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HEART HEALTHY DIET Recommendation And Tips

Heart healthy diet

Heart problem is said as one of common diseases people got nowadays. It’s caused by unhealthy lifestyle and diet that people have. Besides, it’s also considered as popular disease that is really dangerous. Therefore, it’s a good way for us to change our lifestyle and diet for better change. In this case, it’s really important for us to have heart healthy diet which is really good. There are many things that we can do for having such as healthy food for us. So, how to start a healthy diet which is really helpful for our life?

The most important thing is about our mind. It’s really hard for us to have a new and different diet style. We need to change our mindset since it’s really good for us. By putting a good foundation, we can get through a hard change in our lifestyle. Therefore, we can start to have any good things that are good for us. Afterwards, we can decide what kind of diet menu that is good for us. It’s really important to ask the expert about this one. Usually, the expert knows about things that we should or shouldn’t eat.

Unhealthy heart
Unhealthy heart may cause any dangerous effects for us

If you think that diet menu changing is enough then it’s wrong, there are still many things to do to improve your health. In this case, heart healthy lifestyle change is also needed. Bad lifestyle is indicated as one of disease causes for nowadays. If you’re the one that have it then you need to change it. It’s really hard at the beginning but, for the sake of your health, you need to change it. I’d like to share some healthy heart tips about healthy diet for heart and other things related with it and here are some information that I hope, it will help you a lot in achieving healthy heart.

Way to fight heart disease with healthy heart diet

In order to get healthy heart, there are two things to do. First, you need to control your diet menu. Forget about any fast food, fried food, or other unhealthy things that you usually ate before. It’s time to change your diet menu for your health. By eating healthy menu, you can feel many good effects in your health so, it’s really important for you to change it by yourself. In this case, there are many things to do in having different menu diet for yourself.

– Fruits and Veggies is a must

Having a healthy diet menu without fruit and veggie is impossible. Those things are considered as the most important thing to eat if you are going for having a healthy life. In this case, you should have it as part of your diet menu. You can choose any deep orange, dark green fruit or veggie which contain any good nutrition for heart health that are good for your health. Any kind of fruits or veggies are good for your health. It’s recommended for taking it at morning and night so you will have a balance and delicious heart healthy eating time.

If you don’t know about what kind of veggie or fruit that is suitable for you, we have some recommendations for you. Citrus fruit is considered as the best example of fruit that is really good for this disease. It is proven to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack based on the study. Its delicious sour taste is really good for you. You can have a glass of juice or mix it with other food. For veggie, there are many examples of good veggie that is good for you but tomato is really recommended so, it’s really good for you. Tomato is really cheap and you can get it anywhere. Therefore, it can be a way for you to get it.

– Say goodbye to salty food

If you love to spend your spare time by consuming chips, French fries, and etc, it’s time for you to stop it. High amount of salt may increase the blood pressure. It can cause any dangerous disease including this one. Therefore, you need to rearrange your diet menu. If you love to spend some of your money to buy some chips then stop it. You can use your money to buy other healthy fruits for example nut which is proven as one of healthy snacks for your heart.

– Eat grain product

Most people never heard of grain product. If you’re one of them then, you need to know more about grain product. It’s kind of food that has high amount of nutrient and fiber which is really good for our health. There is no need to wait for having this one. It’s better for you to change your daily menu with grain product since, it’s really good. Some examples of grain product are brown rice, whole wheat bread, and oat. Oat is considered as the best heart healthy foods to fight against it. Having a bowl of oat with fresh fruit in the morning can be a good way to start your activity. Besides, oat is known for its good effect to reduce the risk of heart disease inside your body.

– No more saturated fat and cholesterol food

For any people that label themselves as eatery then they should think more about food that they should eat. It is really dangerous since, it can be caused by any foods that you have chumped up. One of cases that is known as the cause is fast food or any kind of fried foods. Those foods are considered as part of saturated food or high-cholesterol food. It can increase the risk of high disease inside your body. Besides, those foods are also known as the cause of any kind of dangerous disease that is happened for example diabetes, stroke, and other dangerous disease. Therefore, no more fast food or fried food. You can start to change your eating habit by eating other food which is better and healthier than any fast foods that you usually eat for everyday or often enough.

