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HEART VALVE LEAKAGE Problems And Proper Treatments For Beginner

Heart Valve Leakage

There are tons of problems of heart disease, one of them is heart valve leakage. It’s considered as one of serious problem in medical world. Generally, heart leakage is hard to treat because, it’s based on our physical condition. However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be treated. Through this article, we will talk a lot about heart leakage problem. Most of us may only be familiar with several heart problems for example, heart attack and heart coroner disease. These problems are often happened and mentioned through any sources. Those are caused by bad habits that are blamed as serious problems faced by modern society.

However, there are not the only problems need to be focused on. Heart leakage known as rare problem that can be happened through everyone. Though it’s caused by physical problem, heart leakage can be caused by other causes. Heart leakage shows several symptoms that are commonly happened when you are diagnosed with heart attack, but there are some specific conditions that are mean for heart leakage only. It’s really advisable to visit doctor in order to get best advise to treat your problem since, they are expert in their field especially, in heart disease treatment.

description of how valve heart leakage
Description of how valve heart leakage happened

In this article, we will divide the explanations into three parts. First, what is heart leakage, as mentioned before, not all of people are familiar with this disease since, it’s rarely happened. Second, we will give you the explanation about how worse it can be and how to avoid it. Last, there will be serious thing about what will happen to you if you can’t treat it. By reading this article, we hope that you can get enough information about heart leakage problem so, you are able to plan about anything that you have to do to treat your problem.

Get close with heart valve leakage

As we have promised, the first part would be the general explanation of heart leakage. To put it easily, there is a leakage occurred inside our heart that may disturb blood stream process. Usually, it can be caused by a hole or valve leakage that may cause your blood pumped back. There are four valves, mitral valve, aortic valve, tricuspid valve, and pulmonary valve. Each valve has a flap acts as a door that will let blood flow through one direction that will move inside the chamber of heart. Only mitral valve that has two flaps since others have three flaps.

If there is one flap that doesn’t work properly, the blood stream will be disrupted. It won’t flow normally and the blood will be blown back. In this case, it will cause further bad effect for our heart. You can imagine if there is one hole that isn’t open properly then the stream will be damaged right? It’s also the same case that is happened inside our heart. This problem is called valve regurgitation or valve leakage. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find it as soon as possible. Only by medical check-up, you’re able to know whether your heart is in problem or not.

simple description heart regurgitation
Simple description of what happen when you get heart regurgitation (via emedicine.medscape.com)

It’s occurred to 3 month baby. Besides, it’s also known as one of the causes of mortality that is happened to baby. Heart regurgitation on baby is caused by imperfect form of organ while inside womb. Therefore, it will cause serious problem. Besides, there is also other possibility that can lead the baby or children for having serious disease just like heart regurgitation. It sounds hard to treat it but, it can be cured as long as it won’t go worse. In this case, the doctor will check about how worse the disease has gone inside the baby’s or patient’s body.

Actually, heart leakage could lead us into two situations. First, the leakage may affect our physical condition. In the end, there will be serious effect that needs serious treatment. However, you are lucky enough if the leakage is not really worse so, there is only minor heart conditions that is occurred inside your body. Therefore, you only need simple treatment though it’s not as simple as simple treatment for general disease that people have such as, influenza, fever, and etc. For conclusion, whether the condition is serious or not, you really need serious treatment to fix it.

Generally, there are two ways that doctor conduct to find whether you are in serious condition or not. In this case, here are the ways that you should know.

  • Stethoscope

    The simplest way to check whether you are in trouble or not is by using stethoscope. It’s known as general thing doctor always have to check the patient’s condition. In this case, you need a stethoscope to hear your heart beat. If it’s abnormal then your body is in problem. Heart leakage beat is identified as heart murmur that is sound really weird but, it’s a sign that your heart is in trouble.

  • Echocardiogram

    The second way that doctor always take is by using echocardiogram. It’s a machine used to check heartbeat to find it more about people’s heart condition. Technically, people will hear ultrasound that is caught by the machine. Afterwards, there is a data that is caught and the doctor will see the result. If the result is okay then there could be other thing that cause abnormal heartbeat. However, things are worse if your heartbeat is abnormal and included as heart leakage problem.

the picture of leaky aortic heart valve leakage
The picture of leaked aortic heart valve leakage

There are many things that could be happened in this case. Remember, people need to know that there are four valves that are available on our heart. Each valve has flap. Therefore, if only one flaps that is leaked then it becomes a fatal problem. If one of flaps is leaked then it could be really serious and cause different situation for yourself. For example, leaking aortic valve may cause your body lack of oxygen since, aortic is known as a stream that brings more oxygen for your body. There is not always aortic valve that is leaked because, each valve is possible to be leaked and it could be serious problem that people can face everyday.

