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HEART HEALTHY VEGETABLES Recommendation And How To Prevent Heart Disease

heart healthy vegetables

As a human, we are granted a healthy body. So, we have to take care of it. Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy as we said. Bad life habit often causes lot of serious problems especially, cardiovascular problem. It’s known as common thing faced by many people. Not long time ago, one of my family members was died at 44 due to heart attack. It’s really surprising due to her age which is still really young and we don’t even know because, there wasn’t any signs that show whether she is in problem or not. This problem turns me up to be more aware for anything that we do for our body especially for what we eat. It’s pretty easy to do it just by consuming heart healthy vegetables.

flow of heart
Normal flow of heart

In 24 hours, we eat lot of foods, waters, and anything inside our mouth. As example, we eat three times a day for morning, noon, and evening. Besides, we may also have snack time by consuming anything that we want. You may not realize for foods that you eat may cause problem if it’s unhealthy. In order to solve the problem, it’s time to change your diet with healthier one. Fruit and vegetable are known as one of most recommended foods for human. Why? The reason is simple because, there are many nutrition for heart health contained inside of any fruits and vegetables.

Based on fact, vegetables are known as something that are really useful for us and it’s time to know more about what veggie can do for our health. In this case, we will talk a lot about anything that you need to know about any kind of vegetable that is good for your health. There will be three parts of explanation that will explain the role of vegetable that can solve cardiovascular problem based on every situation that people face.

Examples of vegetable and other food for weak heart

normal and weak heart
The difference between normal and weak heart

Before we start to discuss about what kind of vegetable that is good for weak heart, we need to know weak heart is first. Weak heart or cardiopathic is a hereditary disease that is connected with heart muscle. Therefore, it’s not related with valve, artery, and other part of heart. However, it affects human’s heart that causes cardiovascular disease. Cardiopathy causes weaker and irregular heartbeat. If it’s not treated properly, our heart can stop beating. It’s really recommended for the patient to see doctor as soon as possible. Afterwards, the doctor will give proper treatment to solve the problem.

Generally, weak heart is caused by the reduction of heart muscle’s strength due to several reasons. The muscle which is functioned as a part to pump blood is not working properly. Therefore, it causes irregular or weaker heart beat due to lack of strength on the heart muscle. Besides, it’s also caused by abnormal heart muscle structure.

Cardiomyopathy is categorized in four types and here are some explanations about those types

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)

    The first type of weak heart is called Dilated cardiomyopathy or shortened as DCM. It’s a common form of weak heart caused by weak heart muscle to pump blood normally. While the muscle becomes weaker, the heart is expanded and becomes bigger. Later, we will discuss this part on other substance which is called enlarged heart.

  • Restrictive cardiomyopathy

    It is only occurred when ventricles are stiffed. It may cause the blood can’t be pumped in normal condition. Later, it will create a scar inside your heart. The only solution that is available is heart transplant.

  • Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD)

    The next form of cardiomyopathy is shortened as ARVD. It’s also known as one of rare cardiomyopathy form that may be occurred at someone. ARVD is genetic disease that may cause your heart weakened due to the position of extra fibrous tissue that replaces right ventricle’s muscle. It may cause abnormal heart beat that may cause further serious problem if it’s not treated properly.

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

    The other genetic cardiomyopathy is also called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This problem is occurred when your heart wall is thickened. It prevents blood to flow inside your heart. It can be caused by early symptom of cardiovascular disease like, high blood pressure. Besides, the other thing that can create this problem is, diabetes. Since, there are many possible things that can create this disease, it’s really recommended for any people to start healthy life.

example of good diet
Example of good diet for your heart (via www.ohsu.edu)

Most of people think medication and surgery is the only way to prevent this problem. In order to treat it, we need to know about how worse the disease is. The doctor will give a treatment based on how worse it is. Though it can be treated, it’s far better if people can prevent it before getting the worse. However, there is also another way to prevent this disease just by consuming some heart healthy meals that have several nutrients that are really good for yourself. Here’s the list of things that you need to get to treat weak heart.

  1. Vegetables

    For vegetable, not all of them are recommended due to nutrient contained on each vegetable that we need to consume.

