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18 Important HEART FACTS That Needs To Be Known

Heart Facts

The heart is one of the organs in living things. All living things must have a heart. Including humans. Without a heart, one cannot live. The task of the heart is quite crucial, namely to pump blood that carries oxygen throughout the body. This crucial heart function requires us as humans to maintain heart health. Because if the heart starts having problems, of course we will be harmed. The heart that stops beating means that there is no more life in humans. Maybe not many people know about the interesting facts of this vital organ. Here are some heart facts that you don’t know yet.

18 Interesting Facts about the Heart as one of the most Vital Human Organs

The heart as an organ of the human body has several facts that may not be known to many people. The following facts from the heart will help you treat your heart to stay healthy and work well. The following are facts from the heart that reinforce the statement of Heart matters.

  1. Heart size

Did you know that the heart size between men and women is different? For men, the heart has a weight of 10 ounces. While the woman’s heart weight is around 8 ounces. You can estimate the size of your heart by paying attention to the size of your fist. If you see everyone’s fist, of course it’s different. This is why the size of the heart for each person also varies.

  1. Duty the heart as a giant pump

    pumping route inside heart
    Pumping route inside heart (via didier-chantier.com)

The main task of the heart is pumping. It could be said that the heart is a giant pump organ. The heart will pump blood around 5 liters in one minute. This blood flows through the entire blood vessel system in just 20 seconds. For a day, the heart can pump about 2000 gallons of blood as far as 60,000 miles into a vein. It’s a great organ whose size is only the size of today’s fist!

  1. The average heart beat

If you put your hand on your left chest, you will immediately feel your heart beat. The average Heart rate variability as much as 60-100 times per minute. The heart of an adult will usually beat around 100,000 times every day and 3,600,000 for a year. This fact is based on a study from the American Heart Association. As for people, their heart rate is short (60 beats per minute), usually their heart beats about 86,000 times a day. When doing heavy activity, usually the heart will beat 200 times every minute. Even when listening to songs, the human heart rate can change according to the type of song being listened to. The sound of the heartbeat that you are listening to is made by four valves in the heart.

The fetal heartbeat is usually two times faster than an adult, which is around 150 beats per minute. A 12-week-old fetus will pump 60 liters of blood every day. The heart starts beating at the age of the fetus four weeks after conception and never stops again until it’s time for humans to die. There are still more interesting facts about the human heartbeat. It turns out that women have a faster heart rate than men. Women’s heart rate is around 178 times per minute. During life, humans can pump 1.5 million barrels of blood enough to fill 200 tank trains.

  1. Heartbeat when humans sleep

When humans are in a state of sleep, usually the organs will stop their work and also rest. But it’s different from the heart. If the heart does not beat it means there is a danger for us. At night, the heart will usually beat below 60 times per minute. In some cases, even some are only 40 times per minute. This can be caused by a weakened metabolism and a more active parasympathetic nervous system, which makes the heart’s performance slow down and makes you more relaxed.

  1. Symptoms of a heart attack in men and women

Heart attack is one type of heart disease that can affect anyone. But you need to know, that the symptoms of a heart attack experienced by men and women are usually different. Usually women will experience a slower heart attack. In general, women will feel more symptoms such as nausea, digestive disorders, pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen, and back pain. While the symptoms that appear in men are usually characterized by a lot of breathlessness.

how plagued blood happened
How plagued blood happened (via healthsaveblog.com)
  1. Activities that affect the condition of heart disease

Maybe you have not realized that the activities that we do every day are very influential on the organs in the body. Also included in the Heart healthy lifestyle. People who have low activity and rarely exercise, usually have twice the risk of developing heart disease compared to people who are more active. When you are more active, simple small movements can activate genes that make chemicals and proteins. Both of these can help process blood sugar and cholesterol to be more efficient so as to create a healthy arrangement in the blood vessel walls.

  1. The best medicine for the heart

Do you think the best medicine for the heart? The answer is laughing. When you are laughing, the lining of the blood vessels will feel more relaxed and in an expanding position. Laughter can send 20% more blood to flow throughout the body. A study shows that people who watch comedy films can increase blood flow. This is why laughter is called to relieve stress.

the effect of stress inside our body
The effect of stress inside our body
  1. The most frequent time for a heart attack

Did you know that Monday morning is the most common time for a heart attack? This has received confirmation directly from the medical world. Doctors say that the morning is the main time for a heart attack. This is because stress hormone levels called cortisol increase in the morning. When this happens, cholesterol plaques that have been built by arteries can break down and block the flow of blood to the heart. As a result, blood pressure rises and the heart rate increases. Why did it happen on Monday? Because on this day someone has to go back to work after the weekend.

  1. Sex to reduce the risk of heart attack

Regular sexual intercourse can reduce a man’s risk of dying from a heart attack. For men, having orgasms three or four times a week can provide effective protection against heart attacks or strokes. This fact was found based on one study in the UK. But it is still unclear whether this also applies to women. Indeed, sexual activity is the best stress reliever. During intercourse, humans exercise around 85 calories per session. If you have trouble having sex, this might be a warning that something is wrong with your heart. Some studies show that erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of the onset of a heart attack.

