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Healthy HEART FUNCTION And Work System

Heart Function

Everyone know about heart and how Heart matters to our body in general. Every animals and human in the world must have a working heart organ inside their body if they want to live. This internal organ does have a very important role in human survival. The heart functions to pump blood that carries oxygen throughout the body. So you can imagine if someone does not have a heart, or the function of the heart has been damaged. Surely it will be difficult for him to survive. Like body organs in general, the heart also has its own parts with its own functions. But besides the heart, you also need to recognize how to keep the heart healthy. Because of course there are many heart disease that lurk in our hearts.

anatomy of human heart
External anatomy of human heart

Maintaining our own heart to be healthy is actually very easy. Because everything just needs to start from yourself. Usually many people underestimate the symptoms of heart disease because it looks simple. But when heart disease has been discovered, it is usually already at a quite severe stage. Therefore, before it’s too late, you should start changing your lifestyle for the better for a healthy heart in the future. Of course, not only changing our habit so we can get a better and healthier heart, we also need to know several things about our heart in a more detailed manners. One thing for sure is that we need to know about the heart function and the parts inside our heart. Because, by knowing about this we will appreciate our heart more.

Know the Heart Function and its Parts

Basically, the heart is an organ in the form of a muscular cavity with the function to pump blood. The way the heart works is to constantly constrict in pumping blood. The heart itself is a single muscle with a layer of endothelium. Usually an adult’s heart weighs 300 grams with a large hand clasp while children heart have the half or ¾ or that size. As was mentioned earlier, the heart is an organ with an important role in the human body. Human heart functions to pump blood throughout the body for the survival of other organs. Without a heart, it is impossible for living beings to move normally.

The human heart itself has many functions which is pretty important individually on its own, including:

– Receive clean blood that has gone through the process of the lungs

– Receive dirty blood from the whole body

– Pumping clean blood that is channelled from the lungs throughout the body

– Pumping dirty blood into the lungs to process oxygenation

– Dispose of metabolic waste

– Prevents dirty blood with clean blood

– Sends nutrients throughout the body

– Measures the amount of blood pressure pumped

the process of blood pumping in heart
The process of blood pumping in heart (via mydr.com.au)

A heart with a small shape actually has a very large function. In general, heart function has been explained in the above paragraph. But actually every part of the heart also has its own benefits. The following is an explanation of the function of the parts of the heart.

  1. Porch or atrium

The heart is actually composed of a porch or atrium. This part of the foyer consists of two namely the right foyer and the left foyer. The two porches also have different functions, the right porch serves to channel dirty blood into the right porch. This dirty blood means blood without oxygen. After entering the right cavity, the blood will be pumped into the right ventricle. While the left porch serves to receive clean blood from the lungs. Clean blood means blood that contains oxygen and can be channelled throughout the body.

important parts of heart
4 important parts of heart (via webmd.com)
  1. Booths or ventricles

In addition to the foyer, the heart also has a section called the chamber or ventricle. The booth also consists of two parts, the right room and the left one with different functions. The right ventricle functions to pump dirty blood which is channelled from the right porch to the lungs. The position of the right room is precisely below the right porch and side by side with the left chamber. If the function of this chamber cannot work properly, it will result in right heart failure. Whereas in the left chamber, the function itself is to pump clean blood received by the left porch. The position is under the left porch and side by side with the right chamber. When the heart begins to contract, clean blood from the heart enters through the left foyer and then flows to the left ventricle before being channelled directly to the entire body. In conditions of hypertension, it usually affects the left ventricular muscle. This part will widen and harden which results in disruption of the process of blood flow throughout the body.

  1. Aorta

Aorta is a part of the heart that becomes the largest artery in the body. Arteries are vessels that carry blood from the heart. The aorta itself consists of three layers, namely tunica adventitia, tunica media, and tunica intima. The function of the aorta is to supply clean blood that comes from the lungs, is channelled to the left porch, and is pumped back into the left ventricle. From the left ventricle, blood will be pumped into the aorta to be supplied throughout the body. Then the aorta also functions to maintain blood pressure.

  1. Aortic valve

The function of the aortic valve is to separate the left varticle from the aortic part. Clean blood will flow throughout the body and make the aorta open. When finished, the open aorta road will be closed by this valve. If the valve does not work, it will cause the heart to leak. Heart leak due to a valve that doesn’t work properly is more common in adults.

