiar so, it’s time for you to get enough information by having it every time to keep yourself healthy and your body in condition. There is still other important thing that you need to know, where you can get this vitamin..

To put it easily, almost all things are available in one capsule or supplement that you can get at the drug store or other trusted place. However, natural consuming is more recommended since, you can get tons of great things by having it there. In this case, it becomes a great thing for you to get it just by having enough vitamins by providing yourself with some heart healthy foods and heart healthy vegetables. It might be not easy to find anything that you need for your body but here are some sources of vitamin that you need to eat or consume for daily needs.

  • Fruit and vegetables
    Fruit and veggie are considered as important food that people need to eat for every day due to its nutrition that are really good. Besides, those are considered as natural source of nutrition for heart health that we can get. It’s healthier and bring lot of great things for our body. Due to its effect, many experts from doctor, nutritionist and other people recommend fruit and veggie to get enough nutrition for themselves. In this case, it becomes great thing that can help them. There are many nutrition that are available especially for our heart
    Since there are many kinds of fruit and vegetable, it’s really hard to find out about any fruits or veggies that are good for us. Some of recommended fruits and veggies that are good are apple, orange, avocado, kale, spinach, and banana. There are still other kind that are as good as the mentioned one but, these fruits or veggies are known for its multiple functions that are available in a single piece of fruit or vegetable. For the conclusion, you can get many benefits just by doing heart healthy eating from fruit or vegetable for your body especially for your heart.
  • External source
    Not all kind of vitamin comes from fruit or veggie. There are several vitamins that come from other substance for example, calcium that is produced by milk or sunlight. In this case, people can get enough milk or sunlight for their vitamin D needs. Sometimes, we often see elder people that love to have a walk in the morning. It shows that they not only do it for having a simple exercise but they need to get enough sunlight as a way to keep their bone and heart in good condition. Besides, milk is also considered as important thing that help us to get enough calcium that affects any part inside.
benefits from sunlight
Tons of benefits from sunlight that you can get may affect to your heart


Vitamin is considered as secondary thing that we should have for nourish our body with good nutrition. There are many good benefits that we can get especially by having healthy and strong heart. Heart needs vitamin too. There are many benefits that heart can get if we provide it with enough vitamin. First, our heart will be healthy and good enough. Second, we there is no need to be worried since, our heart is protected with enough nutrition that can fight against external thing that may invade and damage it. Usually, it comes from free radical things that can worsen our body condition. It’s something that we don’t know but could be happened because it comes from outside. Therefore, vitamin for heart health is the answer for us.