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Heart Disease Definition

There are various types of heart related disease and of course each has different Heart Disease Definition, one of which is coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease itself can occur if there is a condition of one or several blood vessels of the heart or coronary arteries fertilized by several ingredients, especially is fat deposits. This fat is usually obtained from the types of food consumed that are not controlled. If the saturated fat has accumulated, it will make the arteries become narrower. The effect is to make the blood flow more to the heart will decrease.

artery blockage
Artery blockage

Different Kinds of Coronary heart disease Definition

  1. Coronary heart disease definition

Coronary heart disease is one of the diseases that will attack our heart fiercely. Though the heart itself is one of the organs that should not be short of blood and pressure. The work of the heart organ will greatly affect the condition of the human body and the performance of other human organs. And if the blood flow to the heart continues to decrease, it will trigger coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease has several symptoms such as angina and shortness of breath. If it is clogged up over time it will also trigger a heart attack.

Actually, not all similar symptoms occur is one characteristic if coronary heart disease has attacked, but it never hurts to keep checking with your doctor regularly. As has often been said if prevention is always better than cure.

Symptoms that commonly affect patients affected by heart disease include the first one is angina. Angina is a feeling of pain in the chest that is felt as a result of the heart muscle area not getting enough oxygen. This angina is felt almost slowly with the feeling of pressing in the chest and will usually begin to appear and be felt after doing work or strenuous activities.

Always cold sweat and nausea often occur. When various types of blood vessels begin to narrow, the heart muscle will lack oxygen supply which leads to a condition called ischemia. Ischemia is what will trigger the release of excessive cold sweat and narrowing of the arteries. Continued with the appearance of a sensation that felt like coming out with cold sweat. In addition, ischemia can also increase feelings of nausea and vomiting.

Shortness of breath will begin to be felt when the heart is not functioning normally and has an impact on smooth breathing. And usually the heart attack symptoms of shortness of breath will be followed by a feeling of pain in the chest.

  1. Congenital heart disease definition

Heart Disease Definition is quite complex, it has another name is congenital heart disease which occurs due to abnormalities in the structure of the heart that has been experienced since birth. So heart related disease such as heart valve disease does not always arise as a result of a diet and a lifestyle that is wrong. Abnormalities of the heart can occur because there is indeed a mistake that has been carried out since the sufferer was born. This disorder alone can cause interference with the blood flow from the heart and vice versa. The levels also vary from those classified as mild to complex ones to endanger lives.

The less interesting news is that people with congenital heart disease are obliged to continue to monitor the progress of their heart condition for a lifetime. Even though he had received medical treatment since he was a child. This is done to prevent unwanted things from happening early. Given this disease is a birth defect not because of mistakes made by yourself. But it is alleged that there are several causes that make a person can be affected by congenital heart disease. Initially because of a disorder and also obstacles when the formation and development of the heart while still a fetus in the womb.

In general, as has been explained by the medical side through research, this heart organ has four chambers, namely two chambers called the heart chambers or commonly called the atrium, and also the rest are two chambers of the heart, also known as ventricles. Each part is divided into the right and also the left. For parts of the atrium and right vertebra, it is the duty to receive blood from the entire body and pump blood to the lungs.

After oxygen is bound to the lung organs, blood containing oxygen bonds will be returned to the heart in the left atrium and left vertebra. From the left vertebra then it will be pumped throughout the body to the aorta. If one of the functions is disrupted due to an abnormality, it will certainly disrupt the work system of organs throughout the body.

  1. Rheumatic heart disease definition

This rheumatic heart disease is an advanced disease, a heart problem symptoms like other diseases that do not get treatment such as sore throat and rheumatic fever. So if you have strep throat and also rheumatic arthritis immediately seek treatment so as not to make things worse by turning into rheumatic heart disease. This can happen because when a person has strep throat there will be an infection in the throat. And if the infection remains left it will continue to widen and reach the heart area.

Rheumatic Heart Disease (PRJ) has another name, Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD), which has a condition where the heart has been permanently damaged, especially in the heart valves and also in the muscles caused by rheumatic fever infection. This damaged valve section will also narrow and leak. The danger is that this damage is permanent. Damaged valves are usually part of the mitral valve or mitral valve stenosis.

  1. Congestive heart disease definition

    congestive heart failure caused by reduce volume of blood
    Congestive heart failure caused by reduce volume of blood (via healthjade.com)

This Heart Disease Definition is a disease that is said to be a silent killer. This is because this one heart disease can attack suddenly with a condition that is very chronic so that it can endanger the condition of one’s life. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). This condition occurs when the heart fails to pump the blood supply needed by the body. This can occur due to a condition of abnormalities in the muscles around the heart so that the heart organ cannot work normally.

During this time heart failure is identified with a heart condition that stops beating in total, even though heart failure is unable to supply and fulfill the blood quota needed by the body. For heart failure, it has several symptoms such as swelling in the area of ​​the feet and wrists, easily feeling tired, especially when after physical activity, the weight increases significantly, then often want to urinate, especially at night. And if the condition has become worse, other symptoms will emerge such as irregular heartbeat, coughing due to lung swelling, breathing wheezing, shortness of breath, and difficulty doing activities because the body will feel tired and even mild activity. In the end, heart matters and by knowing some of these disease related to heart we can develop ourselves to life in a better lifestyle to avoid these disease.