  1. The main target of heart disease

All living things in the world have a heart, including humans. Anyone can be at risk for heart disease, whether male or female. Heart disease is currently the biggest killer of humans. No matter your gender, this disease can appear at any time. Therefore, you must take care of your heart by applying a healthy lifestyle by not smoking, regular exercise, eating healthy foods, maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All of these things can minimize the chances of getting heart disease early.

  1. The heart can beat outside the body

Heart facts of this one may not be known by many people. The heart can beat outside the body. Wow, isn’t that great? This might happen because the heart has its own electrical movements. As long as the heart has enough energy and oxygen, then the heart still beats.

  1. Blood type and heart disease

Maybe not everyone will understand about this one thing. Apparently there is a connection between blood type and heart disease. Research shows that certain blood types have a risk of heart disease. For example for people with AB blood type, the risk for heart disease is higher. Followed by blood type B which has a higher second risk, and finally is group A. For people with blood type O the risk for heart disease is lower, but that does not mean that they cannot experience heart disease.

blood type and heart disease relation
Blood type and heart disease relation (via healthtestingcenters.com)
  1. Caring for animals can reduce the risk of heart disease

The American Heart Association explains that raising animals can help reduce the risk of heart disease. This is also mentioned in several studies that say that raising your cat can reduce the risk of having a heart attack by more than 33 percent. But dogs turn out to be the best animals that should be maintained. Because dogs tend to be more active in moving. For someone who cares for dogs, surely they inevitably will take the dog to walk and play.

  1. Type of body shape of a person

Heart facts which then relate to one’s body shape. During this time the assumption that the apple body shape or for people who have excess fat in the middle is considered to have a higher risk of experiencing heart disease. Even though research shows that of 220,000 people, body shape does not have a significant effect on heart conditions. As long as you are still diligent in moving and doing activities, the heart will also remain active in pumping blood throughout the body.

  1. The impact of heartbreak and falling in love with the heart

Often we hear the term broken hearted. It sounds really clich├ęd. But this heartbreak also has something to do with the heart. People who experience sad conditions because they are left behind by someone who is loved or has a broken relationship, can trigger symptoms similar to a heart attack. It’s different if someone is in love. An experiment has proven that when a couple who is in love looks at each other’s eyes for three minutes, then their heartbeat will synchronize.

  1. The negative impact of donuts and eggs

Donuts and eggs contain trans-fat which has a bad impact on the heart. But donuts are more dangerous because they contain high sugar. This high sugar content can be bad for the heart. Egg yolks themselves contain cholesterol. But some studies about Heart healthy eating even show that eating eggs is not related to heart disease at all.

  1. Physical activity and foods that should be consumed for the heart

It’s no secret that if you want to maintain heart health, you have to do physical activity often. No need to do heavy exercise, you can start physical activities that are as simple as brisk walking. All aerobic activity is healthy for the heart, but according to some studies, it turns out walking is more effective in reducing the risk of heart disease. Besides doing physical activity, you are also obliged to eat Heart healthy foods that contain omega-3. This high food content can have a positive impact on the heart. Food sources that can be recommended such as salmon and beans. Even so, according to experts, deep-sea fish are more recommended because they contain DHA and EPA.

omega 3 can unblock plagued blood stream
Omega-3 can unblock plagued blood stream
  1. Energy produced by the heart

There is an interesting fact about the heart. It turns out that our heart can produce enough energy to drive a 32km long truck. If it’s totalled for a lifetime, then that means driving to the moon and back again.

Those are some heart facts and Healthy heart tips that are quite interesting for us to know. Of the several facts about the heart, of course we can find out how important this vital organ is. We also know that the heart is an extraordinary organ. The heart starts working since humans are still in the form of fetuses until they are born into the world, grow up, and eventually die. The heartbeat can change depending on the moment that is being felt by someone, for example when they are in love or broken hearted. When compared with other organs, things like this will never happen. The heart becomes a special organ with the facts attached to it.

Therefore, we as humans must maintain the privilege of this heart. How to keep your heart from beating healthy? Actually the answer is already in some facts about the heart. First, of course, with diligent physical activity. No need for strenuous exercise. Walking when going to the stall or just going up the stairs compared to the elevator is also better. Next, don’t forget to eat healthy foods, such as Heart healthy vegetables and especially those containing omega-3. This one can be found in fish. It’s best to stay away from foods that contain trans-fat because it can cause increased cholesterol and affect your health condition.

Of course to keep the heart healthy not only you need to keep up with Heart healthy diet, you must not forget to quit bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. These two unhealthy lifestyles can reduce the risk of heart disease. At the same time the risk of other dangerous diseases for our organs. Know that everything you do for this heart will bear fruit someday. Because the heart requires effort from humans to maintain health. Don’t forget to always take care of your mental health. Like the heart facts mentioned above that stress can also cause a heart attack. Then you should occasionally not forget to refresh and unwind from the daily activities.