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How To Get Healthy Heart With Easy HEART HEALTHY FOOD LIST

Heart Healthy Food List

Food and diet is still known as an important aspect for us to maintain and it can be achieved by organizing proper diet plan for our body or another specific condition for example, heart healthy food list. Despite the improvement of technology and knowledge in medical world, most of experts advise us to maintain our diet. Why? Consuming healthy and proper heart healthy diet may cause many good effects for our body especially, in putting us away from any dangerous disease. Thus, there are lot of movements made to inform people about how important is healthy life.

simple advice to healthy diet
Simple advice to maintain our heart with healthy diet

There is a proverb said What you reap is what you sow. The relation here shows that what you eat may affect your physical condition in several years later. If you are a kind of person that loves to eat unhealthy food then your healthy could be worse later. However, you may get healthier life if you spare your time to prepare and cook healthy diet for you and your family. That’s why, people are recommended to have healthy diet. But how? It’s not really hard to achieve it because, you only need to know what kind of diet pattern that is suitable for you.

You are highly recommended to see nutritionist to see what kind of heart healthy diet plan that is good for you. Besides, there are also some basic information that you can get easily. The pattern is related with several aspects such as, food portion, food choice, and other. Most of you may be familiar with healthy food choices since, there are many information about it. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about how much heart healthy foods that they are allowed to eat in a day. Down below, there will be brief explanation of food portion and choice. By creating a balance diet pattern, you can achieve healthy and happy life.

Heart Healthy Food List Guide for Food Choice

Any choices that we’ve made can impact our life. In this term, we will talk about food. You are free to decide food that you want to eat. However, bad choice of food will lead you into serious problem. So, what kind of food that is allowed for us? Is it fruit and vegetable? Should I choose red meat over white meat? These questions always appear in everyone’s mind. By collection expert’s opinions, here are some foods that must be consumed to get adequate nutrient to nourish our body.

Fruit and Vegetable

Tons of studies have showed evidence about the importance of vegetable and fruit in our life. Here are some benefits that we can get:

  • Daily consumption of fruit and vegetable decrease the risk of premature death, heart disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  • Foods provide natural sugar and mineral which is good and easy to digest by our body.

Though there are still many benefits that we can get, fruit and vegetable is considered as the most ultimate thing that people need to eat. What kind of fruit that should I eat? Almost every fruit and vegetable is really recommendable due to various nutrient that each fruit or vegetable has. It’s also far better if we can combine it on our bowl.

Various nutrition

Nutrition is like a small thing that our body need. It can come from any food so, it’s not only fruit and vegetable. Here are some important nutrition that people need to get in order to get healthier heart as a part of heart healthy eating.

  • Fiber

    Generally, people only know fiber as a substance needed to help our digestion system works well. However, fiber is more than just for digestion. It has lot of benefits for our body including improve our heart’s work. Fiber is important to fight coronary heart disease, diabetes type 2, and colon cancer. Woman and man needs different take of fiber, where man need 38 grams/day and woman need 25 grams/day. If you want to check whether you already have it in enough portion or not, you can see it through nutrition panel. Usually, it’s placed on the back of product or food labelled as dietary fiber.

  • Fat

    Eating fat is really essential because, it provides energy for our body. There are two kinds of fat, saturated and unsaturated fat. Experts recommend unsaturated fat food for people since, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease inside our body. However, do not consume it more than its general portion. Further study shows that saturated food is not always as bad as we think. Some saturated foods like cheese, red meat, and butter are viewed as healthy foods. It can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease though, it may increase the risk of cholesterol. Therefore, we need to eat it in considerate portion.

  • Antioxidant

    Known as a substance needed to fight against cancer or tumor, antioxidant is found on fruit and vegetable. Besides, antioxidant also needed to prevent any disease, and increase our immunity. Mostly, it includes beta-carotene, vitamin E, C, and A. As information, antioxidant vitamin is not proved for providing antioxidant for our body. There is no evidence shows that people need to take antioxidant vitamin to provide enough antioxidant for our body. The study proves that fruit and vegetable is still proved as the best way to get antioxidant. In this case, it becomes a great thing for us to get enough nutrition.

  • Folate

    Most of us may don’t know about folate. However, folate has a huge duty to produce red blood cell for our body. In this case, it helps us to get enough red blood cell. For pregnant mom, red blood cell can be a great thing to keep them healthy. In order to get enough folate, you can eat folate vitamin or some foods like, broccoli, avocado, okra, beans, and peas. These foods are known as heart healthy vegetables that has many benefits for our body. Therefore, we can get many benefits not only folate. Breakfast cereal is also a fun way to provide enough folate for our body.

