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Knowing About HEART CANCER In A More Detailed Manner

Heart Cancer

As one of the most important organs, there are various kinds of diseases that are prone to attack the heart. One of them is heart cancer. Maybe not many people know that the heart can also get cancer. Although rarely found, heart cancer is actually very deadly. Heart cancer itself is known as a primary heart tumor, which is cancer that develops in the heart as the center of the body. Heart cancer is a very rare case. The average incidence of heart cancer was only found in one case in one year. Until now not many know the exact cause of heart cancer. But like most types of cancer, heart cancer begins with changes in cells that experience abnormal division. In the case of heart cancer, these abnormal cells occur in heart cells.

heart tumor
Heart tumor

Cancer is very rare in the heart. But its fatal nature makes people must always be aware of the possibility of cancer in their heart. Heart cancer that does not show clear symptoms at first. As a result, treatment is often too late to give. Cancer cells can grow anywhere in the heart, one of them in the chambers of the heart or muscles in the heart. Generally heart cancer often occurs at the age of adults 20-40 years. So that you are always alert, the following are signs and symptoms of heart cancer.

By knowing some of these signs we can get medical attention as fast as possible which is a good way to make sure that we have higher chance of surviving heart cancer. Of course, even if we got some of these signs and symptoms there are several chance that it does not affecting our heart at all and we are safe from the heart cancer. However, it is also a moderate chance that these symptoms can prove to be true which means we can treat it much faster. Therefore, without further ado, here are some of the signs and also symptoms that can lead to heart cancer condition.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Cancer

Like cancer in general, then heart cancer also has signs and symptoms that must be watched out if it has begun to be felt. But it is rather difficult to know this Heart disease at the beginning. Because heart cancer does not cause any symptoms. But if it has reached an advanced stage, the symptoms that are felt are usually similar to the symptoms of heart failure. People also often mistaken for heart cancer as heart failure. Symptoms shown include:

  • Chest pain, this symptoms can be considered as one of most common symptoms in any heart related diseases or heart diseases. People with chest pain that often happen in regular manner definitely needs to check their body in a Heart Hospitals to know what the cause of the chest pain are. It is important to know about the cause in order to cure it.
  • Irregular heartbeat, another symptoms that are quite relevant and also common for heart disease. As heart cancer is considered to be one of the heart related diseases then it is a common symptoms for people who are afflicted with heart cancer.
  • Hard to breathe, because heart organ is located near the lungs, if there are interference with how the heart organs work properly then it can also affect our lungs which sometimes cause hard to breathe condition.
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles, heart related diseases such as heart cancer makes the blood flow to be not normal. Therefore, explain the swelling in the ankles and legs
  • Excessive anxiety and fatigue, heart related diseases will also cause psychological condition. Such as anxiety and also excessive fatigue as it is one of the most common condition that happen if we are being afflicted with heart cancer or heart diseases.
  • A build-up of fluid in the lungs, heart cancer will also cause a fluid build ups in the lungs as it also affecting the nearest organ to our heart.

Additionally, the symptoms above are also followed by the appearance of small tumors. These small tumors will later experience a solution. The fragments of the tumor then form into clots and block the flow of blood vessels (embolism). If this clot moves towards the heart and clogs the arteries near the heart, it will cause pain in the chest, which also explains the cause of many chest pains for people who are afflicted with this kinds of diseases.

what really happened when you got heart cancer
What really happened when you got heart cancer

Until now experts still do not know the real cause of heart cancer. Still no one knows whether lifestyle, unhealthy eating patterns, and bad habits such as smoking can increase risk. Symptoms of heart cancer itself actually also vary depending on the location of the cancer. In cancer that develops in both right heart chambers (chambers and porches), there will be a disruption of blood flow that enters the body of the entire body. As a result, patients will experience symptoms of right heart failure such as swelling of the feet, soles of the feet, and ankles. If cancer cells form inside the heart muscle, the ability of the heart pump will usually be affected. The patient will also experience symptoms of a Heart Attack such as chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling very tired, and pounding.

Other symptoms of heart cancer are non-specific, such as fever, weight loss, and night sweats. But because patients are usually still at a fairly young age, their bodies usually can still compensate for work failure in the heart. Symptoms that are felt are not too clear and usually sufferers just feel easily tired. If the symptoms have lasted long enough or are getting heavier, then usually the various symptoms mentioned above will begin to appear. At this time the patient will only see a doctor. Unfortunately when the symptoms are clear enough, the cancer is usually large enough. Heart cancer can also cause greater damage so the treatment given will feel too late.

