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HEART HEALTHY SNACKS Guide To Achieve Healthier Life

Heart Healthy Snacks

If you are asked, what is the most important organ? Every single organ is really important. If one of them is malfunctioned then it can cause huge problem inside our body. Take an example, our heart which is known as the most important part of body. If it’s in problem, there could be tons of problems happened so, it’s our duty to keep it healthy. How to do it? There are many methods to do that and one of them is by consuming heart healthy snacks. Healthy snack is part of human diet that help people to maintain their health by consuming several foods at our free time. Though snack time is as not as important as heart healthy diet menu, wrong snack consumption frequently may cause worse effect inside your body.

According to Meg Campbell as quoted from sfgate.com, snack is functioned to take an edge of pre-mealtime hunger. It means, you may consume snack in order to make you full before hunger time. It’s really wise to consume it in regular portion due to its effect that may disrupt your meal time. Excessive snack consumption may cause bad effect. Moreover, if you consume bad snack then you can get lot of bad advantages for yourself.

What effect that you can feel if you consume bad snack? There are many of them. Fat is known as the most said cause by any people. Yes, it’s true but fat is only the early phase. There are more bad advantages that you can get if you aren’t realized further effect that can be caused by excessive bad snack consumption. In this case, we will see for any effects that people can get if they never think about how much portion they place for each snack they eat.

Bad effects for excessive bad snack consumption for our heart

In order to find about some bad effects happened for excessive bad snack consumption, we will split it into two parts, effect


your BMI
The best way to know whether you are overweight or not by calculating your BMI

Sometimes, we have a snack while having a spare time, boredom, or even as a stress reliever. No matter reason that you’ve picked, it can be a bad heart healthy habits that will increase your body weight dramatically. Remember, overweight can cause any bad problems including cardiovascular disease. Overweight will create fat surround our organ especially our heart. Thus, it will cover our heart with fat that may cause breath shortness, high blood pressure, and other problem.
Everyone is allowed to consume any snack as long as it’s eaten in regular portion and you need to accompany it with proper exercise to burn fat. It’s far better if you change some of your unhealthy snacks with healthier one such as, fruit and vegetables. Both are really good especially combined for creating salad, or other kind of food that is good for you. Besides, there are also many other choices that are available. So, what kind of snack that is suitable for you? As long as it’s low calorie, it’s all set and you are free to pick any kind of heart healthy foods that is good for you.

Health problem

Having a bag of chips with a glass of soda could be really enjoyable. If it’s calculated, there are lot of calories that put inside your body. Today, people choose to drink non-sugar soda, granola bar, or other thing that is labeled as diet food. However, never ever tricked by those things because, they still have artificial sugar made on each product that you’ve consumed. Generally, salt and artificial sugar are known as things contained on snack. Our body cannot tolerate if it’s more than normal amount of things that we need to eat inside our body. Of course, we need to be more careful in eating anything that we need in order to keep our body healthy especially, our heart.

LDL and HDL cholesterol
Avoid any food with LDL cholesterol and find HDL cholesterol

At early phase, our body will not be able to digest any chemical substance. It will be calculated more and more and bring any disease. HDL cholesterol is the first thing that you will find inside your body. Next, it will make you feel worse than ever. Stroke and cardiovascular disease will come and invade you. If you find any early symptom of cardiovascular disease, you need to see doctor as soon as possible. It indicates that your body is in trouble so, the doctor can see and give you the best solution to prevent further effect that can be happened in future. If it’s not treated properly, there will be more serious problem that will bring you to dead.

Things to consider

Though there could be many bad things that can be caused by over-consumption snack, it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to eat any snacks. You are allowed to eat it as long as you eat it in normal portion. There are things to consider while eating snack and here are some things that you need to know.

  1. Avoid any empty-calorie foodWhat is empty-calorie food? It could be the first question that comes inside your head, right? After all this time, you may think that any food that you take will provide you calorie that will be burnt as energy for yourself. However, it’s not solely true. There is empty-calorie food that will cause fat inside your body. Here are some examples of empty-calorie food
    1. Package food : chip, cookie, donut, and cake.
    2. Fast food : Pizza, burger, milkshake, French fries, and etc.
    3. Any kind of full-fat dairy food
    4. High sugar beverage
  2. Place your snack time 2 or 3 hours before eatRemember, snack is functioned as step to fill your hunger before eating time. In this case, don’t eat it too much. Instead, have a fruit or veggie to make you feel full. Besides, eat it considerably and never put too much food just because you feel really hungry because, you can mess your diet time just by eating too much snack.
  3. Fill yourself with enough nutrientAny healthy food contain of any nutrients needed by our body. Make sure that you get enough nutrition for heart health. Being a picky person is okay but, make balance heart healthy diet plan by combining any heart healthy meals that have various nutrient. It’s a wise way to keep you healthy and make yourself feel really great. Besides, you won’t feel tired by eating different daily menu, right? Therefore, be wise and you can search any menu found on internet. There will be many heart healthy recipes found there and it can inspire you to make any delicious menu by picking the best thing that is really suitable for you. In this case, you can feel healthy and great.