  1. Tricuspid valve

This section separates the right ventricle varticles with the right foyer. There are three parts that belong to the tricuspidal valve. This valve opens when blood containing a small amount of oxygen flows to the blood that has accumulated to the right foyer. When the ventricle contracts or is also called systole, the valve will be closed.

  1. Mitral valve

This valve is also called a bicuspid valve. Its function is to separate the left porch with the left porch. This valve closes after the left ventricle contracts to drain blood to the aorta. Abnormalities in this valve will cause the sufferer to feel easily tired and short of breath.

  1. Atrioventricular valve

This valve consists of two parts, namely top and bottom. Valve The function is to drain blood on each porch and chamber. If the valve is not functioning properly, a person will have difficulty performing normal activities.

  1. Superior vena cava, pulmonary vein, and inferior vena cava

These three parts are part of the vein. Vena cava, aka the back vessel, functions to bring dirty blood containing CO2 or carbon dioxide from the whole body to the right porch. This superior vena cava is a large vein and becomes one of the parts of the vena cava that carries the dirty blood from the top of the body like a head and two hands. While the pulmonary vein serves to carry clean blood from the lungs throughout the body. The basic function of the vein is indeed to transport clean blood that has gone through the process in the lungs. This vein is important because it functions to circulate blood. Like arteries, this vein also has two right and left parts. While the inferior vena cava is a small vein which functions to drain dirty blood from the whole body to the right foyer.

  1. Heart wall

    heart wall and its parts
    Heart wall and its parts

The heart wall is the outermost layer that protects this organ. The heart wall itself consists of three layers. Every layers have their own individual function that are pretty important on its own. The name and function of the wall including:

  • Epicardium, which is the outermost part of the heart. This layer is a layer of connective tissue and fat which serves for additional protection for the heart. This wall part is one of the thickest one for clear purpose as it is the one that hold our heart all together making it the strong and durable as well.
  • Myocardium, is the layer in the middle. This layer becomes the thickest layer because it contains heart muscle cells.
  • Endocardium, is the third layer consisting of endothelial cells that are smooth and have an elastic and non-rigid surface. In addition to lining the heart, this layer also functions to collect, pump, and regulate blood contraction to the heart.
  • Pericardium, this part of the heart is the last part that wraps the heart organ. This pericardium becomes the outer part after the heart wall. Not only serves as a wrapper, the pericardium is also tasked to maintain the location of the heart in the body, maintain flexibility of heart movement, and provide lubrication and resist enlargement that occurs when the heart enters blood that is outside its normal limits.

After we know about all of the parts of the heart and its function, it is a good idea to know more about how heart function and work. This will allow us to know and appreciate how hard our heart work for us to make us live. Therefore, in the next point we will try to describe on how our heart work in the most detailed manner. With this in mind, here are some of the important information regarding how our heart works to keep us alive.

How heart works described in details

For you who does not know, Human heart is actually cavity that is moved by strong muscles. So in simple way the way our heart works is definitely a form of muscle movement that pumps blood throughout the body. A normal and healthy heart organ is supported by strong muscle tissue and works well in pumping blood. The heart that beats continuously in pumping blood will be able to drain more than 14,000 liters of blood per day. For adult human size, the heart is usually the size of a fist with four parts. Two porches and two booths on the right and left. The heart chamber is separated by a wall layer called the septum. Blood is pumped through the section. To ensure the flow of blood flow, the valve in the heart will work by opening and closing.

Signs that our heart have abnormalities

If there is an abnormality in one of the porches or chambers in the heart, then it is certain that someone will have difficulty to move normally. Usually people who experience abnormalities in the heart will experience some symptoms or signs that will disturb our activity as it will make our body feel uncomfortable. Some of the following signs that may happen to us if we have heart abnormality is as follows:

– Chest pain, this symptoms is the most common symptoms for an abnormality in our heart. It is because our heart is located inside our chest, therefore, it is common if someone have problem with their heart that they will feel pain around the chest, indicating that there are some abnormality in their heart which may lead to heart related diseases or even heart attack.

– Out of breath, human heart affects many parts of the body. One of them is the lung. Because human heart pumping oxygen to the lung, it means that people with some abnormality inside their heart may be experiencing out of breathe experience. This is possible especially if our heart have trouble pumping blood to the lungs. As human lungs need a large amount of energy to process oxygen on the first place which means more blood to be pumping. This can also become one of the heart attack symptoms which means that we need to be careful when this happen to us.

– Swelling in certain parts of the body, swelling can happen in some part of our body if we have trouble with our heart.

