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Nutrition for heart health

Everyone craves for a healthy heart and body but, it’s quite hard due to several factors especially, modern life habit which close to unhealthy things like, fast food, lack of exercise, sleep, and other possible factors. Therefore, it is a good idea if we know several ways on how to make our heart much healthier which can be done by doing a simple activity and also having Nutrition for heart health which can help our heart to have a better condition and also health.

As we already know our heart is a vital organ that is owned by our body. The main task of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body. Therefore, it is important for us to always maintain heart health. During this time, heart disease is still the main killer of human death. Lifestyle became one of the main factors affecting heart disease. Scientific studies show that changing lifestyles can reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke. While also reducing the possibility of heart attack. Increasing physical activity and having heart healthy recipes is highly recommended if you want to improve heart function. Here are a variety of activities you can do to maintain heart health.

20 kinds of Nutrition needed by Our Heart

No one knows about what kind of nutrition that is really needed by our heart. It’s time for us to realize about nutrition that is really important for our food. There are many reasons about why we should protect our heart by consuming some foods that are really good for our heart. Ultimately, heart is known as body’s part that is used to pump blood that brings nutrition, oxygen, and any kind of important substance for our body. Imagine, if it doesn’t work well or even stop work, there will be lot of negative impacts that will be happened inside our body.

It’s pretty easy to treat our heart because, there are lot of things that we can do. One of them is, healthy nutrition by consuming any good foods that are really healthy. The first thing that we like to discuss is, 20 kind of nutrition that is really good for our heart. These foods are easy to grab and included as heart healthy diet. In this case, there is no reason if you can’t get it because, these foods are easily to grab. Without further ado, let’s move below and see 20 kinds of nutrition that is good for our heart.

Salmon is good for our heart
Salmon is good for our heart because, it contains omega 3 and any useful substance for us (via mournefishbox.com)
  1. Salmon Oil

    The first nutrition that is recommended is salmon oil. Salmon oil is known as a substance that has omega 3 which is really good for our heart since, it helps us to fight against heart inflammation by suppress pro-inflammatory agent, NFkB. As we know, heart inflammation increases the risk of heart problem. For salmon oil, we can get it by consuming salmon fish or any supplement that is contained with salmon oil.

  2. Magnesium

    In order to stabilize our heart beat, magnesium is needed as a substance to maintain heart beat consistency and normalize blood pressure. Besides, there are also other advantages that we can get by consuming magnesium regularly. Magnesium is good to maintain our teeth’s health, muscle’s health, or even treat some serious problems such as, diabetes and asthma. Magnesium can be found on several foods such as, dark-colour veggie, avocado, banana, fish, chocolate, and nuts.

  3. Coenzyme Q-10

    Coenzyme Q-10 or Coq10 is a substance produced by our body. It’s known as a vitamin used to produce a cell to repair and create new cell. It’s really important since, it’s functioned as a way to repair any damaged cell that is happened inside our body. Thought it can be produced by our body, we can support it by consuming Coq10 vitamin that is contained in any supplement that we can eat. In addition to first function, Coq10 can produce anti-oxidant that is really important for our body. It’s used as a way to fight against any external dangerous substance that can harm our health. We can get Coq10 supplement on store.

  4. Antioxidant

    Antioxidant known as a substance needed by our body to eliminate free radical that can cause disease in our body especially, heart problem. In order to get antioxidant, we can get it on vitamin C and Vitamin E which is really good for our heart.

  5. L-Carnitine

    The other nutrition that is also important is L-Carnitine. It’s as same as amino liquid which is soluble inside water. L-Carnitine is a substance that is contained on red meat such as, cow meat and goat meat. Actually, our body can self-produce this substance but, we can provide more L-carnitine by consuming red meat properly or any supplement that provide L-carnitine. It’s believe as a thing needed to protect our heart and keep our heart from oxidative stress.

  6. Omega-3

    Maybe, you already know that omega-3 is really important for our body. It’s really useful for any single parts of our body especially, our hearts. It’s functioned as a substance that prevents heart inflammation. Besides, omega-3 is also known for its effect to decrease blood pressure, decrease the possibility of blood clot, and etc. Omega-3 can be found on yoghurt, milk, and egg.

  7. Fiber

    In addition to its function as a nutrition for our digestion, fiber is also good for our heart because, it can decrease cholesterol. We need to consume some foods such as, apple, strawberry, orange, bread, rice, nuts, and oatmeal which are known as example of food that contains fiber.

  8. Resveratrol

    Some of us may don’t know about resveratrol but, it’s also considered as a thing needed to maintain our heart’s health. Resveratrol has a big function to decrease bad cholesterol, blood clot, and even inflammation that can be happened at any time. Resveratrol can be found on red grape.

  9. Mineral

    Mineral is considered as one of easy things that we can get since, we consume it everyday from water. Eight glass of water for a day can make ourselves far away from heart problem so, hydrate yourself with enough amount of water to avoid any problems.

