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Different Kinds Of HEART ENZYMES Its Definition And Function

Heart Enzymes

Human have many interesting and complex organ we need to be aware of. One of the most important is of course human heart. As one of the complex body organ, this organ can be considered one of the most vital. Without a proper heart then a person life can be ended in an instant and this is a Heart facts. Inside our heart there are several interesting substances that have its own purpose and function. One of the most common and also important is heart enzymes. Many people usually does not know the existence of this substances. However, for your information, it can be considered pretty important, and it is a wise idea for you to know more about this substances.

Heart enzymes or usually also known as enzymes in the heart consist of various types. Basically, enzymes are complex protein molecules and function as catalysts. Catalyst is a substance that functions to speed up the process of a reaction. Enzymes are not substances that react, but their function accelerates reactions. The structure does not change from before the reaction and after the reaction. So the presence of enzymes in the reaction process will not change the balance.

As an important thing to note, it is important to know that enzymes is a substances that exist in almost all organs of our body. Even in every organ of our body. This means that in every organ and also body there are enzymes that inside them. Additionally, the enzymes itself don’t only consist of one type only, there are actually different kinds of enzymes inside human body. This rule is also a no exception to the heart, there are various types of enzymes in our heart. Basically judging from its performance, there are 2 types of enzymes inside our heart, namely known as:

  1. Functional Enzymes

Functional enzymes are a types of extracellular enzymes that are intentionally secreted in the bloodstream and work when needed. This enzyme consists of several types such as thrombokinase enzyme and fibrinolysis enzyme. Other than this type of enzymes there are other types which is the Non-functional ones

  1. Non-Functional Enzymes

Nonfunctional enzymes are enzymes that do not work in plasma but are present in that place. It is need to be noted that Nonfunctional enzymes are divided into two, namely extracellular enzymes and intracellular enzymes.

In our heart organ itself, there are several types of enzymes that are commonly known which has its own uses and also function. Some cardiac enzymes or cardiovascular enzymes that are quite important to know include:

Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (GOT)

Another name for this enzymes is Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT). This is an enzyme that is unique and are found inside the heart and liver muscles, but the concentration of the presence of this enzyme is in the area of the skeletal muscles, kidneys, and pancreas. SGOT is actually a liver enzyme. This enzyme has the potential to increase when there is damage to liver cells. Even so, the increase in the SGOT enzyme is not always directly proportional to liver cell damage because this enzyme is actually present in several other organs.

SGOT (Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase) levels in our body are normally in the range of 5 to 40 units per liter of serum (the liquid part of the blood). However, just like any other level, there are several possibilities that make SGOT go up, and some of them known as:

  1. Liver damage, this situation is pretty common to happen and the increase will usually pretty high as the enzymes are located in the liver muscle which will clearly affect the enzymes directly if there are damage in the liver.
  2. Chemical poisoning (due to excessive alcohol consumption), Alcohol is quite bad for our body in general, and the truth can be seen as the increase of SGOT level if we take too much alcohol into our body.

    coronary arteries of the heart
    Coronary heart disease is also caused by chemical poisoning
  3. Eat large portions of food and not get used to breakfast is one of the cause of SGOT level to be increasing, This is a very bad habit that will also increase the level of our SGOT quite fast, which means it is a wise idea to lower our food consumption and get used in having breakfast before we go in doing our daily activity as usual.
  4. Long-term consumption of drugs, some drugs, especially the forbidden one can really cause SGOT level increase to certain degree which can also pretty dangerous for our health in general.
  5. Consumption of food with too much cooking oil, and
  6. Consumption of foods that are too ripe, too burnt, or too raw.

Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase (GPT)

An enzyme that has another name alanine amino transferase is an enzyme that exists in most mammalian body tissues, especially in the area of the heart muscle, liver tissue, and is also known to exist in blood serum. This GPT serum is more sensitive in examinations aimed at knowing damage to the liver.

SGOT and SGPT are actually two types of enzymes that are close together. Excess of both numbers in the body is an indication of damage to the liver. The possibility of other diseases characterized by an increase in SGOT and SGPT levels are:

Hepatitis, ranging from Hepatitis A, B, and C. This disease causes inflammation of the liver which then swells, damages, and kills liver cells.

The accumulation of fatty liver in which liver cells are damaged is then replaced with fat cells.

Bile obstruction, which will drown the liver cells.

Creatine Phosphokinase (CK or also known as CPK)

This enzyme is an enzyme that is commonly found in our organs, especially in the muscle area (not least the heart muscle, namely CK-MB). This enzyme is an enzyme that is measured to determine cell damage in muscles. For example when there is a heart attack, CPK levels can increase within 4 to 8 hours and peak when within 18 hours. CKMB as isoenzymes of CPK, will increase within 3 to 6 hours after a heart attack with a peak time of 12 to 24 hours. The possibility of making CKMB levels significantly higher than heart attacks is due to the presence of myocarditis, heart failure, and heart muscle trauma.

