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Heart Healthy Desserts

In a full course meal, there is dessert as the final stage which will delight our lips after heavy meal and it should be really fun but, not for people with heart disease since they need heart healthy desserts. They need special dessert prepared with special and healthy ingredient. It sounds complicated but, they need to do it to maintain their heart. It seems complex but, it’s not as hard as you think. Preparing healthy dessert for our heart and health can be an early step that we can do to improve our health so, it’s really important to start this early on.

example of sugary food and its effect
Example of sugary food and its effect including heart disease (via circ.ahajournals.org)

As said by Julie Zumpano, RD, LD, from Preventive Cardiology and Nutrition Program at Cleveland Clinic, eating certain heart healthy meal every day may help you to reduce cardiovascular disease. Based on the statement, we can learn that heart healthy foods are considered as important thing that can help us in reducing cardiovascular disease. In this case, we need to get rid of some unhealthy foods that we love to eat. There could be oily food, fried food, salty food, processed food, or other possible thing that invade our body and provide dangerous effect for our body. So, you need to change your diet habit with healthier one.

There will be several explanations stated below. First, we will give you explanation about the relation between dessert and heart. Most of desserts are served as sweet food while we think that it’s not related at all. Second, we will see about several healthy heart tips that will help you to choose what kind of dessert that you are allowed to eat and not. Last, we will give you recommendation about food combination that is really good and beneficial for cardiovascular disease. Are you ready? Let’s move to the first part of this article, the relation between sweet dessert and heart’s health.

What is the relation between sweet dessert and heart’s health

By reading the subtitle above, we will be confused, right? Why sweet food or dessert will cause heart disease? Is it possible? Okay, let’s find it out. In general, sweet food may contain sugar as the huge part of ingredient added on food. However, it’s not on sugar only because, there are many possibilities that you can get by having sugary food excessively. The dangerous thing is, you can still get heart disease though you are not overweight. It’s related with how much calorie on a plate of sweet food or dessert that you have.

Based on study published in JAMA internal medicine, people who take in 25 % or even more sugar in their daily calorie are that twice as likely to die by heart disease since it takes less than 10 % as part of heart healthy diet. The study shows the connection between sugar and heart disease. Though it’s known as main cause of diabetes, sugar can also cause cardiovascular disease. How it can be? Over sugar can add more calorie which means, overweight. Our body may receive lot of calorie that will increase our weight and it’s connected with heart attack.

Scientifically, there are two impacts made by sugar inside our body. First, sugar is the main reason behind weight gain and cavity. Second, sugar may add empty calorie without any nutrition human needs such as, fiber, vitamin and etc. Too much sugar will cover our body with bunch of disease that ready to takes us down. In this case, it is really dangerous because, it only needs a few times if we don’t realize that our body is in dangerous. Therefore, we need to remove our bad habit if we still love to eat sugary food or other thing related with it.

reasons avoid excessive sugar
Reasons why you should avoid excessive sugar (via befitandfine.com)

There are many sugary foods that are available nowadays. Most of them come as processed food where refined sugar listed as the main ingredient. Candy, soda, frozen yoghurt, and sugary foods come as our favorite food. Pathetically, we love to eat them after having a dinner or a dessert. That’s why, we get more sugar or add more calorie inside our body due to excessive sugar that comes from any kind of sugary food that we eat from there. Remember, refined sugar are two or three times more than normal sugar that we consume generally.

Back to the first thought that we’ve explained. After reading some explanations above, we know that you may deny it and you’ll back to the first thought, sugar is not the main antagonist. You start to see whether you have enough fruit, vegetable, or healthy food. However, you can’t find any answer on any places because, sugar is the main antagonist too. As explained before, too much sugar will increase your weight that affect your heart. Therefore, it’s really important to see whether you are included as a person that loves sweet food.

In order to solve this problem, there are several ways that you need to do. First, you need to remove some sugary foods especially refined sugar that you already got. You can change it with other fresh food that is popularly known as dessert for example, fruit. Fruit brings fresh taste and natural sugar that is really good for us. Besides, fruit also has lot of nutrient that we can get so, it’s really great for us to have many nutrient just by eating one fruit or combining it with other fruit that can keep us healthy and get delicious taste for us.

If you love sugar and tired for eating fruit or other food, you can have low-sugar food or reduce how much sugar that you should add on a plate or glass of drink. A reduce amount of sugar can be a great solution for us. Therefore, it can be a great thing that can help us to change our daily habit about amount of sugar that we can get for us today. In this case, you can get natural sugar taste not only fruit but from other substance for example, brown sugar, or low sugar product that is available on anywhere.