  • Calcium and vitamin D

    Both are known as important substance needed to strengthen our bone. In this case, people need to fill their needs of calcium and vitamin D because, it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. As for adult, there is no exact information about how much vitamin needed for a day. However, adult is recommended for having 600 international unit per day. We need more calcium when we are growing older and 1000 international unit is needed for people that reach age more than 70. Woman needs more calcium around 1200 international unit per day and 2000 unit for older woman. It is important to prevent osteoporosis because woman are having higher risk for osteoporosis than men.

  • Sugar and grain

    For grain and sugar, people should know that refined sugar and grain are considered as a big no. Please choose natural grain food such as, brown rice, steel cut oat, and wheat bread as healthier food which has low sugar substance. Eating whole grain food is proved to reduce people’s weight. Besides, it helps people in fighting against diabetes and obesity. Consuming refined grain (white rice and white bread) and refined sugar found on packaged food is a bad habit for us. Therefore, please be more careful in choosing food especially, in refined sugar and grain since, it has high sugar that may lead us to obesity or diabetes. Both of these thing can cause premature death, cardiovascular disease, and other disease complication.

easy guide to get healthy and good food portion
Easy guide to get healthy and good food portion and choice (via everydayhealth.com)

Heart Healthy Food List Guide for Food Portion

At previous section, we have talked about food choice. What food that we should and shouldn’t take for us. Next, we move to more serious section about food portion. Ask yourself first, have I eat something in right portion. We bet that no one even know about how much food that they should consume for heart healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If there is survey, most of people will say they don’t care about it. As long as they feel satisfied then it’s good. However, it’s not an answer. Over portion food may cause problem especially obesity that will bring more bad things in your life.

Eating healthy food will be useless if you put excessive food portion. Therefore, we should know about how to put a normal portion. Food portion is determined by many factors for example, gender. Man and woman has different food portion. Adding a suitable portion for your body may create a good and huge impact for your food. Therefore, you need to make a huge step by making proper food portion for yourself. We will share some ideas given by the expert about how to create healthy heart food list related with food portion.

Good food portion for good heart

How much food that I should consume? Senior dietitian of British Heart Foundation, Victoria Taylor said the importance of keeping regular portion for our food to maintain our weight and healthy as taken from BBC Food. If we often consume food excessively, it will cause obesity which will put you into a risk of diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The key is balance that needs you to put enough food on the plate. Not only portion, there is also other thing that you need to see, the balance of nutrition that is put on the plate. If you can reach the perfect portion of food balance then it can cause a great effect for your body.

easy way to provide your daily food
Easy way to provide your daily food

Let’s put it easily. We need calorie as a fuel for our activity right? That’s why, we need to eat three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner as general meal time that most of people take. Despite of any kind of meal times that are happened nowadays, food portion is also sought through this step. There is a high awareness about food portion and food variants combined while other don’t. BBC good food said that there is difference between man and woman calorie’s need. For adult, man needs 2500 calorie and woman needs 2000 calorie.

It’s the main point about how much food that you need to eat. Besides, you need to watch the balance of food variant put on plate. There are variations of food that we always eat. For example, carbohydrate as seen as fuel of our body. Carbs are found on rice and potato. Next, don’t forget to add other element such as, dairy which is found through milk. Protein is also known as a thing needed for our body that can be found through meat, fish, and etc. Last but not least, there is fruit and vegetable that is always recommended by any people for the sake of people’s health.

Okay, we know that you won’t understand since, it’s really hard to count any food that you should eat every day. It’s not only about calorie but, there is also suggestion where people need to reduce their food at night in order to give a rest for our digestion. Actually, it’s really easy to create a balance food portion for our heart. As taken from several sources, here are some heart healthy tips that will help you to create balance food portion. Started from carb then we will move to protein, fruit and vegetable and other things that you need to create healthy and balance food portion for your body.

