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Heart healthy foods

We all want to life with healthy and also happy life. Of course, the way to achieve such achievement is quite simple which is to eat heart healthy foods that will give us both nutrient and vitamins that will make our heart and body healthy. However, in this modern day, there are many kinds of foods that makes this simple achievement become increasingly difficult. The problems comes from two different sources. The first one is coming from the different and really intriguing junk food that is bad for your health and heart. The second comes from our inability and minimal knowledge to make a delicious and heart healthy recipes.

Fortunately, all of this problem can be easily solved with just some knowledge and information on how to make delicious and healthy food and several ways on how to life healthier. Even with these two solution most people have no idea how to work with this idea to life healthier. Therefore, people need a good guide that can help them to life with a better life. In this article, we will try to give you some of these solution on how to life healthy in several different guides. For examples, we will try to introduce a variety of different ways to life healthy and also a variety of recipes and diet menu that can help us in achieving a better heart and health.

Heart attack
There are many ways to achieve healthy heart and one of it is by food

These solution can help protect us from many kinds of diseases that can afflict modern day people due to their bad habit in eating and ways of life. Of course, with this in mind, we need to make sure that we know what we are doing. Most people just do the diet without taking any exercise which sometimes makes all of the programs failed. Therefore without further ado, here are some interesting diet menu and programs that we highly recommend for you who want to have a better health, heart and happier life.

Diet menu and programs for better health and happier life

Okay, first let us start from the most important things to start this program which is what kinds of heart healthy diet that we should consume if we want to have better life. There are many kinds of diseases that can attack our body especially our heart. And all of these can stem from the very food that we consume. The unbalanced nutrient that we consume from our food is one of the major cause of disease especially heart disease. This is why it is very important to know about the food that we are consuming on the first place in order to achieve better and healthy body in general.

For people who want a better and healthy body. It is recommended to have balanced food and beverages consuming. Most modern people this day eat junk food and also unhealthy food combined with unhealthy beverages. This cause their body especially their body immune system to deteriorate. Which is why the reason of why people this day does not life that long. Due to this reason, it is a wise idea to change our eating habit from now on in order to make sure that we have better health and heart condition.

Balanced food
Well balanced food is good for your health

Food that goes well with your heart and health

Just as we want to share, first we need to know what kinds of food that will goes well and have good influence for our health and heart. As we already know, there are many people this day that have heart attack due to their bad life style and bad life style and habit usually stem from bad daily food intakes. Junk food is one of the main perpetrator for this which makes many people feel ill and gotten so many diseases that are related with heart due to the imbalance nutrient and calories.

Fortunately enough we are here to give you some heart healthy eating tips that can help you in determine which kinds of food that can help to maintain your health in a good shape.

1. Blueberries

The first food that are surprisingly good for our heart and health as a whole is blue berries. Blueberries have the capacity to reduce the inflammation on human artery walls. This is due to the high antioxidants that can be found inside blueberries which can lower the risk of having a heart diseases. In order to make it work, you should consume blueberries regularly as your food. This fruit can also be combined with yogurt and cereal for breakfast for better and much more delicious consumption.

2. Beets

Another interesting food that may not appear on our radar as a food that can help maintain our health and heart is beets. Yes, even some people are unfamiliar with this kinds of food. However, this purple roots plants have an amazing substance that can help in maintain human heart and health condition and this substances is known as nitrites. Nitrites is a substances that can be used in order to improve the blood flow, expand the vessel of the blood and make our body have better blood circulation in overall. Additionally, beets can also help people to lower their blood pressure which is one of the main perpetrator of heart related diseases. You can prepare beets with salad and even shakes.

3. Nuts

Any kinds of nuts family are good for heart. For examples, pecans, almonds and walnuts are several nuts that can help to enhance our health especially our heart condition to make it much healthier. Study from the new England journal of medicine stated that people who are nuts regularly in a week will have less percentage of getting heart related diseases. The percentage are around 29% in number which means it is almost one third of chance that people can avoid heart related diseases. The main reason on why nuts is extremely good and useful for our health is because it have many nutrients contained inside. From protein, fiber, heart healthy fats all are good for our health in general.

