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HEART MATTERS! Several Heart Disease Symptoms That We Need To Be Aware Of

Heart Matters

It is not for debate that hearts matters a lot for human life. Human heart is one of the important organs in the human body. It is no secret that the heart has a very important task to pump blood that carries oxygen throughout the body. Without the presence of a heart, humans will not be able to live and move. Therefore, it is very important for humans to maintain their heart health. But of course it is not easy to treat heart health. Especially in the midst of the progress of the present era which increasingly worsens a person’s quality of life. High discipline is needed in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Basically the heart is a cavity that has muscles and pumps blood through blood vessels with repetitive rhythmic contractions. Blood has the task of supplying oxygen and nutrients to the body and helping to eliminate metabolic remnants. Human heart is located in the chest cavity somewhat to the left and becomes one of the human organs that play a role in the circulatory system.

Human heart has four segments, namely, the right and left upper atria, and the right and left lower ventricles. Usually the right atrium and ventricle will be referred to as the right heart. While the rest is called the left heart. Animals like fish only have two heart segments, while reptiles have three segments. A healthy heart will drain blood in one direction through blood vessels. At the heart there is a wrapper that serves to protect. Human heart wall itself consists of three layers, the epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium.

Through some of the explanations above, we can realize how important the heart is as an organ of the human body. Therefore we must equip ourselves with information about how to keep the heart healthy and also symptoms of an unhealthy heart to stay alert at all times. The following are some symptoms that indicate a problem within a person’s heart and can cause heart related diseases such as heart attack, Heart valve disease and so on.

Symptoms of a Troubled Heart

Heart problem symptoms are often underestimated by many people. It’s not uncommon for someone to know too late that he has a heart disease. All of this because symptoms or signs of heart disease often seem simple and similar to many other diseases. If you have a few signs below, you should immediately check yourself.

chest pain
Chest pain is considered as one of heart attack symptoms
  1. Pain in the chest

Chest pain is often interpreted as a symptom of many diseases. But you need to know that this one symptom is the most common symptom of heart disease. Although not all chest pain can be interpreted as the beginning of heart disease. But if you begin to feel pain in the chest, you should be alert. Chest pain is a major characteristic of arterial blockages. If this situation occurs, usually a person will become weak and numb and it is wise idea to go to Heart hospital to check on their body condition.

  1. Fatigue

For those of you who often feel tired, you should start to be alert. Excessive fatigue, even felt when not doing heavy activities can be a symptom of heart disease. This feeling of fatigue can be felt not only when moving, but also when you are awake from your sleep. even though in general fatigue is a general symptoms for many diseases, it is known that people who have excessive fatigue level are more prone to heart disease which is why you need to act fast in order to prevent heart related diseases on the first place.

  1. Excessive headaches

Headaches sound simple. But headaches are also a hallmark of heart disease. Especially for those who have a heart rate problem that is slower or faster. Usually many women who experience migraine, should be alert. It could be a sign of heart disease. This is in line with studies published by the American Academy of Neurology. Headaches that appear as symptoms of heart disease are a result of irregularities in blood circulation.

  1. Excessive sweating

For normal people, sweat usually comes out when you have finished exercising. But for people who suffer from heart disease, sweat usually comes out in abnormal conditions. You must be alert when the body sweats even though you are not doing any activity. Excessive sweating has been known as one of the characteristics of a troubled heart.

  1. Unusual nausea

When someone feels nauseous, it is always associated with poor digestive conditions. Though this one condition is included in the symptoms of heart disease. This symptom is caused by swelling in the stomach. Usually the patient will have less appetite and become very nauseous.

  1. Shortness of breath

People with heart disease often feel shortness of breath. This condition is caused by the presence of blood vessels that block blood flow through the body. As a result the heart rate becomes irregular and there is thickening of the heart muscle and abnormalities in the heart valve. You can check up this by doing some exercise on the first place. Check if you are having this symptoms or not. As most healthy people can do simple exercise without having shortness of breath. If you do, then it is a wise idea to check your health and see if you are having heart related diseases or not.

  1. Feelings of anxiety

Heart attacks are believed to cause trauma to someone. Usually people who have had a heart attack will feel tension and fear. This symptom is related to psychological problems and stress that results in frequent attacks. Some people, often to have this symptoms more than other. Especially women, therefore, it is a good idea to check your condition and have some rest or entertainment once in a while as it can also help us to alleviate the sense of anxiety that we have.

  1. Irregular heartbeat

For those of you who feel having an irregular heartbeat, beware. You need to know that this is part of the symptoms of heart disease. Irregular pulses mean there has been a thickening of the muscles in the heart valve. This can cause a narrowing of the valve which causes leakage.