Heart Healthy Desserts Tips

Without sugar or several ingredients, you are able to make delicious dessert just by switching to other ingredient or changing your diet heart healthy habits with healthier one and here are some tips that you should hear.

  1. Choose low calorie dessert

    As its term, dessert is placed as last part of dinner course. Considering we have eaten lot of calorie before, we should choose low calorie dessert to fill our stomach. Watery fruit such as, watermelon, pineapple, orange, mango, pear, and apple are the example of good fruit with tons of benefit for our body. In addition to its delicious and crunchy taste, these fruits are known for its various benefits that we can get to improve our healthy so, it’s really important to improve our health by consuming these fruits.

  2. Use maple syrup or honey

    Actually, there are many alternative ways that you can choose to sweeten your food. One of it is by using maple syrup or honey. Both are known as sweet liquid that is recommended by expert. Generally, either maple syrup or honey is okay since, both of them are available in liquid substance so, our body will digest it easier. Therefore, it is good to keep our blood sugar in normal level and avoid any dangerous that can be happened. The good thing is, they have mineral and vitamin to fill our body with enough nutrition for heart health.

    dark chocolate benefit for heart health
    Dark chocolate benefit for heart’s health (via theofficediet.com)
  3. Use dark chocolate than milk chocolate

    If you love to use milk chocolate as cake ingredient, we suggest you to take dark chocolate since it is healthier than normal chocolate that is available nowadays. Dark chocolate has huge amount of fiber, zinc, antioxidant, iron and other nutrient. Antioxidant is really important to reduce the risk of cancer. Besides, dark chocolate also has polyphenol to reduce your blood pressure. Though the taste might be more bitter, you can get healthy dessert just by adding dark chocolate on your dessert.

  4. Prefer coconut oil than butter

    Butter may be popular as common thing used to make a cake. However, butter has more fat that can cause many problems including fat accumulation inside our body. Therefore, you can switch it to coconut oil. Though it’s known as solid substance, coconut oil has lower sodium. Besides, coconut oil also has lauric acid that is good to lower our cholesterol. In this case, we can say goodbye to our worry against heart problem because, the addition of coconut oil will lower the risk of having heart problem just by eating dessert too much.

  5. Use applesauce than oil

    The other way to get healthier dessert is by switching oil to applesauce. Applesauce is healthier because it has vitamin C that is good to produce antioxidant that will help us to reduce the risk of cancer development and other dangerous thing that can be happened. Besides, applesauce is believe to make our food taste better due to natural apple taste that is available there. While making a cake or muffin, you can change oil and choose applesauce as a way to keep it better so, we can get more delicious cake for ourselves.

  6. Change your flour

    Flour is the main ingredient for making cake. The best way to get healthier is by switching to whole wheat flour or almond flour which is better. Whole wheat flour is known for its high fiber and the addition of almond flour will get you more protein for yourself. Besides, it is also a great thing for you to have it since you are able to avoid allergy caused by gluten. The combination of both are really great to create unique cake texture as long as you choose the best measurement for your cake.

  7. Evaporated skim milk

    Sometimes, heavy milk is included as part of ingredient that we need. In this case, we need to get evaporated skim milk as part of ingredient which is better. Evaporated skim milk has less fat than heavy milk. We can use it as a substitute for usual milk that we often use. Therefore, we can create less fat cake for us just by using evaporated skim milk which is better for us.

By following some tips stated above, you know that you are still allowed to have a heart healthy dessert after dinner but, you need to eat it considerately. In this case, there are several things that you should know. First, put low calorie dessert to fill your stomach in general portion. As you know, you have eat much calorie while having appetizer and main course or a full plate of rice. In this case, a bowl of fresh fruit can be a cool thing to make you feel fresh since, fruit is really good for your health.

Besides, ingredient switch can be a great way to help you in reducing some of bad things that will be happened inside your body if you still use several ingredients for your body. Some of common cake ingredients for example, butter might be delicious. However, butter has more fat so, it’s time to switch to other ingredient. Ingredient switching is often seen as an effective and genius way to get more benefit for our body so, it is a great way for us to get healthier ways just by changing some ingredients and we are still allowed to take delicious cake.

The key is about how to create balance calorie that is put inside our body. In this case, we need to be more careful in calculating how much calorie that is put not only on dessert but also ingredient that we use to make a cake or other dessert for us. If it’s more than normal calculation then you can switch it to other ingredient that is healthier and less fat. Sometimes, it’s really hard for us because, we often find it hard but, it is a great way for us to get healthier just by switching some ingredients to a better one.

