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Exercise And Sports That Are Beneficial For EXERCISE HEART RATE

Exercise Heart Rate

The heart works by beating, the purpose of which is to work like a pump so that blood that has passed through the lungs and is attached to oxygen can flow throughout the body through blood vessels. That way all other organs can also work optimally and make the body healthy.

The beats in the heart are not always the same. There are times when the heart beats very fast. This condition can occur if the body needs a large supply of oxygen-containing blood. Usually conditional is carrying out heavy and continuous activities. And there are times when the heart beats quite slowly. This is when our body is in a state of calm or rest.

what you should do and get while doing exercise
What you should do and get while doing exercise

The heart works according to the condition of the body but sometimes there are problems and abnormalities that make the heart not work properly. If this has happened, there will usually be a variety of diseases that attack the heart organs and can endanger human life. Which is why the importance of Exercise heart rate.

We can take various actions to prevent various problems that can cause diseases and abnormalities in the heart. Before proceeding further, is the definition of heart rate actually and how much is a normal heart rate for people who are in good health?

Heart rate is the number of units of heart beat per unit time usually measured in minutes which are represented by bpm or beats per minutes. For adults who are in good health, when they are resting or not doing heavy activity, the normal heart rate variability is amounting to around 60-100 beats per minute.

Knowing the factors that affect the number of human heartbeats

There are several factors that can influence the number of heartbeats in humans, namely the age of a person, physical activity being carried out, a person’s fitness level, time when calculating heart rate, temperature around, body position is also very influential, the level of emotions being felt by someone, fluctuations in hormones, caffeine intake being consumed, nicotine content in cigarettes, a person’s body size and the type of drug being consumed.

By knowing these factors, we can conclude what can be done to maintain fitness and stability of the heart rate to remain in a healthy and normal condition. Like maintaining a diet and consuming healthy, low-fat dishes because fat build up can clog arteries that cause coronary heart disease. Reduce consumption of caffeine and stop smoking. Especially for cigarettes not only affect the heart but also directly affect the stability and health of lung organs. Often control emotions and process stress by doing some exercise.

interval training benefits
Interval training benefits (via fix.com)

Beneficial sports that can be used to exercise heart rate

  1. Interval Training

There are several types of exercises and sports that can strengthen and stabilize the heartbeat and make blood flow throughout the body smooth. The first is called interval training. Amazingly this exercise is not only good for stable heart rate but can also be used to prevent other dangerous diseases such as diabetes and obesity or being overweight.

This exercise which can help in Exercise heart rate can be done by combining high intensity exercise with a longer active recovery period. An example is to walk at normal speed for the first three minutes then proceed with a quick step for the next one minute. Doing this automatically can also increase and decrease heart rate and is useful for improving the function of blood vessels. Besides this exercise is also useful for burning calories and losing excess weight. The body will be more efficient at cleaning up the sugar and fat content of the blood.

  1. Total Body Workout

Then there is another thing called total body workout or exercise by moving the whole body. The theory is that if a lot of muscle in the body works, the harder the heart beats with the aim to balance and the body will naturally become stronger and the heartbeat will be more stable. Do sports that make the whole body work like rowing, swimming, cross-country skiing and so on.

  1. Yoga and Pilates

Sports and exercises that are currently on the rise, such as yoga and Pilates, are apparently also indicated to stabilize the heartbeat. The essence of this exercise is actually to strengthen muscles and increase the power of flexibility and balance in the body. But indirectly it also affects the human heart rate. Yoga can make blood pressure go down and slow down the heartbeat which is a day of hard work due to heavy physical activity and stress, depression and emotional stress. Then the blood vessels also become more elastic

  1. Cardio Exercise

The easiest exercise and exercise to do is to diligently run. Run here must also be set rate or speed, not too fast and not too slow too. Before running do not forget to warm up first with the aim of increasing blood circulation in the body and preparing the body before carrying out strenuous activities while running. In addition, it also prepares muscles and joints so that it reduces the risk of injury while running. When running inevitably the breath tempo must be adjusted so that it does not absorb and makes oxygen decrease.

  1. Singing

For hobby owners singing must also be happy because this fun activity also affects the human heartbeat. Singing exercises cannot be separated from breathing exercises. By training the breath means it also regulates blood flow and pressure which has a direct effect on the human heartbeat. By routinely doing singing exercises means breathing will also be more trained and the heart rate zones becomes more stable.

  1. Cycling

Then doing cycling exercise also has a direct effect on heart rate. Because when cycling will be done pedaling with legs so that the body moves quickly and inevitably requires great energy. With this, the heart will automatically adjust to beating faster. The muscles of the body will become strong including the muscles that go directly to the heart. Become strong and supple and automatically make the heart healthy and beat with stability.