  1. Rice and measuring cupAt some countries especially, Asian countries, measuring cups used to count how much rice put inside rice cooker. It can be used as effective method about how much rice or carbohydrate that we can eat on a plate. However, cup can be only used for rice and pasta while others are not possible. It helps you to not over consuming something. How much rice or pasta that should I eat? A small cup of rice is enough while you need to put other variant to complete a balance list of food there.
    It’s far better to change white rice with brown rice since it provides lower sugar and healthier than white rice. Though it’s more expensive than white rice, brown rice is proven as a good whole grain food that can provide you with healthier carb. It’s better to waste your money for healthier food than damaging your health right?

    brown rice
    Several benefits of brown rice (via lavanyaayurveda.com)
  2. Use a small plateHave you ever heard for diet tips to change your plate with smaller one? It will change our mindset. You can prove it by yourself. Put a similar portion of food on big plate and small plate. The bigger one looks less so, people will put more food to fill it. In this case, it won’t create balance food portion. Therefore, change your plate with a smaller one. It will help you to get smaller portion of food but, don’t push yourself too hard. The key is about how to get balance portion of food not to reduce your weight drastically and forget to fill your body with enough nutrition for heart health.
  3. What should I eat?We move to the most important part of section. What kind of food that we should eat? Though there could be tons of tips that are out there, we can see that there is the same thing that people will say more about that. However, there is a simple key that we can see through this one. Based on US Food and Drug administration, here are some tips that you should see about it.
    1. You need to eat at least 4.5 cup of fruit and vegetable for a day. What kind of fruit or vegetable that we should eat? It’s upon our choice as long as you fill it with various color of fruit or vegetable or plate. There is general command said that the more colorful your plate is then you can get various nutrition for everyday but, it could be difficult since, people has their own opinion toward any foods that are suitable for them. Therefore, it’s really important to put it based on your favor.

      colors for health
      Fruit’s color based on its benefits (via CurejoyRecipes)
    2. Instead of meat, get your protein from fish. Fish is said to provide more protein than poultry product and meat. However, vary your food with any kind of seafood to get more nutrition since, there are many kinds of seafood. So, not only fish that are available but, there are also lot of products that are available and you can choose it based on your favor.
    3. Low fat or fat free dairy product
      on supermarket, there are lot of fat free or low fat dairy product like cheese and milk. In this case, you have to get free-fat or low-fat product that will provide less fat than the general one. Though it’s labelled as low-fat or free-fat, you need to be more aware by seeing the nutrition label put at the back of product. Next, compare it with other product to get the lowest one. It may take time but at least, you get the least fat dairy product for your health.
  4. Can we have a dessert?At Western culture, there are three general steps of heart healthy meals time that we should follow. Started from appetizer to wake our appetite, followed by main course and dessert as the closing part. Usually, sweet food is served as a dessert. Instead of oversweet food like pudding, cake, or other, you may change it with simple fruit salad or even an apple or other fruit based on your favor. In addition to its healthy portion, it can be the simplest and most creative dessert that can entertain everyone especially your guest.
  5. Snack timeSnack is a little bit tricky because, we always need it to fill our stomach right? However, people always overdo it and fill themselves with over calorie. In this case, it’s really important to see more about any kind of food that is suitable for you. Don’t eat snack after having a large portion of food. Place it around 20 minute after that. Don’t ever eat chip, pizza, burger, or any instant food and popular snack. Choose fruit and vegetable as your new partner in heart healthy snacks time and get yourself into it. You may feel bored but it can provide good long-term effect for your body and health.
  6. Be more careful with pre-packaged foodsince the improvement of technology, there are many pre-packaged food found on supermarket. Usually, it provides a package of several variants placed there and it’s said to provide enough nutrition. Though it’s seems trusted, there is no exact thing to prove whether it’s really suitable based on the label or not. In this case, preparing food by yourself is the best option by following heart healthy recipes. You are able to know about the real portion of how much food that you eat in a day.
    The other problem found on pre-packaged food is, people don’t even know if the food is still fresh or not. It is not a serious problem and may not cause direct impact to your body. However, processed food or not-so-fresh food is not good since it only provide few nutrition or even there is no nutrition provided for our body. Therefore, it’s really important to get food by ourselves because, we will get enough nutrition by consuming fresh food.


In order to achieve healthy and balance food portion, there are many things that we should see for. First, what kind of food that we choose for ourselves. Until now, we are able to see about any kind of foods that are available here so, it’s really important to be more aware. By seeing some options that are available above, we know about things that we should do for ourselves so, we only need to follow it. In addition to food, there is also other thing that people should be careful, food portion. It’s not that hard to get enough food portion for ourselves since, we only need to know about enough dosage of food that we eat. By knowing it, we can prepare balance heart healthy food list for us.