Junk food trend
Junk food is one of examples of saturated fat food

– Avoid sweet food

Though it’s known as main cause of diabetes, sweet food is also dangerous for heart disease. The connection is known for obesity. Sugar cause overweight that can cause any dangerous effect for your body which is known as one of the heart attack symptoms. Therefore, it’s really important for you to control any sweet food that is put inside your body. It doesn’t mean that you are not allowed but as long as you know the way to eat it then you are good with it.

The most important thing is, you need to avoid any food contained with artificial sweetener. The taste may be good but it has more sugar than any usual sugar that we know. The best way to avoid it is by eating natural sugar that we can find through fruit. Fruit contain natural sugar fruit which is fresh and different. You can also mix it with other food to create new recipe that is really delicious. By using your creativity, you can make a new recipe that is fresh and different.

– Water

Last but not least, you need to drink water. Based on any researches, there is still not known whether you need to drink 8 glasses of water or even more than that. However, enough glass of water is really good for our health since, our body is contained of 70 % water inside. In addition to fill the amount of water that our body need, enough consumption of water is really important to keep ourselves faraway from any dangerous disease that can come anytime. So, how water can keep us away from it? It can help our heart rate zones work well in pumping blood through any veins inside our body. Enough oxygen and nutrient is really important to keep our body in good condition.

– Nuts

Having a bowl of chip could be really relaxing especially with your favorite movie show. However, it’s not good for long-term effect. It can cause many bad things especially heart disease. If you love to eat a snack while watching movie, then it’s your job to find the best snack that will accompany you later. So, what is the best snack that you can get? Get a bowl of nut then you will feel it! It’s delicious and its cracking sound is really tempting. You can feel really good while having it since, it’s really delicious.

Any kind of nuts from macadamia, peanut, pistachio, walnut, and almond are considered as the best example of nut that is really good. You can mix it as heart healthy ingredients with some foods to create a good recipe or you can it in raw. Since there are many options that are available, so you can choose any nuts that is suitable based on your taste. It’s also not really hard to get the best nut because, it’s available on any places especially supermarket. Therefore, you can get it easily and it can be a good thing for you.

– Extra virgin oil

Based on landmark study, people with high risk of this disease was following Mediterranean diet. It’s known as a diet that puts high grain food, vegetable, food and extra virgin oil. The oil itself is known as essential part that is really useful for high-risk heart case. It contains with monounsaturated fat that is really good for our body. That’s why, it’s really recommended and often suggested by many people due to its positive impact for our body.

It’s also important for any people to start a healthy life by changing their usual oil with extra virgin oil because, it is really good. There is no exact difference found between the usual oil and the extra virgin. Even it’s a bit expensive, it is really good for our health. So, why don’t we change it for ourselves to get many good things for our body.

– Red Wine

We know that most people love to spend their time by having a glass of alcohol. It’s really good to have an enjoyable time with it so, it’s a good thing for you. However, make sure that you change it with good wine. A glass of wine everyday is really good for your heart. It’s also proven as a good thing to reduce the risk of this disease. Red wine contained with polyphenol that is good to reduce the risk of this problem.

How to start a healthy heart diet habit

Okay, now you know about things of heart healthy diet that you should prepare for yourself. Foods mentioned above are considered as easy to get food so, you can get it anywhere. Mostly, you can buy it on supermarket. Besides, it’s also really affordable. The next step is, how to start a healthy life to maintain your heart. First and foremost, I understand it must be really hard for starting it. You need to change your habit wholly to do something new. However, the result is outstanding and as mentioned before, the first thing that you need to do is your mindset so, you are ready to have a different but better lifestyle for yourself.

  • Small change means big

First of all, you don’t need to remove any bad habits excessively. Don’t think that you can do it in a whole way just in one day. There is a process that you need to know and you have to understand about your capability in handling this one. Everyone has different way in starting their eating habit so, how about you? In the beginning, I try to reduce my snack time and fast food time. I admit myself as a junk food lover. 3 weeks a time, I use to have a meal with or without friends in fast food restaurant. It’s really delicious but, it’s dangerous for myself in the future.