    1. Kale and spinach
      Most of you might be surprised because, those are something that you easily meet everyday. You can get it on supermarket easily with affordable price. Spinach has high nitrate that is really good to reduce high blood pressure. While kale has antioxidant that is really important to strengthen our heart from any free radical or any dangerous substance that can damage it.
    2. Corn
      Based on journal of agriculture and food chemistry, cooking corn can boost health’s antioxidant which means, it can also affect our heart’s health since, antioxidant is really important to boost heart’s health especially, in protecting our heart from any free radical and possible thing that may cause further effect.
    3. Pepper
      There are several kinds of pepper. The one that is good for your heart is, the orange one. Orange pepper has high amount of potassium to improve blood circulation which is good to move us away from cardiovascular disease.
    4. Bean sprouts
      In addition to its function for improving fertility, bean sprout has another function as a food to improve and stabilize cholesterol found inside the body. Luckily, bean sprout is easy-to-get and combined with other food.
  2. Other foods

    In addition to heart healthy vegetables, there are also other foods that are good for weak heart. Some foods that we recommend has several nutrients needed to strengthen heart’s muscle. Therefore, here is a list with some recommendations of food for weak heart

    1. Pineapple
      Who doesn’t love fresh and delicious taste of pineapple on your plate? Pineapple is really good for yourself especially, to protect your heart. It has lot of good nutrients especially, vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for its function to protect ourselves from free radical, ultimately for our heart. By consuming pineapple, you will get enough vitamin C to prevent weak heart
    2. Grape
      It’s really fancy to have a glass of wine. Besides, lot of people believe that a glass of wine is really good for your heart. Yes, that’s right due to antioxidant in every grape that you consume. In this case, grape has antioxidant to fight free radical. That’s why, grape is inside the list.
    3. Watermelon
      It’s a watery fruit that is suitable for summer. Besides, watermelon has many good things especially, high amount of lycopene that has antioxidant. Therefore, it’s good to improve blood circulation and fight against free radical that can protect our heart.
    4. Orange
      Orange is really healthy and we can get it anywhere. A huge amount of vitamin C with high fiber is a good combination to maintain your health and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.
    5. Oat and wheat bread
      Though these are not same but, oat and wheat bread have many good things for our health. Generally, these things are good to fight against bad cholesterol and improve blood circulation. Either oat or wheat bread is also good for our breakfast combined with fruits.

Vegetables recommendation for heart swelling

normal and enlarged heart
The difference between normal and enlarged heart

In addition to weak heart, the other problem faced by people is heart swelling. Enlarged heart or cardiomegaly is not a disease. It’s a sign of abnormal heart condition. As its name, cardiomegaly is a stage where our heart is enlarged due to several reasons such as,

  • Pregnancy
  • Medical condition
  • Stress
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart valve and abnormal heart beat problem
  • Weak heart muscle

Unlike cardiovascular disease, it’s really hard to see whether someone has it or not due to similar heart attack symptoms between enlarged heart and cardiovascular disease. It’s really recommended to do x-ray check to see your heart condition. It it’s larger than its normal condition then it could be a huge sign that shows you already get this problem.

If you find one or even more symptoms that are related with cardiovascular disease, you need to see doctor as soon as possible. Generally, the doctor will drop a test to get exact condition of your heart. X-Ray is proven as the best method to check your internal heart. After the answer is dropped, you can see about your actual heart condition. For the next step, the doctor will give a treatment based on how worse it is. If it’s worse than ever then, the possible thing that the doctor can take is surgery or even heart transplant to solve the problem.

Since it’s known as one of heart problems that you can get, the best way to cure it is by preventing it. There are many ways that we can do in order to prevent this problem. One of them is, to control your diet. We are free to consume anything but, it’s better for us to control any kind of foods that we put inside our mouth. In this case, there are many choices of healthy food that we can get especially, fruit and vegetable. These foods are considered as the best due to its nutrient and other substance that we can get by consuming it regularly.

As for enlarged heart, there are several vegetables that are recommended for the patient to get it. Some of the vegetable that we recommend contain of several substances that are needed by our heart. There will be lot of advantages that we can get if we consume it regularly. Some of advantages that we can get are improving blood circulation, reduce high cholesterol, and other possible advantage. Without further ado, let’s move to lower point where we can see some vegetables that are recommended to reduce the risk of enlarged heart.