  1. Pain in body parts

Pain is also a symptom of heart disease. In women, usually the pain will be felt on the right hand and left arm. Whereas in men is usually felt on the left arm. Then the pain will be felt on the shoulders, neck, back and elbows. Usually this pain sometimes comes and sometimes goes away. The pain experienced by patients with heart disease is caused by blocked arteries.

  1. Swelling

Generally patients with heart disease will also experience swelling. Usually the symptoms of swelling are caused by fluid that builds up in the body. Swelling will generally occur in the ankles and abdomen. If you getting this symptoms then it is a wise idea to do some check-up as soon as possible. Having a check-up will help you determine if the swelling are harmless swelling that have no connection to heart disease or if it’s really a swelling that indicate heart diseases symptoms

  1. Excessively evaporate

Generally this one symptom will be experienced by someone while exercising. When sweating, the body will become cold because water vapor exits through the surface of the skin. But the body also has a way to cool itself, which is to evaporate. When this mechanism fails, then someone will begin to evaporate. One reason for the failure of this one body mechanism is because of the potential for heart disease.

  1. Fainting

Individual conditions that often faint suddenly also become a marker that there is a disturbance in the heart. This sudden fainting is the impact of blood supply and oxygen that is not smooth to the brain. In addition, sudden fainting is also caused by other conditions such as hypoglycaemia, anaemia, or lack of fluids. In general, if someone suddenly fainted, there could be a serious condition in the body that needs to be overcome. Therefore if you often suddenly faint, you should immediately see a doctor.

Symptoms according to physical condition

Some of the things described above are symptoms that indicate heart disease. These symptoms are felt directly by humans because of the form of pain or certain conditions. But there are also symptoms that are indicated in a person’s physical characteristics. The human body provides small clues when it is not healthy. Here are some more physical signs that indicate a disease in a person’s heart. If you want to life longer then you need to be aware of some of these symptoms and quickly treat it if you have some of them. Remember, that hearts matters and you does not want to be afflicted with heart diseases as it is very dangerous.

  1. Xanthomas

It is a condition where there are small spots of fat on the eyelids, buttocks, elbows, or knees. Xanthomas are harmless but a sign that the body has excess cholesterol so that the vessels store it under the skin. This one condition can be atherosclerosis which causes heart problems.

xanthomas location
Xanthomas location on body
  1. Ring finger

The physical condition of the ring finger that is shorter than the index finger indicates a higher risk of heart disease. It sounds strange, but according to some studies, the length is determined by the amount of testosterone during embryonic development and the hormonal system that affects cardiovascular.

  1. Bad breath

Usually the smell in the mouth is caused by inflammation of the gums or periodontitis. In fact, bacteria from inflamed gums can enter the cardiovascular system which eventually causes inflammation in new places. The risk of heart disease also increases by 20% for individuals who experience periodontitis. To anticipate this happening to you, you should be diligent to visit the dentist when you feel pain.

  1. Blue lips

Usually when in an unhealthy state, the color of one’s lips will turn blue. This blue lip condition can also be experienced when a person is hypothermic or at high altitude. This happens because of low blood oxygen levels and poor circulation in extreme conditions. But if you change the color of your lips when you are in extreme conditions, then this could be a sign of heart disease. Lips that change color to blue mean you have poor blood circulation. It’s best to consider visiting a cardiologist who examines the heart and blood vessels.

  1. Changes in nail color

Often people miss some small details on symptoms of heart disease. This is why heart disease is often only known when someone is in a severe condition. In addition to the direct symptoms that are felt, there are also physical symptoms in the nails of heart patients. The nails will turn thicker and rounder. This change is related to vascular problems. Another reason for changes in the nails can be because your fingertips don’t get enough blood supply.

  1. Ear lobe folds

Some study and research show that diagonal lobe folds have indicate some risk in having atherosclerosis. For those of you who don’t know, atherosclerosis is a disease in which there are plaques that form in the arteries. As a result, blood flow becomes blocked. Several recent studies also reveal a link between these wrinkles and cerebral vascular disease. If you experience this one symptom, you should check it out thoroughly.