In addition to doing exercises which help to exercise heart rate, rest and quality sleep are also needed. Give your heart time to take a break after a hard day’s activities. Give pause to beat slowly and flow and pump blood to become smoother and reach out to every member of the body and evenly into all the organs that make other organs including the brain get an adequate supply of oxygen. The effect is to make the organs work more optimally. Emotional stability and regulating stress can affect the health of the human heart. By multiplying imagining positive and pleasant things, reducing the thought of things that irritate the mind.

HEART RATE ZONES General Information And How To Get Fitter

Heart Rate Zones

If you want to be fitter then, you need to get steady heart rate zones. What is it? Is it something that is related with our heart? Of course, steady rate means that your heart is in healthy condition so, it shows that your heart work normally. However, it’s not as easy turning your hand. You need lot of training as well as other effort to get healthy heart. Besides, it also takes long time to get healthy heart. However, there is huge benefit that awaited you in future. So, are you ready to get it? Or, you aren’t dare to challenge yourself to get healthier heart?

Normal and damaged artery
The example of normal and damaged artery

Through this article, we are going to share some precious information about heart in general. You may know that heart matters is considered as the most important part right? Unfortunately, it’s also considered as one of general problems faced by people nowadays. More than 1 million of Americans suffered heart problem every year as reported on RD.com. The worse thing is, people don’t even know if they get heart attack. When it comes, it’s too late for them to prevent or even cure it. It may cause death or even worse problem for example, complication that may lead to other disease such as, diabetes and stroke.

Before we are moving to next step, there are several things that you should know. First, we are going to explain what heart problem it is. It’s really important to know your enemy first right? There will be lot of explanations that easily understand by many people so, make sure that you grab a pen and a paper to know for everything that you’ll get. Afterwards, there will be further information about anything that will be happened in your body if it’s not treated properly. Heart problem is not as easy as you think because, it will cause lot of problems inside your body so, you need to be aware of it.

By knowing the enemy, you are ready to jump on the war. So, prepare some weapons by knowing for anything that you should do to prevent and cure yourself from the problem. In this case, we will give you several things about how to prevent the disease. Besides, there will be lot of things related with the heart valve disease so, it’s really important to know more about it. Without further ado, let’s move to the first part, things that you need to know about heart problem.

Heart attack explanation in general

Most of us know that heart attack is considered as one of serious diseases in world, not everyone knows the exact process of heart problem itself. It’s occurred when your heart valve blocked due to any possible causes. In this case, it can be a serious problem that can make yourself face the most dangerous disease in the world. To understand it, there are several things that you should know. Though it seems really complicated, it’s really easy to know the mechanism of heart disease so, it can help you to imagine how the disease happened inside our body.

Picture of healthy heart
Inside the human heart

To put it simply, you can put heart as a train station where there are many trains arrive and go and bring many passengers inside. Heart is functioned as a vital part to pump blood that is needed for our body. Along with the blood, there are many things needed for our health for example, nutrition and oxygen that is organized through several processes by our organ. Afterwards, it’s delivered through our blood and we can get it as important thing for our body.

It can get worse if our heart is in problem. There are plenty of heart problems that are occurred till nowadays. Most people only recognize several problems like, blockage due to cholesterol or other problems but, it’s more complicated than it. That’s why, people are advised to protect their heart from any possible dangerous things that can harm your heart including life habit, food, and other dangerous substance that can harm yourself. What happen if your heart is in danger or, damaged? There will be lot of things happened ultimately, that can lead to heart failure and dead as the most serious problem that people can face.

The valve is blocked due to fat and cholesterol located on the valve and it’s known as atherosclerosis. Fat and cholesterol that is collected on valve may create blood clot that is formed around the plaque. Besides, there are also other substances that can form it such as, cellular waste product, fibrin, and calcium. Though we may not feel anything, further effect will be occurred if we don’t maintain our health by having regular exercise, healthy diet and avoiding any unhealthy things like, cigarette, fast food, and etc.

The development is really slow and it takes year by year for the plague to attack your heart. However, we are able to know if there is something wrong happened by having medical check-up. Nowadays, people can take it easily since, every hospital already serves a medical check-up that can help you to check your body especially your heart. Usually, there will be several things taken to know about your heart conditions. The only thing you need to know is, don’t be afraid and you need to go over it. Most people are afraid to take the test due to their fear in knowing the truth. But, heart problem is scarier than your fear.

However, it’s easy to know whether your heart is in problem or not by knowing some possible symptoms that show it. For the symptom, there are several things that will show if your body is in problem or not. By knowing the symptom, it’s really easy to check your health condition to know more about it and it can help you to find it more. The heart problem symptoms shown through common thing that people usually feel through their body for example, chest pain that often happened.

