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Heart Problem Symptoms

The heart is an organ in the body of a living being that has a very important role in life. This one organ serves to pump blood that carries oxygen throughout the body. This is why the heart has an important function. In the human body itself, the heart becomes the key holder in life. However, according to some records of health organizations in the world, heart is now a major cause in the deaths of some people. Because our heart is vulnerable. If not properly guarded then it could be the heart of terrible diseases that lurk every time. Therefore we must start treating the heart from an early age before it’s too late. And what is the best way to avoid it if not by prevent it and know the Heart Problem Symptoms first.

Prevention is better than cure. How do we prevent heart disease? Usually the heart is ill because of an incorrect lifestyle. This one thing is very affect human health. This lifestyle is related to the habit of eating unhealthy foods, rarely exercise, smoking, drinking liquor, and so forth. Those bad habits that will lead you to encounter diseases that are not as trivial as the heart. One of the biggest causes of human death in the world is heart disease. Plus your heart can have a heart attack that can happen anytime and anywhere. It is therefore a good idea to change your lifestyle before it’s too late.

the beginning of heart attack
The beginning of heart attack is when your blood vessel is blocked

As already mentioned, there are many diseases that lurk the heart. Symptoms are often overlooked by many people because it seems mild and unlike severe pain. Because often ignored this finally many people who just knew he had heart disease when it was already severe. To avoid this, you need to read the following information to increase knowledge about the heart. By knowing some of the related things regarding heart disease or heart problem symptoms then we can be much more careful on what we need to do in order to avoid the heart disease by general. Therefore, without further ado, here are some of the information starting from the different heart disease problem that pose a threat to our life.

Various Heart Disease Sicknesses and its symptoms

Each type of heart problem requires different treatments. But usually the symptoms are almost similar. You should see a doctor if you have symptoms of heart disease. For that, it is better if you know in advance what the diseases that can affect your heart are on the first place. To help you know the heart related disease, we are here to help you. In this point we will be describing several heart disease sickness that usually happen to human. By knowing some of these information, we are sure that it can help us to be much more careful and not overlook our condition in the first place.

  1. Coronary Artery Disease

You often feel the pain in the chest? If yes, then you should be careful because it could be a symptom of coronary artery disease. Usually the chest pain that is felt in coronary artery disease is uncomfortable, heavy, burning and depressed. Usually people interpret pain like this as indigestion or heartburn. Though it could be it is a symptom of coronary artery disease. The pain can also be felt on the shoulders, arms, neck, throat, or back.

  1. Heart attack

The heart attack. This type of heart disease is the most commonly found case in society. Usually people who experience a heart attack feel a sense of weight on the chest, arms, or under the breastbone. Discomfort is also felt in the back, jaw, throat, or arms. Followed by anxiety and shortness of breath. During a heart attack, these symptoms will occur approximately 30 minutes or longer. The symptoms will not go away with rest and medication alone. It could be a symptom of a heart attack even developed into a more significant pain. There are several cases of heart attacks that occur without having symptoms. Usually referred to as myocardial infarction and more common in diabetics. When around you a heart attack, immediately call an ambulance or run to the hospital. Because a heart attack requires treatment as soon as possible before it’s too late.

  1. Arrhythmias

The third heart related problems that can afflict our heart is known as arrhythmias. This is a kinds of heart disease where the heart rate is not normal or irregular alias. It could be faster or too slow. Usually the symptoms are a ‘missed’ heartbeat, throbbing chest, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, fainting, or an unnatural tiredness. Be careful if you experience such symptoms. One type of arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation whose symptoms are similar. But some atrial fibrillation sufferers have no symptoms.

  1. Heart Valve Disease

Shortness of breath is a major heart attack symptoms experienced by people with heart disease. People who are not sick can also experience shortness of breath. So many people who sometimes misunderstand this. Usually people who have heart valve disease will experience symptoms of ankle swelling or abdomen that feel bloated. But the symptoms of heart valve disease are also not always associated with the condition. There may be no symptoms at all but the disease is severe enough and requires treatment.

  1. Heart Failure

The symptoms experienced in heart failure are usually not always related to how weak you are. There may be no symptoms but the function of the heart or the heart rate zones was already very weak which the main reason of heart failure is.

  1. Symptoms of Congenital Heart Defect

This one cardiac abnormality is usually present at birth. Can be diagnosed before birth, right after birth, during childhood to adulthood. Usually there are no definite symptoms as well. Sometimes even discovered when the examination or chest x-rays.