CPK and CKMB have normal levels that you should know. In women, normal CPK levels are in the range of 40 to 150 micro per liter of serum, whereas in men the range is 38 to 175 micro per liter of serum. For CKMB levels, normal levels are less than 3% of one’s CPK.

Troponin T (TnC, TnI, and TnT)

This is a protein molecule that can be found in the area of skeletal muscle and heart. Troponin is known as a complex enzyme consisting of 3 subunits, namely Troponin I or TnI, Troponin C or TnC, and Troponin T or TnT. Troponin is not detected in the blood of healthy people. New troponin is seen in people with damage or muscle cell death. This enzyme is most often used to measure Heart conditions especially the death of heart muscle cells. Increased levels of troponin can occur for several reasons, such as:

  • Heart cell damage
  • Inflammation of heart muscle cells
  • Inflammation of pericarditis
  • Antung muscle trauma
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Heart rhythm disturbances
  • Aortic dissection

    stem cell injection
    Stem cell injection is known as one of the ways to fix heart cell damage

Risks When Enzymes Increase

As explained earlier, an increase in enzymes is an indication of damage or leakage to the organ, especially the liver. This increase is caused by several things, such as damage to the liver or consumption of certain drugs in the long term and it turns out that it affects the performance of the liver.

The risk of this enzyme increase is not far from indications of a number of diseases. For heart-related diseases, an increase in these enzymes can have an effect on the appearance of a heart attack – which in addition to being a cause can also be a result. The increase in this enzyme can affect the appearance of various other diseases that attack the liver. Consult a doctor for treatment right when you know the results of this enzyme examination are increasing.

Examination of Heart Enzymes that we need to know

Examination of the heart enzymes and their functions are carried out in different ways. For SGOT and SGPT enzymes, examination is usually carried out by photometric or spectrophotometric methods. The results of this test can show damage if the amount of enzyme proved to be greater than normal levels. Some conditions that can support this enzyme increase include:

  1. Increased SGOT or SGPT to more than 20 times normal. Cause or indication: acute hepatitis, liver necrosis.
  2. An increase of 3 to 10 times the normal level, cause or indication: mononuclear infection, chronic (active) hepatitis, Reye syndrome, myocardial infarction.
  3. An increase of 1 to 3 times normal is an indication of pancreatitis, fatty liver, and siroris.

Examination of CK or CPK is carried out with special tests that require a person’s blood sample to be studied. Conditions that are believed to be indicative of an increase in CK or CPK levels in the body include:

  1. An increase of 5 times or more from normal levels: cardiac infarction, polymyositis, muscular Duchene dystropia.
  2. An increase of 2 to 4 times the normal level: trauma, overwork, due to surgery, alcoholic myopathy, myocardial infarction.

With hypitiriodism: acute psychosis

Examination of Troponin T is done by testing called Troponin Test. As the name implies, this test serves to diagnose heart attacks, detect and evaluate the presence of myocardial injury, and distinguish chest pain that may be caused by a heart attack or other cause.

How to Keep Heart Enzymes Normal

How to keep Heart enzymes or cardiovascular enzymes normal? This depends on the enzyme intended. Ways to maintain and care for the heart remain healthy and ensure Heart healthy lifestyle that heart enzymes in normal circumstances will be discussed as part of the following cardiovascular enzymes.

How to maintain our SGOT and GPT (SGPT)

To keep this enzyme level normal, we recommend consuming ginger and some Heart healthy vegetables. This kitchen ingredient contains starch, curcuminoid fraction, and 3% essential oil of essential oils. The content which plays a big role in normalizing SGOT and SGPT enzymes is the starch fraction, this content is believed to be a natural detox for the liver.

How to maintain our CK or CPK

Some Healthy heart tips you can do to keep CPK levels normal are exercising without having to do strenuous exercise, keeping muscle mass to not be too high, and minimizing the use of drugs that can boost CK or CPK levels in the body such as wine, amphotericin and ampicillin .

How to maintain our Troponin T

This enzyme is present when there are physical problems in organs such as the heart and skeleton. So precautions to keep this enzyme are at a normal level (zero percent), we must pattern healthy life and try to avoid foods and drinks high in oil and fat. Maintaining heart health with enough Heart healthy activities and exercise is also a suggestion in minimizing the presence of troponin enzymes in the body.

Causes of Heart Enzyme Increases and How to Overcome It

Maintaining a healthy heart should be a lifestyle for every human being, because a healthy heart is something that is invaluable and very valuable. Most people only emphasize the beauty and physical perfection of the outside without paying attention to something more important such as heart health. A healthy heart becomes a level and social status that everyone should pay attention to.