Fresh nut
Nut is considered as one of foods that is good for your heart
4. Fish

Moving on from plant we are going to discuss about fish. Yep, you read that right. One of the best food that will help you to avoid any heart attack symptoms and heart related diseases is none other than fish. Fish but not any fish have the capacity to improve cardiac health and help people to maintain their body condition. Some of the fish that we highly recommend for you to try is sardines, herring fish, salmon, and of course your usual canned tuna. These aforementioned fish have many kinds of beneficial substances for human body. The substances ranges from omega 3 fats, nutrients and also proteins. By consuming for two times a week will improve your heart health. Additionally, serving the fish is quite easy and they are known to be delicious. You can serve this salmon and tuna with the combination of chicken salad for much more delicious approach.

5. Legumes

I bet that most people are not familiar with this kinds of food. Legumes are unique food that feels like a combination of beans and lentils. This food are one of the most interesting food that can bind cholesterol laden bile acids. After binding the cholesterol it will make sure that the cholesterol are wasted outside our body. This information are based on the study that are done by Kate Patton, R.D from the Clinic of Cleveland. To get the most benefits of this food you need to eat legumes, 6 grams a day. Legumes can be combined with food such as red onion, lime juice and salt to make a delicious and yet a useful nutrition for heart health food.

6. Tofu

Just like many other food, in this list, tofu is exceptionally, good for our cholesterol level. Marinated tofu that are stir fry and combined with fresh veggies will make sure that that our body and health condition on top shape.

7. Oatmeal

Looking for a healthy breakfast? Well, then you are in luck because oatmeal with its complete set of nutrient for carbohydrate, protein and also vitamins will give you both power and also healthier diet food. This food is extremely good if you want to reduce your cholesterol level because oatmeal have the benefits of nuts making it a very well round food that can be consumed daily in order to make your heart condition healthy.

8. Red wine

Okay, this one may seem odd. But bear with me for a moment. Red wine is a beverages that can help human body to improve the level of HDL cholesterol level which is known as good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is different from bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol just as the name implies are good for our heart health and will make sure the condition are optimal. Of course, it does not mean you need to drink it every day. You need to drink red wine in prescription which is 4 ounce glass a day. This will make sure that your heart health for life are balanced properly.

Apart from the heart healthy foods that we know upside, we also need to make sure that we know how to consume the food in proper way. In this section of the writing we will give you some facts on how to make sure that you can consume the food and have the benefits of all of the food. Which we will try to encompasses in some of the information below for you who want to have a healthy life style and of course avoiding any heart attack symptoms that may lead to heart diseases.

How to have a healthy life with healthy heart condition

Just as we already explained in the previous point from the food perspective, we now will try to explain how to make sure that all of the heart healthy ingredients that beneficial for our health can perform optimally. First of all we need to make sure that we have a balanced diet. If you are confused on what kinds of balanced diet that you need to consume then here are some of them.

Optimal balanced diet and ingredients or beverages that we need to minimize

  • First of all make sure that you have 5 portions of vegetables and fruit a day, this will make sure that your body will have the required fiber and also vitamins that can help to maximize the results. The fruit and also vegetable can be dried, frozen or even tinned. It also a good idea to have unsweetened fruit juice and also beans as a food combination. And examples of a good vegetables and fruit combination ranges from one pear fruit, 8 strawberries or blueberries, 3 to 4 spoons of carrots and also 4 broccolis.
  • Moving on from the fruit and vegetable diet menu we need to understand what kinds of beverages and food ingredients that we need to avoid or minimize if we want to have a healthy heart condition. The first ingredients that we need to minimize is salt, salt even though have many kinds of advantages and benefits for our body, it also have the chance to increasing our blood pressure and heart rate zones, which means that salt is one of the many risk or cause of high blood pressure. High blood pressure on the other hand, can lead to coronary heart diseases which is one of the many related diseases for heart.
  • Other than salt, food with trans-fat is something that we need to avoid after all. Trans fat is a type of fat which can increase the amount of cholesterol level in human body, and we know that cholesterol is the cause of heart related diseases and other type of diseases. Due to this reason it is important to choose food and ingredients with unsaturated fat than trans-fat in order to make sure that our heart are healthy and also in good condition. By avoiding or minimize these ingredient consumption our heart will have a more balanced health and also condition.