In addition to some of the above mentioned heart diseases, there are still many other types of heart disease such as heart valve disease and so on. What is clear you need to maintain health in order not to experience heart disease. It is also a good idea to occasionally perform a health check to see what happens to your organs before it’s too late.

Heart Disease Symptoms to Look Out

Most of the diseases that lurk the heart have similar Heart Problem Symptoms. And many people who ignore the symptoms of heart disease. Though although the symptoms are trivial, but the disease that lurks can endanger lives. If you do not want to regret behind, you should note the following symptoms.

common heart attack
Common heart attack that you should see (via organiclifeindia.in)
  1. Chest pain

People who are having a chest pain in a regular manner need to be very careful of their health. This symptoms is usually this is the most common sign of heart disease. Chest pain is a heart problem symptoms of blocked arteries or heart attacks. If you feel tightness or pressure on your chest, you should be careful. If you feel for a few minutes, then maybe you are less rested. But if the pain is short and more painful, you should immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Indigestion

Some people with heart disease usually experience symptoms of this one. Women become the most frequently experienced symptoms of heart disease in the form of indigestion. Usually the disorder that occurs in the form of vomiting. Therefore, if you have this kinds of problem and it occurs quite seldom, it is a wise idea to go to the expert in order to know more about this symptoms and to make sure that your health especially your heart are in a good condition and not in a bad condition.

  1. Pain in the arm

One of the symptoms that are usually being neglected by most people are pain in the arm. However, do not take this symptoms lightly as this is one of the common symptoms of heart disease. This kinds of symptoms is usually felt on the left side of the body. Starting from the chest then moving to the other part. If you feel this symptoms in your body then it is a wise idea to contact health expert in order to know what really happens in your body. As this symptoms is definitely one of the symptoms that usually lead to heart related diseases, which is quite dangerous for our life.

  1. Feeling dizzy

There are many causes of dizziness. People can feel dizzy to lose balance. It could be because you are less eating or drinking or even having other diseases such as influenza and so on. However, if you suddenly feel dizzy followed by a sense of tightness in the chest, you should immediately contact a doctor. It could be your blood pressure down because the heart cannot pump the way it should which is one of the main problems of heart related diseases.

  1. Pain in the throat and jaw

Have you ever feel a pain in the throat and your jaw? If you think that this symptoms are not important then you are definitely in a wrong way. Yes, this symptoms is often underestimated because most people think it only a temporary pain. However in reality it is actually one symptoms that need to be investigated immediately because the sore throat and jaw are not related to the heart. But when you feel pain in the chest that eventually spreads in the throat or jaw, it could be a symptom of a heart attack. Immediately see the doctor for further examination.

  1. Easy to feel tired

If in any way you suddenly feel tired and out of breath when doing something, for example when climbing stairs, doing some minor task, walking and so on then you should be very careful. This significant and also simple change may be a symptom of heart disease that you experience. Additionally, if you are feeling tired just by doing some simple task. People who are having this condition need to be careful as it means that their body are not working normally and need to consult physician or expert in order to know what kinds of affliction that are affecting your body in particular.

  1. Snoring

People snore during their sleep, and snoring during sleep is quite normal. However, if the snoring you experience sounds very loud or panting it may be a possible symptom for heart related disease. The reason this dangerous snoring can cause extra pressure on the heart. It’s better to check with your cardiologist to know the real situation.

  1. Sweating

Cold sweat is a clear symptom of a heart attack. However, it is need to understand that if it is happen in a seldom manner. If you encounter this symptoms regularly you need to be careful and if this happens you should consult your doctor immediately for the best possible action to follow.

  1. Cough does not stop

In some cases, this is not a Heart Problem Symptoms but may be another respiratory disease. But if you have a history of heart disease, you should be careful. A long lasting cough with white or pink lenders may be a sign of heart failure. This happens because the heart cannot meet the demands of the body causing blood to leak back into the lungs.

  1. Swollen ankle

Most people will be neglecting the case of swollen ankle. Because it seems unimportant and also feel not dangerous for our body in particular. However, it is need to know that this simple symptoms is one of the main symptoms of people who are having heart disease and its related problem. This happens usually because the heart is unable to pump blood effectively. When the heart cannot pump quickly, the blood will return to the blood vessels and cause bloating. Heart failure also causes the kidneys to have trouble removing extra water and sodium from the body that eventually causes bloating.