Good Snack for Good Heart

After reading some explanations above, you may gone in confusion. For long time, you may realize that you have done wrong for your habit especially snack time. You buy anything you want from pizza, burger, French fries, popcorn without realizing that it only causes fat placed inside your body. So, it’s time for you to change especially, for those who have cardiovascular problem. Though you may under hard supervision for having medication and strict diet menu, people with heart attack are still allowed for having heart healthy snack. Here are some recommendations for cardiovascular disease snack.

– Nuts

almond benefits
Almond, one of the nuts with crunchy and delicate taste and equipped with lot of benefits

Try to find a replacement for chips? Try nuts. Its crunchy and healthy nutrient may be very good for you. Nuts are considered as the best snack that you can get. Usually, people eat it before lunch or at noon. It is recommended for people with cardiovascular disease to have this one. A bowl of nut could be good to you and may fill your hunger before having heart healthy eating time. Nuts have lot of nutrient that are good such as, omega-3, antioxidant, fiber, phytonutrient, and water.

There are many variants of nut that you can pick for example, walnut and red beans that are known as popular nuts. You can consume it directly or mix it with other ingredient for cooking. However, do not eat it excessively because, nuts have salt. Too much salt can increase your blood pressure which means, it can lead you to have high blood pressure. Since, it’s really dangerous, you may eat it in normal portion. Having a bowl of nuts can be a good thing to accompany you while watching movie or doing something fun with your friends. Thus, you don’t need to be confused because, you already know about things that you have to eat in spare time.

– Fruits

There could be thousand or even more experts that suggest fruit as your daily food. They have a reason why they always suggest people for having at least, fruit for a day. Generally, there could be many scientific reasons between it but, the only thing that people already know is, fruit is really healthy and there are lot of nutrient that we can get. So, why people still deny it? For cardiovascular disease, there are some fruits that are recommended and here are some reasons that people should know about the fruits.

  • Apple
    There is an idiom that said “An apple for a day can keep disease away” It means, an apple for a day can keep you away from any disease that can harm you and one of them is cardiovascular disease. It’s not connected directly but apple can decrease cholesterol inside our body. Cholesterol is known as one of cardiovascular disease. Besides, apple also has antioxidant that is really good for our body. Since there are many good things that we can get from an apple, it is really recommended for you to have it.
  • Berries
    People in strict diet are having berries as one of the menu inside. Some fruits included are strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blueberry, and etc. Why berries are put here? Talking about the nutrient, berries have Vitamin C, antioxidant, and fiber. These three are considered as important thing that our body need to stay healthy. Both antioxidant and vitamin C are really important to fill nutrient needed inside our body. Besides, fiber is also really important to keep our body in good condition especially for our digestion. Berries are good for combined with other foods so, it’s really easy to eat it.
  • Avocado
    It’s already appear long and long time ago but, avocado starts to be a trend where the food is almost appeared on some videos in internet nowadays. We know that avocado is used as an ingredient to make sushi and salad. Avocado has an unique texture to keep you full for a day. There are tons of nutrient contained inside avocado so, it’s good for you. However, some people might not like it in the first time due to its less-sugar taste. To solve it, you can mix it with a sugar or honey. Honey itself is also really good for your body.
  • Grape
    The other part of recommended-fruit for cardiovascular disease patient is grape. It’s sweet and has a crispy texture for any bite that you have. In this case, it can be a good thing for you. Grape has tons of nutrient such as, vitamin C, antioxidant, and etc. Grape can reduce your cholesterol level and avoid you from heart problem. It’s really fun to have a grape or you can mix it with other food to make fruit salad or other recipe based on your favor. Any kind of grape is okay from red, green, and the black one.
  • Orange
    It’s a popular fruit that almost everyone likes it. It has a sour and delicate taste that make people in love with this fruit. Orange is also used in lot of food recipe. You can eat it in raw or even make it as a part of cooking. Why orange is really popular? The answer is simple. It has vitamin C and antioxidant that can keep you away from cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it can increase your immunity to fight against any disease and accelerate blood circulation.

– Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal for a day in the morning can help you to fight against cardiovascular disease. It’s made from wheat and low fat. Oat is useful to help people for reducing cholesterol level inside their body. Therefore, oat is really recommended for you. Good things for you, oat can be combined with any foods to make your breakfast becomes better for example, berries. Berries and oat is a great combination. Its sour, sweet and smooth oat texture can fill your stomach full before the time. Besides, you can add yoghurt that is also good for heart.

oatmeal is good for your health
Oatmeal is good for your health especially in preventing heart attack (via healthkart.com)

– Bean Sprouts

Bean sprout might be not as popular as kale, spinach or other greenie veggie that you always see. It may be small but it has tons of positive effect for your body especially in maintaining your heart condition. A bowl of bean sprout with other ingredient can turn your mood better especially in improving your heart health. Bean sprout is believed as a food to balance your heart’s health and reduce cholesterol. Mix it with any veggie to create unique salad and you will get various nutrient.

– Dark chocolate

Last but not least, dark chocolate put as the last part of snack that you can enjoy and is safe for any people with cardiovascular disease. Dark chocolate is known for its high flavonoid to reduce cardiovascular disease possibility inside your body. Remember, you need to choose dark chocolate not usual chocolate that you eat. Usually, dark chocolate is chosen as an ingredient for cake or other cooking recipe. Dark chocolate is rarely eaten directly so, you can mix it as beverage or food recipe. It has bitter taste since it’s not mixed with sugar or other ingredient. It might be different but its flavonoid is good for our body.

Snack recommendation for coronary cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is divided into several kinds. One of them, coronary cardiovascular disease is known as another popular thing that people face nowadays. Coronary cardiovascular disease is occurred when there is a blockage on bloodstream to heart. The blockage is happened due to fat that blocks the way. Therefore, our body won’t receive any oxygen that is usually delivered by heart through bloodstream. Besides, there are also other things that we won’t get caused by the blockage bloodstream. In the end, our body will be worsened.

Why is it happened? There are many causes that can bring coronary cardiovascular disease and one of them is, unbalance diet menu. Most of people love to spend their money for buying fast food since it’s fast and delicious. However, fast food is not healthy due to its high salt and other bad things. Fast food itself could be in your dining time or snack time. If you love to buy unhealthy snack then it’s your time to stop it because, there is no use to eat it. We have some recommendations of food that you can use as your daily snack.

– Wheat
Most of us think wheat as a part of bread. It is right because, wheat is the main ingredient of bread. However, we can consume it directly by boiling it as a soup or beverage. Wheat has a high amount of fiber that is good for our digestion and heart. Fiber helps our digestion to burn fat which means, it helps us to lost much bad fat. By losing fat, our body will be clearer and there will be no fats that can block our heart. Therefore, it can be a good thing for us to be cleaner from any fat.

– Cherry
Cherry is not only an accessory placed on the top of cake. It’s also functioned as a fruit that brings lot of advantages for human’s health. One of them is, antioxidant. We know that antioxidant is really good to fight against cardiovascular disease. Besides, the fruit also has anthocyanin that is really important for our health. Since there are many good things that we can get, it becomes important thing to get this. Put it as our daily food consumption and we may feel better and faraway from cardiovascular disease and any other serious disease.

– Flaxseed
Flaxseed seems unfamiliar if it’s compared with other foods stated above. However, flaxseed has many advantages for our health especially for our heart. There are three substances that we can get such as, fiber, lignans and omega-3. Besides, flaxseed is also known as low-calorie food that is also really good for our body. Therefore, we don’t need to be worried if we consume it too much. These substances are really good to dissolve fat that can cause more serious problem like, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. To consume it, we can mix with a glass of smoothie, cake ingredient, water, or other things based on your favor.


Through explanations give above, we can learn several important things about snacking. People with cardiovascular disease are still allowed for having snack as long as they do it in proper way. It means, don’t put too much fat on the plate and you may change it through healthier foods. Fruits and heart healthy vegetables are recommended by many experts as some foods that must not be skipped due to its nutrient. Besides, there are also other recommendations above that you can choose. It’s really easy to pick the best food based on what you want.

eat vegetables
Vegetables are proven as something good for your health so start eat it!

We know that you will feel bored for having the same snack or plain snack so, we are going to give you health heart tips related for snack. In this case, be more creative. Nowadays, there are many diet recipes placed on internet. They will help us to create something by mixing some foods. The most popular healthy food that you can pick is salad. Fruit and vegetable can be combined with other healthy food to create something new. Besides, oatmeal is also a really good idea for starting your day. Mix it with fruit and honey so it can make you feel really good and ready to start your day with the best breakfast. At least, you won’t feel suffer for skipping some of your favorite foods since, there are many kinds of heart healthy snack that are available.