Based on several information, heart valve regurgitation may cause minor effect inside our body. It should be treated faster since, it may cause your heart work harder. If your heart pump harder then it could be really hard for your body and damage your heart. In order to fix it, you need to see doctor and find it more whether you should get a surgery or other thing as long as your heart is healed. If it’s too late then there are many bad things that could be happened ultimately, die because of this problem.

Causes and How to treat heart valve leakage

Next, we are moving to the second explanation of heart valve leakage. In this step, you are able to know about what is the causes of heart leakage. Besides, there will be other explanations about the symptoms and how to treat heart leakage. Now, we are moving to the first thing that you should know, the causes and symptom of heart regurgitation

  • Causes of heart regurgitation

    There are various causes of heart regurgitation that could be happened. Each cause is accompanied by symptom that is happened due to the decrement of our body condition. In this case, we need to be more critical in analyzing our body condition since, we don’t know about things that can be happened in future.

    • Rheumatic fever that is happened when we are getting older. Usually, it will move to further step if we don’t treat it really well. In this case, we need to be more careful since, we need to treat the fever as soon as possible, or it will affect our heart. Rheumatic fever is started from strep throat while people see it as minor illness that doesn’t need immediate treatment.
      the effect of rheumatic fever to heart valve
      The effect of rheumatic fever to heart valve (via noted.co.nz)

      If the virus is spread further then it will affect our body including our heart. Mostly, it can be treated with antibiotic if the infection is still in minor threat. However, people need to get serious treatment if the infection is going worse.

    • Infection
      Infection is considered as rare condition that might be happened due to the invasion of virus that invade our body. Technically, the virus will invade our body through our bloodstream. Afterwards, the virus is brought through our heart and it will infect our heart. Luckily, we have strong body defense that will eliminate the virus. However, we are still possible to great infected if we have weak body defense. In this case, daily vitamin C is needed to strengthen our body since, we don’t even know if our body is in good condition or there could be any virus that can invade our body.
    • Heart condition
      The most general cause that is happened and related to heart regurgitation. There are several specific conditions that can lead us to this problem. First, high blood pressure and heart failure that may enlarge our heart or main artery. Next, Atherosclerosis that will create plaque inside the heart. It will affect other part of heart. Last, it’s a scar that can be occurred due to surgery or other damage.
  • Symptoms of heart regurgitation

    Most of symptoms are almost similar with heart disease. Here are some symptoms that are normally happened.

    • Usually, it’s started with fatigue. Somehow, we will feel tired easily though we don’t do any heavy activity. In this case, you need to see doctor to have health check-up to see whether your body is in good condition or not.
    • Besides, shortness of breath could be happened due to abnormal heart beat or inability of heart to pump oxygen to our body. Therefore, the lung will work harder to give more oxygen through our body.
    • Third, some parts of your body will be swollen such as, neck, feet, ankle, and other part of body. If these are happened then it could be caused by heart attack or other things related with heart problem symptoms that are occurred inside our body
    • There are also other possible symptoms that are happened. Most common thing is, we will feel easily dizzy and abnormal heartbeat that is caused by abnormal heart process. Dizziness is caused by lack of oxygen that cannot be transferred really well by aorta.
  • Levels of heart leakage

    There are three levels of heart regurgitation, minor, middle, and heavy heart leakage. Each level has different treatment and sign that should be seen carefully, and here are some explanations that you should know

    • Minor heart leakage

      It’s known as the first level or the mildest level of heart regurgitation. It can’t be seen normally because, there is no special symptom that is happened. However, we can use echocardiography or stethoscope to check whether we are or aren’t. If you are diagnosed for having minor heart regurgitation, the doctors have two decisions. Usually, they will give you medication or giving some advises. Some advises cover several healthy habits for example, heart healthy diet, exercise, and any related heart healthy activities. Though it’s considered as the mildest one, you should be careful in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in normal heart rate variability. Otherwise, the problem will be worse.

    • Middle heart leakage

      Usually, it’s occurred when people start to have more serious problems such as, frequently fatigue, lung infection, heart failure on baby. In this case, echocardiography or heartbeat check is needed to check whether your heart is in good shape or not. Therefore, the doctor can decide about the best treatment that you need to get to fix the heart condition.