Based on story above, you can start to ask yourself. What things that you think it’s really dangerous for you. You need to make a list of main thing that you should do for you first. Afterwards, you are ready to start a new life. Remember, it’s all about process so, you need to do it slowly. However, be sure to consistent in doing it. Consistency can bring a huge positive result in your life so, believe in yourself and you will get a huge result in the future.

  • Make a daily menu

If you are ready to start a heart healthy activities so, the next thing that you have to do is make a planning list. In this case, there will be lot of things to do. You need to make a menu contained with lot of foods that are put inside the list. By making a daily menu, you are able to create organized and healthy daily menu that you will eat everyday. There are several things that you should know in order to make a good daily menu.

  • Put vegetable and fruit as its main component
  • Whole grain
  • Lean protein with less salt

For example, you can get a plate of salmon steak as your dinner or, you can mix other menu to create something delicious like, black bean burger. It’s a burger consisted of black bean and other menu that you can enjoy without afraid for having unhealthy food. The most important thing is, you need to create a balance menu which contains any kind of healthy food and you can start to have a good food for yourself. Since, it’s really easy, you can do it by yourself or search it through internet where there are many information and heart health questions that are available.

  • Be more creative in cooking

I bet you will feel bored just in a week or maybe several days after you start the diet. If you are, don’t worry since, there are many solutions that you can do. The most important thing is, you need to be creative in cooking or serving food for you or other people. Nowadays, there are many heart healthy recipes that you can find in internet. You can find it through many sites and even Instagram. Since, there are many easy things to do, there is no reason that you are failed in doing it because, there are already many recipes that you can find so easily.

However, be sure to remember that you need to be careful in picking any recipe that is suitable for you. Any foods that are served there could be different than your taste. In this case, you need to be more careful in finding any recipes that are good for you. By finding the best recipe that is suitable, you can make your dining time become more enjoyable since, you eat the food that you really love and you won’t feel any torture while eating it.

  • Give yourself a day-off

It means that you need to prep a day for you to treat yourself with food that you really love. For example, if you love pizza then you can have a slice or more as long as it’s still on normal consumption. Remember, it’s just a way to treat yourself since you can go through a hard process in diet changing. You can appreciate what you’ve done through having something that you really love. However, you need to choose any delicious food that you can eat carefully so, you won’t be tempted to cancel or skip any food which is already put on the list.

Smoke cured bacon
Cheating day is good as long as you can control it

Having a treat could be fun but, it’s more dangerous if you eat uncontrollably due to your happiness. In this case, you should know things that you have to. It’s allowed to eat something sweet or salty but, as long as it’s still under control then it will be okay. There are lot of examples of good food that are considered as a good way to treat yourself. For example, fruit salad with yoghurt. It’s really fresh and delicious. In addition, there are lot of examples that you can find by yourself. Or, if you can’t hold it anymore, small amount of fast food or sweet thing can be a good way to help yourself to be happier and you are ready to go again with the diet that you have before so, it can be more fun.


Based on some explanations above, now you know that it’s not really hard to start new heart healthy habits for having healthier life. The key is, being consistent and you need to keep in mind that all things will be done in a good way. The first key, consistency is quite hard. People are in a good mood for starting the diet but, they start to lose it in the middle. If you feel the same way then don’t give up because, it’s normal. The thing that you should remember is, you need to remind yourself about your objective in doing this way.

Maintaining your consumption
By maintaining your consumption, you can gain many good advantages

Next, beware of what you eat and drink. You need to push away any bad daily habit that you used to have before and enjoy the process. You won’t get a thing in just 1 week since, it can take long time to get the result. If you enjoy it then you can feel better inside and outside of your body. Put more heart healthy vegetables and fruit because, it contains of nutrient and other good substance which is really good for your body. 5 times a week is really good but if you have other plan then it’s up to you as long as it’s suitable with your body condition.

Last but not least, don’t forget to other activity for example, exercise. It’s really important since it can bring many good effects especially, blood circulation to keep you away from this problem. Therefore, it’s really important to do it. Since there are many kind of exercises, you are free to choose any kind of part that is really suitable for you. Therefore, it can be a great thing to do it. Beside, you can also do it with your friends which can make your time become better than before with the best heart healthy diet menu.