  10. Good fat

    If there is bad fat so, there is also good fat. Our body needs good fat or also known as HDL (High-density lipoprotein). Good fat is really good to decrease stroke attack and heart attack. In order to get good fat, we need to organize our diet, avoid smoking, and regular exercise.

  11. Potassium

    By having potassium regularly, you are showing your responsibility through your heart by keeping its blood pressure on normal heart rate zones and maintaining your muscle.

  12. Lycopene

    Based on research conducted by University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals, lycopene on tomato improves the blood vessel function on someone with heart problem.

  13. Polyphenols

    Polyphenol is another nutrition needed by our heart to eliminate free radical cell inside our body so, our body will become stronger and we can get lot of advantages such as, healthier blood circulation, anti-aging, and less risk of heart problem. We can find polyphenol on apple, plum, cherry, cranberry, broccoli and etc.

  14. Flavanoid

    Maybe there are still few people that know it but, flavonoid is known as important substance inside our body to reduce bad cholesterol and give antioxidant.

  15. Zinc

    Zinc is known as another kind of mineral that has lot of advantages for our body such as, anti-inflammation, increasing body immunity, and help our body to produce cell. It can be found on nuts, red meat, and milk.

  16. Selenium

    It’s also functioned as anti-oxidant to reduce free radical cell inside our body. Selenium is easy to find because, there are several foods that we consume daily have selenium such as, tofu, almond nut, yoghurt, corn, and hazelnut.

  17. Any Vitamin

    Vitamin has a huge role in human’s life. It provides lot of advantages to any parts of our life. One of the advantages is, it can help us to reduce the risk of heart problem. For this one, there are several vitamins that are good for our heart such as, Vitamin E,D, and B.

  18. Folic Acid

    Sometimes, you often see it on the advertisement. Folic acid is really important to help ourselves in decreasing the risk of coroner heart disease. Some foods that has folic acid are, fruit, vegetable, and nuts.

  19. Beta Carotene

    Beta Carotene is known as a substance that has deep relationship with vitamin A since, it’s also contained on several foods that also get Vitamin A. It’s important to have it for decreasing bad cholesterol and improve our heart’s health.

  20. Linolenic Alpha

    Last but not least, linolenic alpha is a part of omega-3. It is known for its advantage to decrease coroner heart disease and can be found on walnut.

Several Examples of Physical Activity for Heart Health

Lack of exercise
Lack of exercise may lead us to several serious health problems

It’s no secret that exercise is good for health. Especially also for heart health. Regular exercise combined with heart healthy lifestyle changes (diet, smoking cessation, etc.) can reduce the risk of heart disease. Experts explain that to maintain heart health and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, one needs to exercise at least 75 to 150 minutes per week. So what kind of sports can be done? For you who are interested in making your hearth healthy and in top condition, here are some of the examples that you can do.

  1. Walking Exercises

You do not need to do a strenuous exercise if you want to maintain heart health. Try it from the simple first like a simple walking exercises. This one activity can be done anywhere, whether in the house by using a treadmill or in the open field. Useful light exercise is done to maintain body fitness and is very good for heart patients. Take walking exercises every day in the morning and afternoon and pair it with heart healthy diet for maximum benefits.

  1. Jogging

In addition to a walking exercises that can be done anytime, you can also try jogging. Jogging is a kinds of sports that can also be done every day. Jogging is a healthy sport and very good for the heart. In addition good for the heart, there are also other jogging benefits that is to keep your body fit and also healthy.

By doing jogging every day, you can also improve your stamina, making it much better. Jogging is a sports that are recommended for people who have weight problem. Yes, weight problem is one of the problem of most people this day and it can also lead to many serious illness or diseases this day. From heart attack, stroke and also diabetes. Jogging help people to burn calories and fat faster which is why this exercises is recommended for people with weight problem.

  1. Swimming

If you feel walking and running too hard for the body, then try to swim. Sports this one has a lot of benefits for our bodies. Swimming is not only able to train the lungs, but also to maintain endurance of the lungs. Swimming two and a half hours per week can provide enormous benefits for heart health. In addition, swimming is also good for bones and joints. So it is suitable for those of you who have overweight or joint problems.

Some simple tips to make swimming more bearable is that do not forget to do some warm up before you do this activities. Even though swimming is not as hard for the body, it can also take some strain if you do not do warm up before you go swimming. As we previously explain before, swimming is quite beneficial and have the benefits of jogging also help us to train our lungs which means we can also get better stamina and power by doing this exercise regularly.

  1. Dancing

Most people will be surprised when we add this kinds of activity to our list of heart healthy activities. But what can you say? This kinds of activities is actually a good idea to exercise your body and also keep your heart healthy. Yes, exercise does not mean to be always doing a real sport. Dance can be an alternative physical activity for those of you who want to maintain heart health. Dance regularly can help maintain heart health. You can play music that you like and dance in the room. Dance will help you burn calories and fat, it will also make your body much more flexible. Do not forget perform dance activity according to your abilities as some dance can really put strain to your body if you are not familiar with it.