  1. Irregular heartbeat

A heart pounding more than a few seconds seems quite dangerous. In many cases, this is usually a side effect of caffeine or it could be due to lack of sleep. If you experience this, try to see a doctor. Irregular heartbeat is one of the common symptoms that usually lead to heart related disease as our heart usually have regular rhythm when it works as intended.

cardiac arrhythmias
Cardiac arrhythmias is known as a condition where our heartbeat is abnormal (via health.harvard.edu)

The symptoms of heart disease ever mentioned above it seems trivial and not too serious. Even some of the symptoms mentioned are symptoms of other diseases. Even so you should not be ignorantly ignored. If you have experienced these symptoms repeatedly, you should be careful. Immediately do a physical examination to find out what really happened to your heart. It is a wise idea to be much more active on yourself to avoid any complication that may happen in the future. Additionally, knowing the case of heart related diseases is much better as soon as possible in order to treat it immediately before it goes awry and can really threaten your life on the first place.

Overcoming Heart related diseases and its symptoms

Heart disease generally requires different treatments. Usually the handling required also depends on the severity of the heart disease experienced. But generally, there is no heart disease that can heal just like that. Everything needs help from medical personnel. Therefore, you should immediately check yourself to know the condition of the heart. For heart valve disease or heart valve leakage itself, there are usually three types of treatment that is done to protect the heart valve from further damage, reduce symptoms, and repair or replace the valve.

Usually people who experience heart valve disease will have the risk of endocarditis, a serious condition. For that usually required more direct treatment from your doctor. Because people with heart valve disease is very vulnerable to infection in the teeth and gums. It is a good idea to take antibiotics before undergoing a procedure that can cause bleeding. In addition to prevent heart disease on the first place, it also can help our body to defend against other disease problem that have the chance to threaten your life on the first place.

Heart valve disease is usually treated with a variety of drugs. These drugs are used to treat symptoms that may reduce the likelihood of further valve damage. If the heart valve has progressed then some drugs can be stopped consumption. Usually people suffering from heart disease inevitably have to consume drugs throughout their lives to overcome the symptoms that are felt. For your information, there are different kinds of drugs that are beneficial and are likely to be important for people who have heart valve disease. Some of the drugs commonly consumed by people with heart valve disease include:

  • Diuretics (water pills)

This unique drugs are used to reduce extra fluid from the bloodstream and also reduce the symptoms of heart failure. This drugs are commonly used for people with heart related diseases and problems.

  • Anti-arrhythmic drugs to control heart rhythm

Yes, just as the name implies this drugs are particularly important to help our heart rhythm normal. Some people have heart related diseases where their heart rhythm are not normal which is another symptoms that something are not right with their heart. Having this drugs will help your heart to move and work in a normal and rhythmic way which minimize the cause of heart related problems that can affect our body.

  • Vasodilators

This drugs is used to reduce the work of the heart. Because when there are abnormalities in the heart valve, the heart will automatically become harder at work. These medications will help the heart to work lighter allowing it to work in the best possible manners.

  • Beta blockers

These drugs can be used to help relieve heart performance by making the heart beat more slowly and not hard. One drug is also used for hypertension problems.

  • Anticoagulants

This drug is used to slow the process of blood-forming so as not to cause blood clots in the heart valve.

  • ACE Inhibitors

These drugs are also used to reduce the workload of the heart.

In addition to the drugs mentioned earlier, doctors usually perform treatment through medical measures such as surgery or heart valve replacement. In the case of heart valve disease, surgery is performed on the abnormal heart valve. The heart has four valves in charge of pumping blood. When one valve alone has an abnormality, it will certainly affect the process of pumping blood throughout the body. Usually the operation performed between the operation of changing the valve or fixing the valve. All depends on the condition of patients with heart valve disease. In addition, recommendations from doctors are also worth to consider.

heart valve replacement process
Heart valve replacement process (via healthresource4u.com)

From the above discussion is actually the problem that exists not only on the heart valve only. But there are so many types of heart disease and heart disease causes that must be wary of. You should also start doing prevention until now. How to? It is certain to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a good food diet for your heart. Choose the type of food that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as to prevent heart attacks and heart failure. Most people in old age can have a heart attack because it is the effect of cholesterol accumulated in the body.

Keep in mind that heart disease requires a lot of money. It costs a lot for drugs and so forth. It is better for you to prevent than to cure. Instead of costing you a lot of money, it would be nice to start with a good health care now. Diligent exercise, eating healthy foods, and also maintain a good sleep patterns. In addition, if you have congenital heart abnormalities, always be diligent to routine control to the doctor and never skipping medication. At least you can overcome heart disease experienced. Occasionally it is also important to conduct a full body health check up to detect the disease early on. Doing this and also knowing about the Heart Problem Symptoms will surely minimize the chance of getting afflicted with heart disease problem on the first place or even worse having to undergo heart transplant.