Heart healthy activity to optimize our body health and condition

First of all if you want a good health and heart condition then you need to have heart healthy activities. In this point, we will explain several things regarding how to make your heart and health are healthy. And that things is of course about heart healthy lifestyle which can help to maintain your condition in an optimal state. Therefore, without beating around the bust, here are some of the way to make you healthy and lively.

1. Start with a simple activity

Most people want to start their healthy life with a hard and also complex activity because they think the results will also much more optimal. This is however, is one of the mistakes that most people do when they want to start a healthy live with healthy activity. People need to start their heart healthy habits or activity with a simple activity. Try to do a 10 minutes or even 5 minutes workout for the first time, then slow but sure you can increase the time of the exercise step by step. This will allow your body to adapt with the exercise and activity and in the end you will have a better and optimal results for your body and heart health.

2. Have a goal

One of the healthy heart tips that we can give to you when you want to have better health is that you need to have a goal on your life and activity or exercise. This will give you some motivation to do the exercise and activity which lead to better results. The goal however need to be realistic and also achievable. For examples, the goal to reduce the weight for 5 pounds to 10 pounds is much more realistic than having a body builder body. Keep the goal simple, and you will be amazed when the results are much better than your overall expectations. Having a healthy and reduce cholesterol level is also a simple and realistic goal that we can achieve as long we have the dedication to do it.

3. Exercise everyday until it become your habits

One thing that makes people often disregard their exercise is because it become a burden to their body. this is however can be alleviated by doing the first steps which is to start small and simple and them let the body adapt to your exercise. Doing this everyday will also make the exercise to become a habit that will be inseparable from your life. If this is achieved then your body will need the exercise and will feel odd if does not do it in the first place. This can be done slowly by having a regulated schedule for the exercise. Time management is also the key. When this is achieved then exercise for your heart and health is something that become a part of your life in the first place.

4. Do different kinds of activity and not just sports

One of the heart health question that many people are asking this day are what kinds of exercise that can help us to have better health condition? The answer for this question is quite simple, almost all of the activity that requires our body to be active and moving are good for our heart and health. This means that you also advised to do different kinds of activity and not just sports. For examples, you can do walking and running but also do swimming, yoga and even hiking. These kinds of activity and sports will make sure that your heart work in an optimal condition, burn your calories, and reduce the cholesterol level so your body will be much healthier in the end.

5. Keep eye of your progress and then reward for doing it

One of the most common mistakes that people do, is that they usually are not keep a tab on their progress. Even though keep a progress looks like something that are not really worth the time. It is actually a good idea to keep motivating yourself that you are done the right thing for your body. not only that, you also need to make sure that you reward yourself from having to achieve the progress of your goals. It is always a good idea to have what you want like favorite magazine, new games after doing a hard exercise and also eating heart healthy vegetables every day. Just make sure that the rewards are not too much and can disturb your healthy habit and lifestyle too much.

6. Make schedule for your diet menu and also exercise

Exercise and eating food are complimenting with each other. Therefore, it is very recommended to have a schedule to give a better placement on when to eat and replenish your energy when to do exercise. One of the common mistakes that people are doing this day are they usually eating too much after doing exercise, and of course when to eat and exercise on the first place. By having a clear schedule on when to eat in the morning, noon, and night or when to have snack with having an exercise your body will grow to be much healthier because our body will adapt to this healthy lifestyle and this means not only a healthy heart but also healthy digestion as well which is one of important ways to keep your body healthy. Because healthy digestion means it is easier for body to absorb nutrient and vitamins that beneficial for our heart and health.

By combining several of the tips that we already explained above with the heart healthy foods that we also previously mentioned, it is not a difficult thing to achieve a healthy body and heart. Of course, in order to achieve the optimal and healthy body condition we first need to have a dedication to do all of this in the first place.

Healthy consumption and activity
Healthy consumption and activity is a good way to achieve healthy heart

Not only dedication, we also need the time and money to prepare all of the mentioned food, and also exercise schedule. In the end, it’s all go back to our own self and dedication. In the end we hope all of these information can prove to be useful for your life. Have a great day and may you have a healthy heart.