Knowing normal heart rate zones

Have you see someone put their finger on their wrist? It’s a conventional way to calculate how much your rate in a minute. Long time ago, traditional healer often did that. Since the improvement of time, doctor uses stethoscope to check yours heart rate zones. Moreover, conventional way still used by people to check their heart rate. It’s really easy to do that because, you only put your thumb at your wrist. You can feel the beat. Afterwards, you only need to calculate how many times the beat is beating for a minute.

Clear explanation about heart beat
Clear explanation about heart beat

Normally, people have 60-100 beat in a minute. However, it’s different based on their age and here are some information about heart rate variability. Below, there is a list of heart rate of every age. Each rate is counted with beat per minute (bpm).

0 – 1 month = 70-190 bpm

1 – 11 month = 80 – 160 bpm

1 – 2 year = 80 – 130 bpm

3 – 4 year = 80 – 120 bpm

5 – 6 year = 75 – 115 bpm

7 – 9 year = 70 – 110 bpm

10 – more = 60 – 100 bpm (normal heart beat for healthy adult and other based on age)

Trained athlete = 40 – 60 bpm

If your heart beat is more than the normal beat stated above, there is something wrong inside of your body. It’s better to check your health condition to the doctor. Abnormal beat is not always a sign of heart valve leakage since, it could be a sign of other disease or other thing. Sometimes, it’s also a sign of nervous or other psychological problem. In this case, you must see a doctor without making any assumption about it.

Heart attack symptom and explanation

Generally, there are three kinds of heart attack symptoms that can be found such as, chest pain or discomfort, discomfort at upper part and shortness of breath. These are considered as a crucial symptom of heart problem. If you find one or even more on yourself then, you have to check your health condition to the doctor. This problem is really serious since, you don’t even know if the problem is already occurred or even developed through time to time. We are going to explain each symptom briefly so, you are able to learn more about things that you have to do while having it.

  • Chest discomfort
    If your chest is painful or discomfort, then it could be a sign if your heart is in trouble. Usually, it’s occurred several times. The clearest thing is, you will feel chest pain for several minute. Afterwards, it will go and come again. The pain itself is like uncomfortable pain that you feel. Your heart squeezed so, you will feel painful and dizzy. Sometimes, it’s only occurred in few times or even more.
  • Discomfort at other part of your body
    The other clear sign if your heart is in trouble or not is discomfort feeling at upper part of your body. It’s happened if you feel uncomfortable at your jaw, stomach, or even both of your arms. We describe it as heavy feeling if one of upper parts of your body felt so heavy. It may cause nausea. Sometimes, it’s also considered as sign of stroke though, it’s a common sign of serious disease that is happened inside your body. When you feel something wrong with upper part of your body, the best thing that you can do is, you need to see doctor and having a medical check-up.
  • Shortness of breath
    It may not be occurred due to several reasons but, it’s also considered as a sign of heart problem. This problem is shown through different form of breath that will make you feel really tight. You will feel really difficult to breath.

There is other information that you should know. Symptoms which occurred in man or woman are varied. Therefore, both may not have similar symptom. Based on facts, woman may have more symptoms than three symptoms mentioned above. Some of symptoms that might be occurred are nausea, back or jaw pain, and vomiting.

How to Treat heart disease

Previously, we have talked about heart problem in general. We have explained about the sign and how the problem happened inside our body. The disease might be really serious and may cause death if it’s not treated properly but, it can be cured if you start to change your life and take medication to cure it. Ultimately, people may see the doctor to get heart valve replacement or heart transplant as last attempt to save their life. There will be lot of things that you need to do to keep yourself away from the problem. It can be an easy thing for you to do it so, you need to ready some explanations below. We will explain about some ways to treat it briefly so, you can understand it easily in do and don’t.


As we’ve said before, we have divided the topics onto two parts, do and don’ts. We hope that people can easily understand about things that they should do and do not do. Maybe, we should put Don’ts at the first part. Talking about things that we must not do, there are lot of things that come around. Mostly, it’s related with our life habit, bad things that we consume, and etc. The don’t things mentioned here are included as a way to prevent and maintain your heart problem and here are some points that you should not do.

Risks from smoking
Smoking cause many problems including heart problem

No Smoking

There are lots of evidences shows the dangerous of smoking. Cigarette contains lot of hazardous substance that can affect your health. Smoking may cause many diseases for example, lung cancer, heart problem, and other serious disease. Therefore, avoid smoking because, it doesn’t have any advantages for your health. If you are a smoker, it’s suggested to see doctor or other expert that can help you to get rid of your life habit. Usually, they will give a therapy based on your needs and situation.

No excessive calorie

A bowl of potato chip with big glass of cola might be a fun time for you. However, it may affect our health especially, when you eat it more than once. The most important thing that you need to do, you need to limit your consumption. It’s understandable if you love to eat it but, it’s not good for your health. Excessive calories may cause obesity that lead human to several serious diseases like, heart problem. In order to solve the problem, you need to change your diet form. Heart healthy foods combined with enough portion can be a great helper to achieve healthy lifestyle.

