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Heart Valve Disease

HEART VALVE DISEASE, And What We Need To Know About It

Heart Valve Disease

Human heart is an organ of the human body that has a very important role for life. Without the existence of the heart then man will not live. The heart has the task of pumping blood throughout the body. This blood that carries oxygen and makes humans able to move in daily activities. Therefore it is important for us to always maintain heart health. According to some health organizations in the world, heart disease for examples are Heart Valve Disease is one of the causes of death of most humans. Anyone can indeed get heart disease. Even people who seem to be healthy though. Therefore, heart care should always be done early.

How to care for the heart? You can start from a young age. No need to wait for old to take care of heart health. Although most people who are usually exposed to heart disease are elderly. Generally care for a healthy heart starts from a healthy lifestyle as well. For example with enough sleep, diligent exercise, and avoid foods high in cholesterol. Unhealthy lifestyles plus smoking can also affect heart health. Therefore from now on change your lifestyle if you want to have a healthy heart. Because there are various kinds of heart disease that lurks you. It even includes heart attacks that can happen anytime and anywhere without being predictable. Better to prevent than to cure or even having a heart transplant right?

Usually the most common heart disease that comes suddenly is a heart attack and heart valve leakage. Even healthy-looking people can have heart attacks or even heart cancer. People affected by a heart attack should be immediately taken to hospital for medical treatment. In addition, there is also a heart valve disease. Most people who do not have any information regarding this disease will think this as a regular heart disease. However, there are many kinds of different heart disease and heart valve disease is one of the kinds of disease that are quite dangerous for human life. Therefore, if you do not know, please read the following explanation in order to comprehend this disease in a more detailed way.

Understanding of Heart Valve Disease in a detailed manner

The heart as an important organ for the human must always be maintained and cared for. But it cannot be denied that there are various diseases that lurk our heart. One of them is a heart valve disease which is quite famous. What happens to heart valves when you have the disease? In heart vascular disease, your heart valve is damaged and affects blood flow through the heart. This damaged heart valve requires treatment or even surgery. Heart valve disease you cannot leave it alone if you do not want to experience a more severe condition. Because sometimes people who have heart valve disease can experience heart failure. Surely this is not what you want right? Get to know more about your heart and even your heart enzymes.

description about heart valve disease
Simple description about heart valve disease (via healthlibrary.in)

Basically Human heart has four chambers that ensure blood flows in one direction. Two large blood vessels leaving the heart also have valves. Use it to ensure that the blood will not return to the heart if it has been pumped out. When your heart valve experiences pain or damage, it affects the flow the blood and also human body in general. This is what makes people get heart related diseases. And if by any means that people are having this problem then there will be several possibilities that can happen to them. Ultimately there are three possibilities that we all need to know in order to make sure that we understand the danger of this heart related diseases and problem:

  1. First of all the valve does not open completely so that it blocks or limits blood flow. This can also be referred to as stenosis or narrowing of the valve. As a result of this narrowing is the burden of your heart is growing. The heart must be pumping blood harder to bleed through the constriction.
  2. The valve does not close properly which eventually makes the blood leaked into the back. Such events are also referred to as regurgitation or leaking valves. As a result of the leakage of this valve is the burden on your heart to grow as well and extra power from the heart in pumping the required blood volume.
  3. Heart valves are not formed. This condition is referred to as atresia. Under these conditions, the heart valve is covered by a tissue on which block the blood flow between the heart chambers.
the difference between normal and pulmonary
The difference between normal and pulmonary atresia (via www.childrenshospital.org)

If by any means that your heart has an abnormality in the valve as described in the above description, then further medical treatment will be required. This means that you need to contact the expert and having a heart treatment as soon as possible. You do not want to be late for this kinds of treatment as heart related diseases will soon emerge from the above possibilities which is very dangerous for our life as a human being.

Moving on to a more specific heart disease we now will try to explain about one of the most common and also dangerous heart related diseases which is the heart valve disease. So, what exactly causes heart valve disease? Actually there are some things that cause this disease to emerge and the heart disease causes, among any others are as follows:

  1. Congenital from birth, so when the baby is born experiencing an abnormal valve state (referred to as congenital heart disease)
  2. Due to rheumatic fever caused by bacterial infections that cannot be cured. Usually like sore throat. Infection can be treated with antibiotics. Usually the initial infection occurs in children. But the result of this infection is only seen at the age of 20-40 years. In this condition, the heart valve will become inflamed causing the leaflets to stick together and become scarred, stiff, thickened, and shortened. This is the cause of mitral regurgitation.

    bacteria invades the inner side of aortic value
    Bacteria invades the inner side of aortic value that will cause further effect (via familydoctor.org)
  3. Endocarditis, caused by germs or bacteria. Germs or bacteria enter through the bloodstream and attack the heart valves that cause the emergence of holes in valves and scar tissue. As a result the valve was leaking. The germs that cause this endocarditis enter the blood through damaged teeth, surgery, needle drug use, to severe infections. People who have valve disease have a high risk of developing this threatening infection.
  4. Affected by heart muscle disease is also called as cardiomyopathy
  5. Damage to the heart muscle caused by heart attack
  6. Age factor

Surely as illness, then the heart valve disease also has its own symptoms. Just in case you need to know something like this. The following is a complete summary of the symptoms of valve heart disease.

Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease

Heart Valve Disease causes the valves in your heart can not function properly. As mentioned earlier that the heart has four valves that are useful for pumping blood flow throughout the body. In some cases or more, the heart may experience abnormalities in the valve causing the valve to not open or close properly. As a result, blood flow through the heart to the body becomes disturbed. In the event of such a case, serious medical attention is required such as surgery to repair or replace the heart valve.

Often people are late in knowing the existence of heart disease. Because the symptoms are often unknowable. Suddenly it has been heart attack and must be treated, or the worst is death. Therefore it is important for you to increase knowledge about what are the heart problem symptoms that occur in heart valve diseases. The following are symptoms of heart valve diseases.

common symptoms of heart valve disease
Common symptoms of heart valve disease (via heart.org)
  • Abnormal heart sound. To know this you have to do a doctor check. Heartbeat can be known through a stethoscope. Abnormal heart sound is also followed by an irregular heartbeat.
  • Easily tired, it is pretty common if people who have heart disease to be easily tired even though they are not doing anything. Therefore, if you have this kinds of symptoms it is wise to contact your physician to know more about this symptoms just to be save
  • Shortness of breath, some disease have this kinds of symptoms. However in heart valve diseases there are specific symptoms as an addition. Yes, the addition of regular short of breath when doing some activity it is also much more common especially when you are active on the move and when lying down
  • Swollen ankles, if by any means you have swollen ankles without any possible reason then you need to be careful because it is also a symptoms that someone are having a heart related diseases such as heart valve diseases
  • Dizziness, one of the main symptoms of heart valve illness is that people who are affected by it are usually have a problem with their head. Most people will easily have dizzy condition in different kinds of occasion which is why you need to be careful if you are having a dizziness occasionally without any proper explanation that can explain your dizziness
  • Fainting, Finally, if you have all of the above aforementioned symptoms and faint in an occasional matter then it is a wise idea to check with your personal physician or heart expert to know more about your heart condition better.

Have you experienced any of the above symptoms? Better be careful because it is a symptom of heart valve disease. Usually people underestimate symptoms such as feeling tired and dizzy. Though both of these are the main symptoms of some dangerous diseases for human organs. Then when to see a doctor when experiencing this one problem? Certainly as soon as possible. Visit a cardiologist you know to solve this one heart problem. Usually the doctor will explain how the condition of your heart valve. The heart has four valves: the mitral valve, the tricuspid valve, the pulmonary valve, and the aortic valve. Each of these valves has flaps (leaflets or cusps) that open and close once every heart beats. When the valve does not open or close properly, then the blood flow will be disrupted.

Previously described the cause of the abnormalities that occur in the heart valve. But there are other risks besides being innate. A person’s condition may also cause abnormalities in the heart valve, including:

  • Risk of old age, this is one of the condition that are quite common for people to have heart disease. Human with old age tends to have minimal resistance to disease especially disease that related to their heart
  • History of infections that can affect the heart, most heart disease are known to have a record in happening. Therefore, if you have a history related to heart diseases then you are mostly much more possible to get infected with another heart disease in the future.
  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, which is usually caused by the influence of a less healthy life.
  • Complications due to other diseases, if your body is weak then human will be more susceptible to diseases. Therefore, it is common for people with heart disease to emerge when the person are having different kinds of diseases, as it is quite common to see heart diseases emerge as a complication from other kinds of diseases.

You should not underestimate the condition that occurs on your heart valve. As it is pretty dangerous and need mutual treatment in order to minimize the effect. Additionally if this heart disease definition is not immediately addressed then the heart valve disease can cause several complications that are also very dangerous. Here are the following complications that may happen if you are unfortunately having a heart valve type diseases:

  • Heart failure
  • Blood clots
  • Cardiac rhythm abnormalities
  • Dead

Surely you do not want to end up with death due to heart valve diseases, so than that immediately check up to the doctor to know the condition of your heart. Because often people do not realize the symptoms of the disease they have. All of a sudden the illness has worsened and it is become too late to treat the heart disease on the first place.