  1. Use your surrounding environment to do some simple exercise everyday

You feel you do not have time to exercise? No need to worry. You can even still do physical activity side by side with your daily activity. Begin switching stairs instead of elevators. You can also ride when going to work. If you use a motor vehicle, park some distance from your building. Inevitably you have to walk to the destination. Remember that all activities of this physical activity should still be balanced with healthy food and good heart healthy habits. Everyone has different physical endurance. It’s good if you consult first before starting to exercise.

Several ways to have healthy heart besides doing exercise

After we learn about several exercises that can help us to have better heart health then it is a good idea to know other ways beside exercise that can help us achieve healthy heart and body. As we already understand previously that as one of the vital organs in the body, human heart need to be taken care in order to avoid the various diseases.

In fact, heart disease is one of the main causes of death of most people in the world. The heart can be maintained by exercising regularly. However, one thing that we need to understand is that generally heart disease is affected much by family health history, therefore there is no harm for you to start maintaining heart health from now on. Here are some ways you can do to maintain heart health.

home exercise
Examples of easy home exercise that you can do

Several ways to take care of human heart

  1. Quit smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is one of the bad habits you should stop if you want to keep your heart healthy. During this time, smoking becomes one of the main causes of coronary heart disease. If you stop smoking, then the risk of heart attack can also decrease. In addition to preventing heart attacks, quitting smoking will also be better for your body condition.

  1. Have an ideal weight

People who are overweight have a greater risk for heart disease. Begin to regulate your weight to maintain heart health. The trick can be through a diet and a healthy diet. For example by eating heart healthy foods such as fruits and heart healthy vegetables combined with major sports enough.

Obesity of heart attack causes
Obesity is known as one of heart attack causes
  1. Physical Activity

In the previous point has been touched on various exercises that you can do to maintain heart health. Do all kinds of sports on a regular basis. This can reduce the risk of developing Heart disease. It can also be a means of relieving stress. Perform 150 minutes of physical activity each week. One way to achieve this goal is to do physical activity for 30 minutes a week. You can adjust his physical activity with your activities. For example, by biking to the office or walking in the morning before starting the activity.

  1. Reduce the Consumption of Saturated Fat and Salt

Too much saturated fat consumption can increase cholesterol levels in the blood. This automatically also increases the risk of Heart attack. Therefore choose meat and animal products that have proven to be low fat. In addition, to keep blood pressure in order to stay in a healthy position, you should also reduce the use of salt. Use a little salt on cooking. Note also the amount of salt present in food purchased outside. Check the label on the food, if the amount of salt exceeds 1.5 grams per 100g, then the meal is calculated to have a high salt content. Adults are advised to reduce salt intake, less than 6 grams per day.

  1. Increase healthy food consumption

Fish does have a very good content for the body. Eat fish at least twice a week. The types of fish that are good for heart among others such as mackerel, tuna, and salmon that contain omega-3 fats that can help the body fight heart disease. Fish or seafood are one of the Nutrition for heart health that we can consume in order to help us enhance our heart health.

Those are some things to consider if you want to have a healthy heart. The ways above are very easy and need to be done regularly. The result will be seen in the next few years. If you have a history of heart disease in the family, then medical check-ups can be done to know if there are Heart attack symptoms and avoid the things that are not desirable.

After we know about the kinds of activities and exercise that can help us have healthy heart then it is a good idea to know the in depth details on what kinds of food and beverages that can help us gain better heart health. In the next point we will explain several diet menu and food ingredients that generally beneficial for our heart health. Therefore, you can make sure that you keep your heart healthy by consuming some of these heart healthy eating foods and beverages.

Conclusion regarding heart activities and why it is important

With all of these information regarding heart health activity and heart healthy recipes, we can then conclude that keeping our heart healthy and in top form condition is actually not very hard to do. However, we need to make sure that we do it in regular way. And most people are having trouble keeping up with this. Therefore, dedication to do all of these activities is what we need the most. Additionally, we can also make it much simpler and easier by having someone to remind us of our habit so that we do not broke our own heart health program.

ABC for healthy heart
ABC for having healthy heart

If that is still hard to do, then you can also make your own daily schedule on the exercise that you need to do and also what kinds of food that you need to consume daily. This will make your life much more organized and also healthy at once. Of course, in the end it is up to you to do all of these activities and also doing diet program. Even though it looks quite difficult to do at once, you can always try to do it in step by step, which means it is not necessary to do all of these at once. Try to do the activity by starting from the easiest then when you are comfortable with it you can try to do the other one.

We hope that some of these Healthy heart tips and examples can help you in achieving a healthy heart as having a healthy heart is something that people need to have this day. Start your healthy life right now and achieve a happy and also better future with your family by doing exercises and having Nutrition for heart health. Because, the only thing that you need to do if you want a healthy life is dedication to start a new and better habit in your life.