– Not able to do heavy activities like sports, just as we explained previously on the out of breath symptoms. This is happen because human organ needs a lot of blood and oxygen to be able to do activities. Therefore, if our heart cannot give them the necessary blood to do their work, we will not be able to do heavy activities with the most optimal feel.

– Heart rate that feels faster or skip, this is happen because if there are something happen with our heart, it means that the normal heart rate will be changed. Which means that our heart can skip faster or even lower than our normal Heart rate variability.

heart failure one of heart problems
One of heart problems, heart failure

– Fatigue and stress, most people who are having heart problem will be experiencing fatigue and stress than people with normal heart organ.

Some of these signs can definitely lead to a more serious heart problem and diseases. Therefore, it is a wise idea to do regular check up to Heart hospital in order to give us better hearth health in general. We all want to have better hearth health as it will give us better chance to survive in the future. In the next point, we will try to describe several ways that you can try in order to improve your hearth health in general.

Several ways to improve your hearth health in general

Many heart disease patients are late to be treated because the symptoms experienced are always underestimated. For example, such as shortness of breath, this one symptom often appears in several diseases experienced by humans. Therefore, it is very important for you to always pay attention to the symptoms experienced. There are many types of heart disease, such as congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure, to sudden heart attacks and can be experienced by anyone. So that you are not affected by heart disease that lurks all the time, you should change your lifestyle to be better. You can try to follow some Healthy heart tips and suggestions below:

  1. Exercise regularly and with dedication

Everyone certainly knows that exercise has great benefits for us. Likewise for the heart. Exercise can train your breathing. For people with heart disease, exercise is recommended to balance between a healthy diets. Of course, exercise is not necessary to be heavy. Quite simply, for example, like jogging, walking, or you can also try Pilates and yoga yourself at home.

Try to do some exercise from the simple one first. Do not force yourself to do heavy sports and exercise on the first place. Some simple exercise as long you do it in regular manner and with dedication everyday can improve your stamina, and also heart health, making you much healthier. Additionally, try to improve the Heart healthy activities day by day, doing this will not only achieving healthy heart, but also healthier body in general as well.

  1. Eat healthy and nutritious foods

It sounds cliché but everyone must learn to eat healthy. Healthy food means that this consists of green vegetables, fruits, and fish that contain omega-3. For people with heart disease, it would be great if you could go on a healthy diet. Not only from the type of food, but also includes processing. Avoid fried foods, you should use your food by boiling or steaming.

Combination of balanced Nutrition for heart health with vitamins, protein, carbohydrate and so on will keep your body healthy as well your hearth organs. Do not forget that you also need to consume the food in a well-organized manner. This way you will have optimal results.

  1. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats

Actually avoid saturated fat not only so you avoid heart disease. But it also works so that you avoid all kinds of diseases such as obesity and high cholesterol. Because obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, can cause complications to the heart. For example, diabetes, many of which eventually result in heart failure. This heart failure lurks anyone. Therefore a healthy diet is not only about food that is eaten but also about the good processing method.

  1. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Lastly, if you are smoker and drinker, then it is necessary to stop smoking and drink alcohol. This is a must for you to follow if you want to change your lifestyle to be healthier. Both of these can trigger disease in the organs in the body, which can become heart failure. Be careful in acting.

Then, can heart disease be cured? The answer might be yes and it might not. So far there have been no drugs specifically created to cure heart disease in a short time. In addition, there is also no way to cure heart disease in total. But treatment can still be given to people with heart disease. The method is through medical drugs according to a doctor’s prescription. Every heart disease patient certainly does not forget to take medication regularly if he does not want his condition to deteriorate.

In addition, there is usually an option in the form of operations. Usually this heart surgery is used to attach the bypass or repair the heart valve. Because generally the most frequent findings in heart surgery are like that. But there is also an option in the form of heart transplant surgery. This one option is actually very heavy and there is no guarantee that the patient will heal 100% immediately. The reason is to find a suitable heart donor. Because one of the few will actually be a boomerang from patients with heart disease. In addition, heart transplants also require a lot of money. If someone has registered to become a heart transplant surgery patient, it still takes a long time to find a donor.

The treatment given to patients with heart disease has been intended to help patients to be able to do their activity normally. In addition, the operation carried out also aims to increase the patient’s age. So from now on, change your lifestyle into a more Heart healthy lifestyle. In addition, those of you who have heart disease should also not forget to take medication regularly. Also check with your doctor every time you experience strange symptoms.

Get to know every part of your heart and how heart function to make it easier to prevent diseases lurking.