Because if you think carefully about the health of the heart it cannot be bought with anything in the world. In this article I will give you a little information about what is a heart enzyme, the cause of heart enzymes increases, the danger of heart enzymes if they increase suddenly, and also how to deal with them.

Heart enzymes are molecular compounds that are sometimes needed by the heart to accelerate a reaction that exists in the human body. But increasing this reaction if it happens suddenly will be very dangerous. Increased enzymes in the human body will suddenly have a very fatal impact on the health of the human body, especially the heart.

Causes of Heart Enzyme Increases

The cause of increased heart enzymes usually comes from the content of the food we eat, but there are also causes of heart-damaging habits, such as:

  1. Consuming Medicines

Most people often consume different diseases at the same time. Worse yet, consuming these drugs often happens over a long period of time, of course this is a very careless action and is very dangerous because it can increase the enzymes in the heart. This can also cause death.

Consuming different medicines at the same time often makes the function of the heart and heart of the human being to react faster than usual, which will cause adverse effects on the health of the body, especially the human heart. If you have two or more illnesses at the same time as having a cough and flu, you should not immediately consume two different types of drugs at a time, because this will cause a compilation of your heart and heart function.

  1. Frequent Consumption of Alcohol

Undeniably, consuming alcohol can certainly cause excessive reaction to the body. The fact is that people who often consume alcohol will hallucinate or fantasize more often than people who do not consume alcohol. This proves that consuming alcohol causes the enzyme compounds in your heart to increase dramatically. Of course you must pay attention to this matter carefully, because it can cause undesirable things if you don’t care about it. Because of the bad things that can happen to your body, you better stay away from alcohol consumption in everyday life.

  1. Using Drugs

Drugs do have more negative effects than positive effects on humans. Basically drugs are used to make people who are in a state of wanting to perform surgery or amputate parts of the body to feel comfortable and not feel pain, it was done in ancient times during the Second World War.

But with the times, drugs were no longer used in the surgical process but instead turned to drugs. This is certainly proven to increase enzymes in the body of people who use drugs, the fact is that most people who consume heart-leaking drugs due to enzymes in their bodies often increase suddenly.

  1. Too Imposing Yourself in Work

Almost all the processes and efforts to prevent various heart diseases prohibit over-imposing themselves in doing work. Because doing work with a high level of fatigue and fatigue and draining the mind, eventually resulting in stress that can increase enzyme substances in the human body as much as 2 to 4 times from substances that are enzymes needed directly by the heart. Trying to do everything you need to do, but if you push yourself too hard to do your work, it will make your heart experience an increase in enzymes that will make you regret it later, it’s good for you to do the job as hard and not force yourself.

The Dangers of Heart Enzyme Increases

The things that I mentioned above are the main causes why your heart has a significant increase in enzyme substances, of course this is very unfortunate because it can cause various diseases such as:

– Leaks on the heart wall.

– Damage to various nerves in the body, especially nerves that are directly related to the heart.

– Risk symptoms of hepatitis.

– Diabetes is getting worse when you experience it.

– And also diseases caused by the heart, such as cardiac arrhythmias, coronary heart disease and other heart diseases.

The disease that we mentioned above is a complication of a very dangerous disease if you do not immediately handle it. The handling must be appropriate and without any errors, because it will be fatal if you do not handle it properly and quickly. In some case, if the diseases are not treated carefully, it can evolve into a much more complicated disease which can lead to the victim life. This is why, we need to be careful and check our condition as regular as possible, if there are some symptoms that will lead to some of the disease that related with the level of heart enzymes that are previously mentioned.

How to Overcome Increased Heart Enzymes

Here are some ways to overcome the enzyme substance in the heart back to normal:

  1. Consuming ginger: Consuming ginger is very good for heart health, especially to reduce enzymes in the body that have already gone up.
  2. Do light exercise: Do light exercise such as swimming, walking, cycling, gymnastics and others proven to reduce levels of Creatine Phosphokinase or CK in the human heart
  3. Consumption of water: Consuming water or mineral water regularly every day, at least 3 liters per day can reduce enzyme levels in the human body, so that it can make your heart healthier than before.

    ginger benefits
    Ginger benefits for our health

Maintaining heart enzymes to stay normal is very necessary, because excessive enzyme substances in the human body can cause various diseases such as heart disease, damage to important nerves in the human body, and other diseases caused by the heart. You must immediately treat and pay attention to your heart and Nutrition for heart health carefully to avoid various diseases that damage your body parts.

In the end, it is up to us, to make sure that our heart enzymes is at regular level. We can do this as long we take care of our habit first. Start doing healthy habit and make sure that our body at optimal condition by doing regular exercise, do Heart healthy eating, drinking beverages that are beneficial for our health and also keep our stress level low by doing something that makes us happy. It is very important to do these simple things, as in this modern day, the diseases that we need to deal with can be pretty dangerous and it will hurt us in an unimaginable way. Therefore, start our Heart healthy habits now for better future.