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HEART HEALTHY HABITS And How To Apply It To Save Your Life

Heart healthy habits

One of famous theologian, Desiderius Erasmus once said “Prevention is better than cure”. It shows how important it is to maintain health. Though it’s been warned since long time ago, people do not put it as the most important thing. Thus, lots of problems are raised through years by years in medical world. Cardiovascular disease is known as one of important diseases that is feared by many people due to its effect. One of the best solutions is by applying heart healthy habits to avoid it. So, how to do it?

First of all, we need to look inside ourselves. Have we ever done regular exercise? Are we even try to regulate our food heart healthy diet? Or we don’t even care about it and just do things that we want? Okay, it could be fun to do anything we want but, our life is counted. Based on a study conducted by Health Survey for England in 2015, unhealthy habits divided into several factors that affect our health as taken from BBC. It raises the risk of getting cardiovascular problem in early age. So, the best solution that people can do is by doing healthy life habit. It’s not difficult because, we only change some of bad things with healthier things. The most important thing is, your mind and consistency.

Through this passage, we will share some ideas of how to maintain your heart healthy by doing healthy habits. First, we are going to explain bad habit that you should avoid and good habit in the end. There will be lot of things related with what and how we eat, what we should do and don’t in our life, and what new thing that we should do to maintain our heart. It’s easy and as long as you put a great faith in it, it will be easier and you will enjoy the process! Without further ado, let’s move to the first part, what things that are bad for our heart.

Bad Habits for Heart

There are some reasons about why we put this topic at first. Sometimes, people ask other whether they want to know bad news first or good news first. The answer is random based on the situation but, bad news could be better for any people so, they are able to know what they shouldn’t do and avoid. Talking about bad things for heart matters, there could be lot of things that are explained. Anything that you do in your daily life is possible to increase the risk of heart attack. In this case, it’s better for you to know what bad things that you may do in daily life.

Next, you’ll realize that it’s really bad for your life so, you are determined to avoid it. So, what are bad things that aren’t good for your heart health? There could be ten or even more things since, everything is possible for increasing the risk of this problem. Here are some bad things that you should avoid and healthy heart tips to achieve healthier life.

A. Sitting too long

How do you spend most of your time in a day? Is it by sitting in front of computer or television? Playing video games? Or go outside with your friends? Despite for any activities that you’ve chosen, it will be connected to the most basic activity that people always do, sitting. There is no wrong for us to sit since, it may be tired for standing or other. However, excessive sitting or sitting in long time may cause dangerous thing for your health.

One of famous lifestyle author, Gretchen Reynolds wrote excessive sitting is associated with heart failure. It’s a condition where our heart becomes weaker and unable to pump blood in normal condition. By time flies, it will go weaker and weaker. Therefore, it can cause serious problem in future if, you don’t treat it well. Scientifically, excessive sitting causes high troponin level inside our body. Generally, our body only needs low level of troponin. If your troponin level is above normal level then, it could show if you are having heart disease.

sitting too long may cause several bad effects for your health
Sitting too long may cause several bad effects for your health (via blog.adioma.com)

It’s understandable due to our work that forces us to sit in front of computer for 8 hour (General office hour). However, there are still lot of solutions that are available for example, rest yourself by walking around the table or other place for 10 minute. It makes your muscle feel relax a bit after excessive sitting. Besides, you need to realize that it’s considered as bad habit so, reduce the time for watching TV or working in front of your computer. By reducing the time, you can arrange your time for doing other thing which is more useful.

B. Excessive eating

In addition to excessive sitting, eating too much or excessive eating is considered as one of serious bad life habits that people need to change. It’s okay if you have a big bowl of your favorite food in special day but it’s not normal if you’re having it for almost every day. For example, a big plate of rich combined with a huge chicken leg, noodle, and other things seems really delicious and tempting but it’s not good for your future. It may cause obesity that can lead you to cardiovascular problem.

how to count your BMI
How to count your BMI

The other serious problem that people also face is, Irregular portion of food while having fast food. Fast food is really delicious besides, there are lots of menu that you can choose based on your favor. Be wise in eating fast food because, it contains high fat, high salt and other dangerous thing that can affect your heart. Actually, it’s really easy to solve this problem. Eating in moderate portion is far better than feel really full till can’t breathe properly.

Organize your consumption for daily menu properly. Choose healthy menu that you can combine to fill your daily nutrition. Having a snack is okay but, choose healthy snack that has good nutrition for example, nuts that has lot of good nutrition for our heart. Besides, you can see a doctor to ask for your daily menu or portion that fits really good for you. Do not afraid for asking the doctor because, they are expert in the field.