Heart healthy dessert recommendation

We are at the last section of this article, recommendation for several examples of heart healthy dessert. Previously, we have talked about tips and explanation about why we should have healthy dessert to maintain our heart. Therefore, we like to share several things that are good for your life. In this case, there will be several heart healthy recipes that you may know. We won’t give you an instruction about how to cook it but it’s rather the ingredient and advantage that you can get for yourself.

benefits consuming blueberry
Benefits that you’ll get by consuming blueberry (via huffingtonpost.com)
  1. Blueberry and banana smoothie

    What in the world that is more than a delicious blueberry and banana smoothie? It’s really fresh and energizing especially after having a tiring workout. For this recipe, you need to prepare blueberry and banana. As an addition, you can add flaxseed and soymilk to give a creamy taste and lot of advantage inside the glass. Afterwards, you just need to put it inside a blender and prepare it as a smoothie. The combination of blueberry and banana is really great. It gives you antioxidant and fiber that is really good to prevent cardiovascular disease. Besides, the addition of vitamin C is really important to give high antioxidant to reduce risk of cancer.

  2. Vanilla lemon berry parfait

    There is no such thing that can ever heal your sad only by eating vanilla lemon berry parfait. Not only delicious, the parfait is made from selected ingredient that is really good for your heart. Lemon and berry has huge vitamin C that is good to reduce the risk of cancer especially in fighting against heart problem. Besides, the addition of vanilla makes your food becomes flavorful so, it’s a great indication that can make you feel really great. You can put it as heart healthy breakfast or dessert that will make you feel really great after having heart healthy eating.

  3. Apple slice with cinnamon

    Tired for having complex ingredient or cooking? Why not just cut some slices of apple and sprinkle some cinnamon on top of it? You can start by cutting an apple into some slices and put cinnamon on top of it. The combination between apple and cinnamon is proven as good thing for your heart. Apple has phytochemical and people who consume apple regularly will get enough benefit especially in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease development inside our body so, it’s really important for us to have it. Besides, the preparation is really simple and you don’t need long time to prepare it.

  4. Dark chocolate sorbet

    Sorbet can be a great idea to prepare different dessert for you. In this case, you can choose dark chocolate as the main ingredient. Dark chocolate is known for its high flavonoid that is really good to prevent heart problem. Besides, it is also really good to prevent the creation of blood clot inside our body which is the early phase of any serious diseases. In order to strengthen its effect, do not use dairy milk since, it will reduce the effect of flavonoid. Rice milk is a great idea for you to switch the ingredient so, it will mix the ingredient so well.

  5. Vanilla bean angel food cake

    Create a sponge cake that everyone will surely love it. Besides, there are some tricks that you can use to create healthy and delicious cake. For this one, use whole wheat flour to create low-calorie cake. Besides, add a taste of lemon as its sauce to get fresh and sour taste as a partner of its sweet sponge cake. The addition of lemon can be a great idea to give enough vitamin C which means, you can get enough antioxidant.

  6. Low fat raspberry and apple crumble

    If you’re looking for simple yet delicious dessert, this idea is the greatest one. It’s the combination of raspberry and apple that create unique combination that is ready to make your day become more colorful. Apple and raspberry has polyphenol that is good to control our blood pressure. Besides, the addition of oat can be a good thing for our heart since, it takes bad cholesterol and it maintain our heart in good condition. Please remember that you need to change sugar with low-sugar or honey to sweeten the taste.

  7. Scandinavian blueberry soup

    If you never try blueberry soup served in Scandinavian style then you should try it. The soup is usually served when we are having appetizer or dessert. In this case, you can serve it as a dessert so, you can feel really great while having it. Previously, we have known that blueberry has a great amount of polyphenol that is good to control our blood pressure. In addition to blueberry, it’s also effective to fix blood vessel wall and fight against free radical that can cause cancer inside our body.


Let’s have a small review about what we’ve talked before. At beginning, we have talked about the possibility of sugar that affect heart’s health. Is it possible? Yes since, sugar will cause fat accumulation that affect our heart. Therefore, we can take a conclusion that sugar reduction is really needed to avoid any bad possibilities that can be made by over sugar inside our body. The best thing that we can do is, we need to reduce the amount of sugar consumption. We can start it by having heart healthy diet plan especially our dessert.

We know that you love to eat dessert after heavy main course. However, it’s not a good way to have high sugar food after heavy dinner so, the best thing that you can do is you need to find alternative way to get healthier menu. In this case, you can choose various menu that are available because, there are many recipes that are easy to made. Some of them are already mentioned above with some ingredients that you can choose from any places. By switching to healthier menu, you can get healthier lifestyle without need to leaving dessert time since you know to get heart healthy dessert.