vitamin B1
Thiamine can improve nerve function that affects your heart
  1. Broccoli
    The first vegetable that you must eat if you have enlarged heart problem is, broccoli. There are some reasons about why broccoli is recommended. Generally, broccoli has vitamin B1 or also known as thiamine. It’s known for its good effect to reduce the risk of nervous system and cardiovascular disease. Thiamine is really good to improve our nerve function. By consuming it regularly, we can get many good advantages especially, in boosting our nerve performance in working through our body.
  2. Spinach
    You may remember why Popeye really love spinach. After eating it, Popeye will grow stronger and ready to protect his girlfriend, Olive. We won’t get as similar effect as Popeye if we eat it but, we can get lot of things by consuming it regularly. Spinach is really good because, it has folic acid that is able to deny any bad diseases including enlarged heart. Besides, It has thiamine and potassium that can strengthen heart muscle. The only thing that you need to remember is, don’t cook it too long because, it will lose some of its nutrient and its natural texture.
  3. Celery
    Usually, celery is used to give specific smell for our food. Though it’s small, there are many huge effects that we can get if we consume it regularly. For celery, there will be many great things especially for its anti-inflammatory agent to reduce inflammation for enlarged heart. People with enlarged heart is recommended to eat this food due to its effect. It’s also really easy to consume it because, we can mix it with other food to make a new heart healthy recipes or other thing by mixing it. Having a celery can be a good way to reduce the risk of enlarge heart inside your body.
  4. Long beans
    Long beans is included as a part of beans family. Generally, bean is known as one of recommended snacks for our heart due to its effect. For long bean, there are many good substances that we can get here. The most important thing is, long bean is proven as a thing to reduce the risk of heart disease inside human body based on a research conducted in American. Based on the fact, it’s really easy to reduce the risk to get this disease because we can get healthier by consuming this disease.
  5. Tomato
    Having tomato three times for a day can reduce the risk of heart inflammation or enlarged heart. There is a reason why tomato is recommended. Tomato has a huge contain of vitamin C that is really good to fight against cancer and free radical including heart disease. Enlarged heart is also part of cardiovascular disease that must be avoided due to its effect that is really dangerous. Therefore, having tomato is really good for you. You can eat it in raw or combining it with other heart healthy foods to make something that is more delicious than before.

Recommended Vegetable to strengthen your heart

When we were still child, mom always forced us to eat vegetable. There is a reason behind them. It’s a fact that vegetable has lot of benefit for our health. Therefore, vegetable is really important for yourself. In this case, there are lot of vegetables that are consisted nowadays. However, only some of them that are really beneficial for our heart. These things are really common and popular among other food. We would like to give some healthy heart tips about vegetable that are really beneficial for our heart.

  • Green chili
    Some people love hot food while others are not. Despite of its fact, taking a hot food is really good for your health. Mediterranean and DASH has said that greenie heart healthy diet menu is really good in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease as taken from everydayhealth.com. Based on this evidence, we all know that green chili is also good for your health. Even it’s included as family of chili, green chili is not as hot as you think. Usually, it’s only included as cooking ingredient. Besides, green chili has capsaicin which is really good to reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular disease.
  • Carrots
    Carrot is known as one of powerful antioxidant food that is really important to fight against free radical. Free radical is seen as one of heart disease causes. In order to reduce the risk, we need to consume more vegetable including carrot. Besides, carrot is known for its good Vitamin A that is really good for our sight.
  • Garlic
    The other cooking ingredient that is also proven as another good-heart diet is garlic. Though it’s small, garlic has many great advantage for our health especially in combatting cardiovascular disease. It has phytochemical to increase our immunity and protect our heart. Since it’s really important, we are recommended for having a garlic for a day. Sometimes, some people love to it in raw or mix it with honey as a traditional way to boost our immunity by having it.


No matter how many vegetables that you’ve consumed, heart healthy vegetables are really important for our health. Based on Harvard heart letter, five serving of fruit and veggie can lower cardiovascular disease until 28 % (released on May 2017). Based on the fact, we all know how much important vegetable in our life. However, some people still deny the fact and prefer unhealthy food especially, fast food. In this case, it’s really difficult for them since, it may only cause worse effect in the future. The most important thing is how to start a healthy life by doing heart healthy eating especially vegetable in our life.

Till now, there is still no exact information about how many vegetables that you should consume but it’s not a reason to avoid vegetable. It’s really important to include vegetable at your daily menu. In this case, it becomes a great thing for you to have it. There are various of foods that were included at top. Some of them are categorized based on several heart problems that people face such as, enlarged heart and weak heart. Even there are still many kinds of heart problems but, these two are considered as most popular problems faced by many people.

We would like to discuss it a bit. First, weak heart is caused by weakened heart muscle and most of them are known as hereditary disease. However, there are also other people that get this disease outside hereditary cause. Most people get treatment based on how worse the impact is. While other prefer to have natural way that can strengthen the heart. In this case, natural way includes vegetable that can prevent the disease before anything can get you. Some of vegetables that are recommended are kale, spinach and corn.

The other problem that is also faced by other people is called enlarged heart. Previously, we have talked about it. Dilated cardiomyopathy or known as DCM is also known as the early stage of enlarged heart. If it’s not treated properly, it may cause further problem if it’s not treated properly. There are many solutions that are available and one of them is by consuming vegetable properly. In this case, it becomes a great way for having healthier life. Heart healthy vegetables has many nutrients that are really good for your life. The nutrient is really important to keep your life strong enough to fight against any kind of health problem especially cardiovascular problem.