No High blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is known as silent killer according to heart.Arizona.Edu. We don’t even know whether we are having it or not except, we are having blood check-up. Most people use finger or wrist unit as a conventional way to check blood pressure but, it’s not the exact way to do it. Remember, if your blood pressure is more than 115/70 mmHg then you are in dangerous. It doesn’t mean that you can get problem but, it can attack your health slowly but sure.

Blood pressure is affected by many factors such as, hereditary and age increasing. Those are something that we can’t even deny right? However, there are several solutions you can do to reduce blood pressure. Having a healthy life can be a good way to avoid this problem. In addition to the first one, don’t ever put your hope on untrusted information. The best way to cure yourself is by seeing the doctor. The doctor will be able to give some reliable information for you to reduce your high blood pressure. Sometimes, they will give you any prescription. Medicine can be an instant way to reduce the pressure but, don’t rely on it. Still, you need to change your life habit with healthier one.

No more stress

Okay, we know that life is hard and sometimes, you feel really stress. Stress is also known as one of heart problem causes. If you don’t believe it, it can trigger disease inside your body. For this problem, healthy social life is common solution that people often take. Set a positive mind to make your life to be better. Besides, you need to get enough sleep with enough exercise to make your body healthier. This combination is the best way for you to get healthier life and happy life without feeling depressed or stressful.


We are moving to the last part of this article which is, what should I do to prevent or solving our heart problem in natural way. Previously, we have known some points that we should do in order to avoid it. In this case, there are also another things to do in next way to get healthier lifestyle by doing the right thing in your life. Without further ado, here are some things to do if you want to prevent yourself from heart problem or cure yourself with natural and healthy way.

Healthy diet

Nowadays, unhealthy diet is considered as serious problem that people get. Tight working schedule forces people to get efficient and fast food that is available everywhere. The problem is, fast food is not good for your health. It contains high fat and less nutrient needed by everybody. It leads to obesity and other serious disease. If you claim yourself as fast food addict or people that love to get fast food due to your job then stop it! You need to realize that it’s really dangerous for your health. So, how to solve this problem? You need to change your diet to heart healthy diet.

Balance diet is a good way to achieve healthy life
Balance diet is a good way to achieve healthy life (via heart.org)

Veggie and fruits will be your best friend ever. In addition to its healthy and delicious taste, you can get it easily at any places in affordable price. Besides, you can put it as cooking ingredient. Stop arguing that you don’t have enough time or you can’t even cooking. There are plenty of heart healthy recipes on internet so, you can try one of them for example, veggie and fruit salad. It’s easy to make and delicious. In a bowl of salad, there are lot of nutrition you can get. The most important thing, it contains of less calorie so, you won’t be worried if you eat it too much.

Exercise, exercise and exercise

Having an exercise seems to be the biggest enemy of people nowadays. Lot of reasons are thrown up while they don’t realize if the problem accumulated, they will get the worst at the end. If you don’t want to get it, the best way to reduce the risk is by having exercise. What kind of exercise we can get? There are many kinds of exercise that you can choose based on your preferences. If you love a simple and fun thing, you can choose jogging, bicycling, and etc.

If you love to choose other sport, you can go to gym, football, basketball, or etc. Any kind of exercise is good as long as it’s not too exaggerated. It means that you are allowed to have it but, don’t push yourself too hard. Having something over its limit might not be good at everything including this one. Start by having the simplest one. If you haven’t get exercise for long time, take 30 minutes of jogging at the road or jogging track. Afterwards, you can arrange more than you had. Exercise is really good because, it helps to pump the blood inside of your body. In addition, it also helps you to reduce fat, toxin wasting through sweat and lot of healthy advantages that you can get by having it.

Positive mindset

As mentioned before, stress is known as one of serious disease causes. So, what is the correlation between disease and stress? Stress leads our body to pump adrenaline to make us feel relax. However, the rush may cause health risk in the future. Besides, stress also makes us do some unhealthy life habits such as, excessive eating, sleeping, drinking, smoking, and etc. These activities may be considered as life escape.

It’s not wrong if you have a positive mindset. You need to set your mind with a positive mind that will lead you to have better mindset. You can’t achieve it at first time so, you need to train your mind to be ready in achieving it. In this case, set it slowly afterwards, you can get many good things if you start to have positive thing inside your mind.

People may not know when or where they will get heart problem. It’s better to prevent it before everything is happened. At first time, it might be hard to do it because, you need to change your lifestyle especially some of your activities. However, you may feel good improvement happened in your body and mind. When the problem go worse, you need to see the doctor. Besides, medication dependence is not always good. Medication seems really good but, it’s not good if you always eat it whenever you get the problem so, if there is anything wrong especially, unsteady heart rate zones, you need to see the doctor and change your life habit.