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Heart Health Month

Being one of the main causes of human death both men and women, heart disease is classified as a very deadly disease even in America alone there are at least 1 in 4 deaths caused by heart disease. Although a heart attack always comes suddenly, but this disease can be prevented if you dare to make a Heart healthy lifestyle and keep your body in its best condition. But you cannot just do this, at least there must be support from people around you, the environment, family, to the community and medical personnel who will always support you to stay healthy and avoid heart disease.

exercise is included as heart healthy lifestyle
Exercise is included as heart healthy lifestyle (via aarogya.com)

Now in this Heart Health Month, it’s good that we can increase mutual awareness of heart disease and make people around us prevent this dangerous disease from coming. You can start from small things, such as using spices or some healthy herbal ingredients to always be consumed in your family, making regular physical exercise or Heart healthy activities schedules at the agency where you work or in the school environment, making an event by inviting resource persons in the health sector or related medical experts. Not only that, you can even share sources of writing or articles about the importance of maintaining heart health to your friends on social media and other various information tools.

Raising awareness in this heart health month

Every February in America the national heart, lung and blood institutes always make an effort to increase citizens’ awareness of the importance of heart health, aiming to reduce mortality due to heart disease and the risk that can threaten cardiovascular disease. The steps taken have indeed been proven to reduce up to more than 70% of the death rate due to heart disease in the last 50 years, and in this Heart health month February you can also participate in spreading the message of heart health to all loved ones around you. Now here are some ideas that you can try as a form of support for this heart health month.

  • Create the hashtag #MoveWithHeart and invite everyone you know to do it also on every status on their social media accounts, and share videos of the month’s heart health from NHLBI.
  • Wear red clothes on the first Friday of February to raise awareness about heart disease and to encourage others to do it too.
  • Make a small community either at home or at work to be able to make small steps every day, you can use the help of the step counter application to see who can walk the most in the community.
  • Create a meal together with a healthy menu and snacks that support the work of the heart to be healthier, invite your family and friends to continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

February has become the National heart health month set by the American Heart Association through Congress and White House resolutions, Brightpoint Health also uses this moment as an effort to help patients and communities who care about heart health. Of course the efforts made are very useful to make people aware of the importance of these organs, and to raise awareness of various factors and risks that could threaten heart health. Movements like this also can socialize various preventive measures to prevent people from the risk of heart disease and stroke.

clean your artery that can affect your heart health
Clean your artery that can affect your heart health (via drsamrobbins.com)

Through this anniversary of Heart Health Month in America, Brightpoint also organizes a variety of workshops for education for patients, Leslie Faddy as director at the American Heart Association or AHA also shares information and advice on how to deal with heart disease, controls blood pressure and does not forget to share some tips such as Heart healthy foods for maintaining heart health. In addition, patients will also get blood pressure and cholesterol checks for free. In this event the plan will be for the patients to get basic education about Hands-Only CPR that can be used during emergencies because heart attacks always come suddenly to anyone who has this heart disease, so it is very important if everyone understand the procedure for saving heart attacks.

The importance of awareness of heart health has made health associations in America make February as a month of heart health, this is very important considering the largest mortality rate almost all over the world caused by this one disease. So as a form of your concern for children and people around you, give education about the importance of keeping the heart to stay healthy with various actions that can be done by us in our daily lives.

Some of the easiest and you can do every day are doing various Heart healthy month activities such as taking small steps for up to 10 minutes per day, teaching about heart health and how to look after it.

raise awareness by doing these things for your heart health
Raise awareness by doing these things for your heart health

On the other hand, you can also coordinate with several schools or at least where you work to be able to wear red clothes on the first Friday in February, this is an effort to promote a healthy heart and you can upload your photos to your social media so that everyone sees it.

Provide CPR or AED training for the environment both in schools and offices to save the lives of others during emergencies. Or you can also make a fundraiser and contribute a portion of your work to a heart health organization, and make an event for free cholesterol checks in your environment.

Facts regarding our heart

February as the Heart Health Month is a very appropriate time for everyone to study together with the meaning of the importance of this one human body organ, maintain their health and take the steps needed to make a Heart healthy habits again. If you want to know how important it is to maintain heart health and the danger of heart disease, here are some facts that you should know.

  • The heart of an adult is able to pump at least 1 gallon of blood every minute or enough to fill 38 thousand glasses a day.
  • Medically, signs of a heart attack can be felt from the presence of chest pain, pain in the upper body and arms, back, neck, jaw or upper abdomen, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness to cold sweat.
  • At least there are only less than 27% of people who can identify all the main Heart attack symptoms and ask for help from those around them.
  • Being the number 1 killer in America and mostly women, this disease is more deadly than all types of cancer when combined.
  • Heart disease is an expensive disease and it is estimated that America always loses more than 320 billion USD each year for handling heart disease and strokes.
  • Research says that yoga is very effective heart health month activities for slowing down the heart rate which can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Laughter can be a cheap health solution, research shows that laughter can increase blood flow by up to 20% and can last up to 24 hours.