Types of Heart Valve Disease and Its Causes

Previously you’ve got an explanation of heart valve disease and also abnormalities that can occur in the heart valve. But there are also various types of heart valve disease and its causes that you should know. So you can do early prevention on this one. Here is a more concise and complete explanation:

  1. Congenital valve disease

In this type of heart valve disease, the valves to be affected are the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve. The valve has the wrong size or there is a leaflet that is not attached to the annulus properly causing the disorder. Usually this is innate.

  1. Bicuspid aortic valve disease

It is a congenital valve disease that affects the aortic valve. So a normal valve has three leaflets, but in this one the bicuspid aorta has only two. Without a third leaflet, the valve will become rigid alias cannot open and close properly. This one heart valve disease is innate.

description of abnormal bicuspid aortic valve
Description of abnormal bicuspid aortic valve (via onlinejacc.org)

What happens to your heart valve when experiencing the disease? There are many changes that can occur. For example, the tendoral or papillary chorda muscle becomes stretched or torn, the annulus of the valve becomes wide, and the valve sleeve may become fibrotic, rigid alias, and calcification. The general condition that occurs is mitral valve prolapse (MVP). This condition causes the leaflets from the mitral valve to return to the left atrium during cardiac contraction. MVP also causes the heart valve tissue to become abnormal alias stretched consequently the valve becomes leaked. Usually the condition of the MVP is rarely cause symptoms and does not require treatment. Heart valve disease can also occur due to coronary artery disease and heart attack.

So what about the treatment of heart valve disease? What needs to be done in order to overcome this one disease? Surely as has been explained earlier that the heart valve disease should be treated medically. So you need to check up regularly to the doctor to find out the diseases that exist in your heart. Not just the heart, but also other heart organ a more specific way and manner. As this diseases is one of the complex diseases that are until now still have a high risk and difficult method and procedures to be treated if compared with other heart diseases.

Until now there are no drugs that can treat the disease in the heart valve. But the disease can be overcome with medication and a healthy lifestyle. In other words, it is very difficult to cure this kinds of heart related disease therefore, expert will try to make sure that the medicine used can be used in different ways. The goal of the medicine that incorporated to treat heart valve related diseases is to relieve the symptoms of heart valve disease experienced and inhibit the severity of the disease in the future. The drugs used for heart valve disease are:

  1. Diuretic medicines

This kinds of medicine is considered as a class of diuretic drugs that have the function to remove fluid from the bloodstream and body tissues. Consumption of this drug can make the heart burden becomes reduced.

  1. Beta blockers

These drugs can help ease the heart’s performance by making the heart beat more slowly and not hard. One drug is also used for hypertension problems.

  1. Anticoagulants

This one drug is used to slow down the process of blood-clotting so as not to cause blood clots in the heart valve.

  1. Anti-arrhythmias

These drugs are used to control heart rhythm disturbances caused by heart valve disease.

  1. ACE Inhibitors

These drugs are also used to reduce the workload of the heart. Because the workload of the heart becomes increased due to abnormalities in the heart valve.

  1. Vasodilators

This drug is a class of drugs that serve to minimize heart work and regulate blood flow to normal condition.

Usually surgery will be performed to replace the heart valve or having heart valve replacement procedures. But heart valve repair surgery is as much as possible compared to changing the heart valve. Because surgery for heart valve repair can cause complications of endocarditis. Patients from heart valve disease who perform heart valve repair surgery do not need to take lifelong blood-thinning medications. Ask your cardiologist for recommendations on this one before you try to take one on you, as it has high risk which you need to think about in the first place.

How about the prevention that can be done? One of the causes of heart valve disease is rheumatic fever. Therefore you should be alert to the symptoms that appear. In addition, start a healthy lifestyle also with exercise and diet foods that are good for heart health. Choose the type of food that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as to prevent heart attacks and heart failure. In other words, you need to change your diet menu and go with a healthier food that will make sure your heart are in a better condition. Additionally, patients with heart valve disease are usually also advised to perform regular dental checkups to the dentist to reduce the risk of endocarditis that can further exacerbate valve heart disease.

Keep in mind that Heart Valve Disease certainly requires no small cost for handling. Better to prevent than cure. Instead of costing you a lot of money, it would be nice to start with a good health care now. Not just for the heart but also other organs. A healthy heart adds to your age. Which means that you will have better and longer future. You can always start this healthy life by changing your habit from diet and also exercising regularly. In other words giving your life a change that will make your heart and body even stronger. Therefore you can prevent this type of heart disease in women and men which is known to be very dangerous and also can take our life in a matter of minutes.