C. Less Healthy Eating, More Unhealthy Foods

The other problem that is faced by people is, they forget to include unhealthy foods for them. Generally, not all people like to eat vegetable and fruit. However, it’s really important for them to ignore it and start to add even just a slightest bit of vegetable or fruit. Fruit and vegetable has tons of nutrition that are really needed by our body such as, mineral, fiber and less calories. It is really important to control blood sugar and weight.

Besides, avoid unhealthy foods that have less nutrition that are unimportant for our healthy. One of the example, salty food that people really love. Usually, they have a cup of popcorn, potato chips, and other foods that are the same. Chips contain high level of salt that is dangerous if it’s consumed regularly. High salt may cause high blood pressure that brings further dangerous. Actually, there are many solutions that you can choose for snack. Nuts, vegetable and fruits are known as the best snack that people can consume.

D. Smoking and alcohol

There are many researches that show the dangerous of smoke. Smoking is really dangerous because, it has lots of hazardous substances that are not good for our health. One of disadvantage is, smoking increases the risk of blood clot. Blood clot can block the blood stream inside our body. Then, it can cause many problems including heart problem and stroke. If you’re smoker, it’s time for you to stop.

bad effects of smoking
Bad effects of smoking for your health

In addition to smoking, alcohol is considered as the cause of heart problem. It is still debatable whether it’s safe or not due to lot of contradiction happened in public. There are two sides of people, the one that is agree with alcohol and other that is disagree. Based on the research conducted by British Medical Journal, alcohol drinking in moderation way is really good for our body. Since, it decreases the risk of cardiovascular problem as explained on Guardian.

However, heavy drinking or over drinking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart failure, angina, and other problem. If we’re allowed to drink alcohol in moderate way then, how much alcohol that is allowed for us? Alcohol is divided into several kinds. Based on the research of University of Cambridge and University College London, an unit of alcohol is equal as half pint of ordinary strength beer, cider or lager ( 3,6 % alcohol as seen from the volume and  small pub measure of spirits (25 ml). Besides, 1 ½ half unit of alcohol is equal as a small glass of ordinary strength wine (125 ml or 12% alcohol based on its volume)

In the end, we don’t recommend you to drink alcohol since, it’s very dangerous if it’s consumed excessively or without any guidance from trusted people. The best thing to do is, you need to avoid alcohol and smoking because, it’s really dangerous for our healthy. We need to think it simple, it’s really easy to maintain our health just by avoiding these things so, why do we keep trying to smoke or drink?

Good Habits for Heart

Based on the explanation, we know that there are 4 main causes that people always do in their life. Most of them are related with life habit that people always do without knowing that it could bring lots of dangerous things in their life. If you know that it’s really dangerous for your health so, you need to change your habit. If you think you have 1,2, or even more things that are mentioned above, then you should change it with more positive things that are trusted to bring many positive things in our life. It’s really easy to do because; there are many good things that we can do.

tips to live a healthy life
Tips to live a healthy life

The best thing that we can do is, we need to do heart healthy habits to maintain our health. The most important thing is, we need to put important things in our mind. By doing healthy habit, we can keep our health at its best. In addition to cardiovascular disease, there could be other dangerous disease just by doing healthy habit. Besides, we can keep our health at its best. Since, there are many great things that we can get, why do we always do the wrong thing? If you’re agree with me, here are several good habits that are proven good for our heart’s health.

A. Make exercise as your routine activity

First of all, you need to put exercise inside your daily heart healthy activities. It doesn’t matter for any kind of exercises that you take, it’s really good for your health. There are many examples of exercise that you can choose for example, jogging, running, walking, Yoga, and etc. In this case, it brings lot of good functions for human’s health. It’s really good for having exercise just for 30 minutes as long as you do it regularly. You can go outside by doing jogging or Yoga. It’s even better if you do it with friends, family, or other people that can boost your mood.

In addition to exercise, you also need to move your body. If you are sitting too much or wasting your time in front of TV or computer for long time, you need to move your body a bit around 10 minutes or more by relaxing your muscle. You can move your body a bit that can make your blood stream works well. Besides, you can also go further for having lunch or having a walk for a while which is really good for your body. By doing this, you can get great things in your life especially, by reducing cardiovascular disease in higher rate because, it is effective to reduce the heart problem. You can also inspire other people for achieving heart healthy lifestyle just by doing simple life habit that is easy to do.