Causes of Heart Cancer

Heart cancer can actually develop in any part of the heart (primary). Although it looks rare, most types of cancer in the heart come from other parts of the body (secondary), before finally attacking the heart. For example, initially patients only experience lung cancer which begins with abnormal cell development in the lungs. Then spread to the heart or the layer around the heart (pericardial sac). Other cancers that can also affect the heart include breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer. Leukemia, lymphoma, and melanoma. The types of cancer can affect the heart because cancer cells from diseased organs come along together through blood vessels and spread to the heart organs.

sarcoma in heart
Sarcoma in heart

Usually the primary tumor in the heart is benign. For example, like sarcoma or a type of cancer that originates in the soft tissues of the body. While heart tumors that develop into cancer are only around 25%. In the case of adults, malignant heart cancer and usually occurs is angiosarcoma. This cancer develops in the right upper chamber of the heart (atrium) and comes from a blood vessel. Angiosarcoma usually occurs when a clot of cancer cells gets into the atrium of the heart and spreads to organs adjacent to the heart.

How to treat heart cancer

There is a series of processes that you must go through before the doctor issues a diagnosis of a tumor in the heart. You will be asked to undergo a number of tests, namely:

  • MRI, a scanner that uses magnetic fields and radio wave energy to display images of organ structures in the body
  • Echocardiogram, a procedure that utilizes high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to see heart function and heart structure
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) test that records electrical activity in the heart

The treatment of heart cancer itself is carried out like cancer in general. Patients who have heart cancer will go through chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy. The main focus in treatment is how cancer can be cured permanently or at least can reduce the symptoms that are felt. But these ways to eliminate cancer in the heart can actually have an impact on heart performance. Generally, heart damage caused can still be repaired and cured. But in some cases, heart damage caused by this cancer treatment process is permanent and cannot be cured.

Easy Ways to Detect Cancer in Your Heart

There are indeed two types of tumors, between malignant or benign. Malignant tumors can carry cancer. For cancer of the heart itself can be primary and secondary. Primary heart cancer means that it comes from the heart itself. Whereas for secondary heart cancer triggered by cancer that starts in other parts of the body. Usually heart cancer begins in the left atrium of the heart, this part is the part that receives oxygen from the lungs. If you are worried about the possibility of developing heart cancer, then there are some symptoms to watch out for. In addition, you also need to be able to detect heart cancer early. The following is the way.

  1. Get to know the symptoms of heart cancer

Not everyone knows the symptoms of heart cancer. Because basically the symptoms of heart cancer are similar to the symptoms of heart failure in general. Therefore if you have already begun to feel the symptoms of this illness, you should talk to your doctor to undergo several tests. Usually when experiencing heart cancer, the patient will feel chest pain.

Tumors that grow can indeed cause water to accumulate in the area, especially if the tumor is in pericardia (the membrane located around the heart). This accumulation of water can affect how efficiently the heart pumps blood which can cause pain. In worst situation, if this is not treated immediately, then the victim can die due to this tumors.

Pain generally will appear in the middle of the chest, but can also be experienced in other parts of the body. If you experience strong pain in the chest, then immediately go to the doctor to check the cause of the pain. Because chest pain has never been a good thing. Some chest pain usually lead to heart related disease, and it is a wise move to treat it immediately before it becomes even worst.

  1. Recognize the feeling of shortness of breath

If you begin to feel shortness of breath, be careful because this is also a symptom of heart cancer. This can limit the amount of oxygen that can be carried by the body. Shortness of breath can also be a marker that you experience physical fatigue and need rest.

Some people often neglect this issue and keep doing their activity. This is not recommended as it will make your body to be in worst condition. Shortness of breath means that your body need some rest which means that you need to do that. If you keep experiencing this however, you need to check up your condition to the hospital or experts.

irregular heart beat
Irregular heart beat
  1. Be cautious with a heartbeat that is not in rhythm

If you feel the heart beating not in rhythm, or it may beat faster, it could be a sign of cancer. If you experience these symptoms frequently, contact your doctor immediately. Although not a symptom of heart cancer, but a heartbeat that is not rhythmic is a disorder that must be watched out for.

Heart rate zones have its normal rate. Therefore, if you think that your heart are irregular and uncommon then it is a good and wise idea to go to the heart hospitals immediately to have thorough check up. Even if in the end it is not a symptoms of heart cancer, it is a good idea to prepare for the worst before it even happens.

  1. Be Cautious if you often faint

If you have never fainted before, then you often experience fainting, then you should be careful too. This fainting could be caused by cancer. It can be caused by some cancers that block blood circulation. When you stand up, your body realizes that you don’t have enough oxygen to cause you to faint.