Some methods to avoid Heart related diseases

If you experience some of the symptoms above, it certainly cannot be underestimated. You should immediately see a medical officer to get more serious treatment. Getting treated and checkup as soon as possible is a wise idea as the faster we treat a heart disease due to the symptoms we discover the easier it is to avoid it. Of course, it is a good idea to avoid and prevent heart disease completely on the first place. There are several ways to avoid heart disease or there are actually a number of things you can do quite easily. And for you who are interested these methods include the following Heart healthy habits that you can follow:

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking has been shown to increase cholesterol levels in the body and also cause accumulation of toxins. Therefore, if you have this one habit you should stop. Cigarettes are not only harmful to one organ, but can also cause other side effects such as the respiratory and digestive systems. People who are smoking in regular manners will have higher chance to be afflicted with heart related diseases than people who are not. Additionally, smoking is not only harmful for your own body but also for the other. Many people who are not smoking often tends to get heart diseases and other diseases related to smoking because they are being a passive smoker and getting exposed with smoker smoke. Which is why it is a wise idea to stop smoking so you will not be harmful to yourself and to other people as well. Try to decrease or even stop your smoking habit as it is one of the Heart healthy lifestyle that you can try.

  1. Avoid or minimize foods with high dose of fats

It is no secret that foods which contain saturated fats can increase cholesterol, which also means it can cause various diseases including the heart. We recommend avoiding foods such as fast food, fried foods, offal, etc. that contain saturated fats. Start multiplying foods in the form of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins that are good for the body. Food processing is also influential. You can avoid fried foods and start processing food by boiling or steaming. Try to change your diet menu by eating more Heart healthy vegetables, and healthy type foods. This Heart healthy eating will allow you to minimize the risk of having heart related disease and give your body healthier condition in the process.

  1. Reduce excessive salt intake

Excessive salt intake can also increase the risk of high blood pressure, which also triggers heart disease. Therefore it is very important for you to avoid excessive salt intake. Even though salt is useful and have its own benefits. There are condition and also dose that you need to know. People who have heart related disease or if their family have history of heart related diseases then need to minimize salt intakes. Make sure you contact your physician regarding this as it is the only way to know how many dose of salt that are possible for your body to take without having to trigger the heart disease in general. It is important to know that most physician and expert will have a solution for this problem.

  1. Regular Exercises

The main problem of people in modern times is that it is difficult to exercise. Believe it or not, lack of physical activity will greatly affect the condition of your heart. Start exercising for at least 20 minutes every day. Exercise does not need to be heavy, it can start with a light one such as walking or jogging. For those who already have heart disease it’s also good if you start exercising exotic sports such as yoga or Pilates to train breathing. Exercising regularly is one of the best way to avoid heart disease. The main reason is because our body will be much stronger when we are doing exercises. Healthy and stronger body means lower risk in having afflicted with heart related diseases.

  1. Sufficient need for rest

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Start now to sleep enough at least 6 hours a day. The average adult needs a maximum rest period of 7-8 hours. Less nighttime rest can also trigger heart disease. In addition, the condition of lack of rest is also not good for you in carrying out activities. You can become more sensitive because of lack of rest. Modern day people tend to dismiss rest for their activity. Even though it seems so simple and harmless, this can become one of the main cause of many disease. Human body works non-stop even when we are sleeping. However, when we are sleeping, the activity are slowed down, giving some respite to our body in overall. Therefore, sleeping can increase our body condition as it allows our body to rest and gain its optimal condition. This can really decrease our chance to be afflicted with heart related disease and make our Heart rate variability normal.

sleep deprivation effects
Sleep deprivation effects
  1. Manage stress well

The last thing a person can do to maintain heart health is to manage stress. Feeling tired because of the dense daily activities can indeed cause stress on someone. But you must not allow this to affect your condition. You should remember to keep the condition and feeling so as not to be depressed. Don’t forget to take time to refresh yourself in the midst of the fatigue. If you are not experiencing stress or a feeling of depression, it will be easier for you to avoid any kind of illness. High stress will increase the risk of high blood pressure which can cause heart disease.

effects of stress
Effects of stress for heart (via hummingbirdtherapies.com)

And there you go, that are some information about heart disease and of course Healthy heart tips that you can try. If you have personally experienced some of the symptoms above, don’t underestimate. We recommend that you do a medical check-up to find out your condition. This self-examination is not only to anticipate heart disease, but also to know if there are other diseases in the body and can harm you. In addition, start implementing a healthy lifestyle like the one above to maintain your health so you can see your children and grandchildren grow and develop into adulthood.

Remember that hearts matters for the continuation of our life! Most people this day often tend to take their life for granted and do not care enough for the condition of their body especially their heart organ. This is why in the decade of human life, heart attack and heart related disease has been known to be one of the most prominent diseases that usually take human life. Heart related disease, is not something that we can easily dispose of. The only way to be able to guard our life against this disease is to avoid it at most and know about Heart failure treatment. There are no the best medication for this disease and only treatment available, therefore take care of your heart and body to avoid heart disease altogether.