B. Be careful for what you eat and drink

Be more cautious for what you eat and drink. First, you need to change your daily diet menu by putting fruit and heart healthy vegetables that is really good for your health. In this case, it’s really important for you to know how to make your life is not boring. Besides, you can mix some foods to create heart healthy recipes which is really good for you. The most important thing is, you need to know any nutrition that is really good for you. Fiber, mineral, protein, carbs, good cholesterol are including as something that is needed to keep our health good.

Besides, water is considered as the cheapest mineral that you can consume for every day. It’s really good for your health because, it can replenish the needs of mineral inside of your body. You can also get mineral from any watery fruits and vegetables for example, watermelon and cabbage. You’re allowed to eat meat as long as it’s eaten generally. Meat and seafood are good but, you must eat in moderate way so, it’s really good for you.

C. Regular health check-up

People are afraid for doing general health check-up because, they are afraid to see if they’re having something inside their body. However, it’s not recommended because, you don’t even know if your body is okay or not. You need to see doctor by having regular check-up. Generally, doctor will give general test to check your blood sugar and cholesterol test. If one or even both of the test is achieving high number, it shows that you need to change your habit or, you need to regulate your heart healthy diet so, you can decrease the number.

Based on personal experience, I was afraid when I see high number while having blood sugar or cholesterol test. However, I try to change my mind since, it’s really important for myself. It helps you to know that if your body is okay or not. If the number is over than normal limit so, you need to reduce it by reducing high-cholesterol or high-sugary food or you need to have more exercise as a way to reduce cholesterol or high sugar number. The doctor can also give advice to reduce the number so, don’t worry if the test is not satisfying because, it’s really important as valid proof.

D. Good habits for man and woman

heart attack symptom difference between man and woman
Heart attack symptom difference between man and woman (via myheartsisters.org)

Research found that man and woman has different cardiovascular disease symptom. Gender is also considered as a factor for scientist to check about the risk of cardiovascular disease for man and woman. In this case, scientist found that there are differences between man and woman habit in avoiding cardiovascular disease. Therefore, here are some differences that are given for man and woman.

No SmokingNo Smoking
Healthy Food ConsumptionNormal body mass index
Moderate alcohol consumptionMedium or heavy exercise at least 2,5 hour/week
ExerciseLess TV Watching (7 hours for a week)
Waistline >94 cmOne glass of alcohol for a day
Healthy food consumption

On the table, there are several habits that are given to man and woman. Most of them are similar since, those habits are considered as important thing to maintain our health especially, to maintain our heart. However, there are some differences found between man and woman especially, in alcohol consumption. All things are set based on man and woman physical condition by long term research. However, it’s important to apply any kind of good habit since, it brings lot of good things for our life.


At the early part, Desiderius Erasmus has warned us to prevent any bad things before curing. It also warns us to be more careful especially in maintaining our health. In this case, cardiovascular disease is known as serious thing that can be happened anytime. As time goes by, cardiovascular disease case is going worse because, younger people already get this because of their bad life habit. Due to this problem, there is huge campaign to force people for applying healthy life especially, for everyone. It’s not based on age or other thing again because, heart problem can be happened to any people. It’s not limited by age, gender, or other things anymore.

To apply healthy life, we should know things that we should avoid since, some of bad life habits are something that we do almost every day. For example, smoking which is known as dangerous habit for human life. Smoking may cause lot of bad things for our health especially, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to smoking, excessive sitting is also known as dangerous habit that can bring lot of disadvantage for our health. These two are not only bad habits that people always do in their life since, there could be even more bad habits that people always do without realizing that it can bring many bad things in their life.

Good habits for life are related with three main things that we always do, heart healthy eating, exercising, and health check-up. Exercise and eating are known as simple habit that people always do every day. In this case, they often forget it as long as they get what they want. For this problem, people need to realize the importance of having regular exercise and heart healthy foods consumption. It’s really easy to do it because, you only need to choose an exercise that is really fit with your favor. For food consumption, you can start to add healthy nutrition by having more fruits and vegetable. It’s simple and you can have healthier life. Unfortunately, there are still some people that not do it.

Last but not least, general health check-up is really important even if there is no wrong in your health. Regular health check-up helps you to know about how much blood sugar and cholesterol level inside your body. Remember, cardiovascular disease symptom can be occurred without being realized by many people. So, general health check-up is something that help you a lot. If you are categorized as people that have high risk of cardiovascular disease after having regular check-up then don’t worry, you need to start for having medication and applying heart healthy habits.