  1. Look for symptoms and signs related to cancer

If you experience symptoms of embolization, you need to be aware of the possibility of cancer. Embolization is a part of the tumor that escapes from the rest of the tumor and spreads to the brain, limbs, liver, or kidneys which causes different symptoms. Symptoms of embolization include:

  • Limb weakness or spasticity
  • Inability to feel a sensation like vibration
  • Pain in the legs
  • Challenges or inability to walk
  • Pain in the heart or kidneys

In addition to experiencing symptoms of embolization, try to examine first whether you experience common symptoms related to cancer. The following symptoms are not always specific to cancer. But it becomes a marker of health conditions related to the heart. These symptoms include:

  • Extreme weight loss and inexplicable
  • Fever
  • The fingers and toes feel cold and sore
  • Anemia
  • Sweating at night

The easiest way to detect heart cancer is to see the symptoms experienced. If you feel experiencing these symptoms, then you should immediately see a doctor before it’s too late.

How to Prevent Heart Cancer Easily

Having read some of the symptoms it is now the time to know how to prevent heart cancer. Just like any other disease, this disease is actually preventable with the right lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to life healthy and prevent this disease on the first place then some of these tips can really help you to achieve that. Of course before we try to explain some of the ways to prevent heart cancer there are some fact that you need to know one is, there is no research that says that heart cancer comes from unhealthy living habits, eating patterns, and so on. As we know that heart disease usually comes from these things. Therefore for the prevention of heart disease usually begins with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoiding things that are not healthy like smoking which can affect the heart condition. Even so, it doesn’t hurt for you to start a healthy life to avoid any kind of illness that might occur in the heart.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Heart healthy activities such as Regular exercise can help improve heart fitness. Exercise can also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure to maintain a healthy body weight. You don’t need to exercise too often. At least provide 30 minutes a day for you to exercise. There is no limit to the type of exercise that can be done, it can be walking, jogging, riding a bicycle, swimming, and so on. You can also do light movements such as moving your feet and hands while in the office, or choosing to go upstairs using ladder instead of taking an elevator.

Some exercise can even be done easily as long you have the time to do it. Having exercise regularly make your body much healthy and also give you better resistance to many diseases. Heart cancer itself is a disease that may happen to people who are having low rate of exercise and also have bad lifestyle and diet. Which is why having a regular exercise can help to prevent this heart disease. Additionally, exercise will also make you stronger and also have healthy body.

  1. Limiting cholesterol intake

The most ideal way to maintain blood pressure is to control the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol within reasonable limits. It’s no secret that bad cholesterol levels that are too high can cause heart problems. If you have a heart attack, change your lifestyle immediately and target LDL (bad cholesterol) to 70 mg / dL or below. The method can be by limiting foods that can increase cholesterol in the blood, such as fatty meat, sausages and burger meat, butter, cream, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and so on. The point is to limit the consumption of salt, fat, and sugar that you eat. Start eating fibrous foods or Heart healthy foods and lots of fish.

bad and good cholesterol
Keep your body free from bad cholesterol

One of the most important thing that we need to do, is that we can do better than just limiting the cholesterol intake. We can cut the cholesterol intake by stop eating junk food and start to cook for ourselves. Not only it is much cheaper, cooking for ourselves let us plan and decide what kinds of nutrition that we will take, additionally, it will also give us a range of nutrition and vitamins that suitable with our needs. This will give us better Nutrition for heart health intake to its fullest. Of course, it is a good idea to prepare some menu and also Heart healthy recipes so we can cook delicious and healthy meal by ourselves.

  1. Increase eating fruits and vegetables

Heart healthy diet food that are high in fiber can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, you can also manage a healthy weight through fibrous foods. You can get this fiber from vegetables, fruits, wheat, and nuts. Fruits such as avocados, apples, pears, and bananas are included in the fruit group which is high in fiber. While broccoli, carrots and spinach are included in vegetables that are high in fiber. Wheat utu, kidney beans, soybeans, and also brown rice are included in fiber-rich food. You may eat meat or seafood, but you should choose lean meat as a source of animal protein.

Some of the ways above can at least help you to avoid heart disease in general. To avoid heart cancer, you must recognize the initial symptoms first. If indeed you have already begun to feel the symptoms of heart cancer, it’s good for you to go to the doctor first. If it has been detected from the start, then treatment for heart cancer can be done immediately and it will not be too late. Always remember to maintain the condition of your body. In a healthy body, of course there is a strong soul. If you have started to experience symptoms of pain, contact your doctor immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late and start doing Heart healthy lifestyle right now.