    • Heave heart regurgitation

      This is the last level or heart regurgitation and considered as the worst level. Usually, there could be more serious symptoms that are occurred in this level for example, acute hard to breathe, fatigue, and other serious condition. There is no other thing that you could do so, the patient to be brought to heart hospital as soon as possible. In this case, they will get proper treatment to fix it so, it can be a good thing to see the doctor to get good treatment.

  • How to prevent heart valve leakage

    it’s still possible for everyone to avoids heart regurgitation as long as it’s not occurred on baby since, it’s caused by abnormal forming inside the womb. In this case, some of the preventive explanations are only for those who face rheumatic fever, heart disease, and other things. Here are things that you need to know about how to prevent heart regurgitation

    • If you have rheumatic fever

      Be sure to check any odd things happened on your body precisely. Usually, there are some possible signs if you have rheumatic fever such as, fever, painful sore throat, and white spots on your tongue. If one or even these conditions occurred, bring yourself to the doctor since, those three are known as most clear things if you have rheumatic fever. Usually, the doctor will give treatment based on the condition. If it’s still can be treated by medication then the doctor will prescribe some medications. However, you can be inpatient if your condition are worse

    • Heart condition

      As mentioned on the causes sub part, bad heart condition is also known as the cause of heart regurgitation. In this case, you need to arrange a healthy life in order to get healthier life. You have to consume healthy diet consisted of balance and nutritious diet. Besides, don’t forget to have an exercise, enough sleep and avoid any bad life habits such as, excessive alcohol drink, smoking, and other bad habits. By doing heart healthy habits, you are able to get healthier physical condition that will make you far away from any problems especially, heart regurgitation that is really dangerous for yourself.

      three kinds of heart valve replacement
      Three kinds of heart valve replacement

What if we don’t treat the heart regurgitation

Now, we are moving to the last part of this passage, what kind of effect that we will get if we don’t treat it? Sometimes, there could be some minor symptoms that people think it’s okay or just minor disease that is easy to treat just by consume some medications. In this case, the thing will be worse and there will be many bad things that can be happened. Therefore, people might be forget about the thing that are occurred inside their body since they think they are okay. In the end, people will get worse thing by this problem.

Though the thing might get worse, there is only one solution that is available for this problem, surgery. Surgery will be able to help you in order to get new valve for the damaged valve. Therefore, the doctor will give you new valve that is able to help the heart to work in good condition. If there is a question, if it’s possible for avoiding surgery, the answer is no! Due to the condition which is going worse, surgery is considered as the best way to change your heart valve so, it becomes a good way and your heart will be worked normally like it’s used to be.

If the patient doesn’t take a surgery, the condition will be going worse. First, the pumped blood will not be distributed fairly. On each valve, the thing will be gone worse and the patient won’t get enough oxygen or the blood won’t distribute enough nutritious for our body. In this case, heart and other organ will work harder since, the valve is not worked properly. Later on, there will be several symptoms mentioned above developed started from fatigue and short of breath. Afterwards, we will feel worse than ever and suddenly, we will wake up in a hospital.

Sometimes, people often said that medication is known as the best way. Yes, it’s known as one of solutions though it’s not the best solution. Medication is a thing that only keeps you in a good condition so, you will get more bad things if you don’t get surgery. It’s only known as temporary medication that will only keep you in good condition so, surgery is really needed to change the valve and the heart valve will be worked normally just like before.

Therefore, people need to be aware with their condition. If something wrong happened, you need to see doctor as soon as possible. In this case, the doctor is able to give you enough information about what is happened inside your body. If it’s heart regurgitation, don’t be panic because, it still can be treated without surgery as long as it’s not as bad as the doctor said. The doctor will only give medication and several things that you should do for yourself. If it’s worse than you imagine then surgery should be the best one that you should get. Don’t worry, you will get heart valve replacement so, you will be able to get a new valve inside your heart.


Heart regurgitation is known as one of heart disease problems faced by many people based on several reasons. First, it is happened on baby or three month baby that has abnormal body form inside the womb. In this case, it’s really hard to treat it but, it’s still can be treated as long as the baby gets the best treatment. Besides, heart regurgitation can also be applied on adult or even elder people since, there are many things that can make it comes true such as, unhealthy heart and rheumatic fever. Therefore, these things are not an easy thing to see because, it can bring lot of bad things for ourselves.

In order to treat this problem, there are many things that you should do. First, you need to see the doctor so, the doctor will be able to give the best way to treat you. Besides, there will be plenty of explanations that you will get including things that you need to know about how worse the problem has been developed inside your heart. If the problem has been worse, then surgery needs to be conducted in order to plant a new heart valve so, your heart will work normally and the heart valve leakage problem will be ended.