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Unique HEALTHY HEART TIPS And Test That Can Help You To Understand Your Heart Better

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Human heart is one of the organs of the human body that has the most important role. This muscle-shaped heart is responsible for pumping oxygen throughout the human body. Heart work will greatly affect one’s daily life. So if there is something wrong with the heart, someone should immediately check to avoid the unwanted, which is why it is important to know several healthy heart tips that can help our heart to have better condition. The reason that we need these tips is because during this time, heart disease became one of the scourges for the community. Many people have become victims of heart disease. Not only to people who are elderly, but young children can even be affected by heart disease. Diseases that lurk this most important organs of humanity can indeed attack anytime, anywhere, and anyone.

For that very important for someone in maintaining heart health against heart disease. Maintaining organs of this one can be started from the simplest things first such as changing the pattern of life to be healthier by eating vegetables and diligent exercise. A healthy heart does need exercise as well as other body parts. In order for the heart does not have problems in pumping blood, the heart must also be trained. Can be started from small sports such as road or jog. But for that will be more discussed further in this article. You can actually find out for yourself whether the heart is healthy or not.

Several tips to comprehend our heart and know if there is something wrong with it

  1. Checking the finger of our foot

How to know the heart healthy or cannot be done in various ways. But there is the easiest way and you can do yourself at home by touching the toes. If the body is still flexible and can reach the toes, it can be concluded that the heart means still healthy. Test touched the toe is certainly not arbitrary. This form of test has even entered the journal Heart and Circulatory Physiology. The journal states that a person can know his heart is still healthy or not through the way that earlier. This way you can do anytime. While at home, workplace, college, even while on vacation.

blood pressure blood flow
Stiff blood vessel is known as early symptom of heart attack

This flexibility test has also been tried in several researchers in the world. Some researchers from Japan and a university in Texas recruited about 526 participants between the ages of 20 to 83 years. The recruited participants then took the body’s flexibility test while measured blood pressure, artery, and heart activity. The study then showed a correlation between inflexible bodies with inflexible arteries. Most of these results were found in participants over the age of 40 years. Participants who failed the body’s flexibility test turned out to have stiff blood vessels. This means that their heart’s ability is less good and has a higher risk of heart disease.

The theory between the relationship of back and leg muscles with muscles near the heart is still vague. But the existence of this one study is quite helpful. The rigidity of the back muscles, legs, and associated heart vessels is due to the same collagen composition. If you can still touch your toes in a straight sitting state, then your heart is still pretty good. But if not, then maybe it’s good if you check yourself. But that does not mean it’s a sign of heart disease or heart attack. It could be the heart just in a state of unhealthy course.

Less healthy heart can be known through the manual test earlier. But to find out the existence of heart disease would need to be held a more comprehensive medical tests. Most people who die of heart disease never do a health check. So it is difficult to know the signs. Because sometimes this disease just comes without warning. Therefore maintaining health should always be done. In addition to doing small tests either manually at home or through medical personnel also needs to be done. This is a precautionary step so we can know whether in the heart there is a hidden disease that must be overcome.

  1. Checking our body condition in general

In addition to the above test, you can also perform manual tests by looking at the conditions on the body. For example, like looking at the circumstances on the tongue. Do not be surprised, because during this tongue became one of the indicators to check the heart health. To check the heart health manually, what needs to be done is to look at the condition of the tongue. If the tongue is reddish, then you are still in good health. But if the tongue is not in a reddish color, for example a little purple, then it could be your heart in an unhealthy condition and need to be prevented.

Checking the feet and hands can also be done. Legs become an indicator in manually checking heart health. People who have a healthy heart is usually the legs will be covered with fine hairs on the thumb and shell. If there is no hair on the part, you need to worry and be more careful. While on hand, to know the heart health in the palm of the hand actually bother easy. In cold conditions, people with healthy heart conditions will usually have reddish palms. But if the heart condition is not good, then this palm will be purplish color which can also become a clue for heart attack symptoms.

Knowing some of these tips can really help us in comprehend our heart condition better. People who know when their heart are in good condition or in bad condition can act faster in order to maintain their heart. Doing some of these tips can also give us advantages over heart related diseases and give us better knowledge on what to do about our heart condition. Overall, some of these tips are a very important test that we as a common people who have no medical expertise needs to know. Knowing these test can really help us to avoid any heart related diseases or gives us the knowledge to treat our heart as soon as possible when we detect that there are some problem with our heart.

Of course, other than these tests. There are other things that we can do in order to alleviate our heart related diseases. Therefore, in the next point we will try to discuss on the more medical ways to help us in heart problem. The next point will be talking about the use of common medicine that can really give many kinds of benefits to people with heart related diseases. Without further ado, here are some of the information about the medical prescription that usually used to treat heart problem that most common folks are unaware of, the use of Aspirin to overcome heart disease.

Aspirin as a remedial medication to improve our heart condition

As we already explained previously, it is quite impossible to overcome heart disease without the need of drugs, which means you cannot always rely on the test manually. But also needed direct assistance from medical personnel. Heart disease does not have a drug that can heal directly. But at least there are drugs that can be drunk to overcome them. Usually heart disease patients will take aspirin. This one drug is practically old enough. In ancient times, aspirin was often used by the Egyptians to dampen pain. But as the times progressed, aspirin developed. This one drug is not only used to reduce the pain suffered by humans but also to cure various diseases. One is for heart disease. There are several benefits of aspirin that is very useful for patients with heart disease.

side effect of aspirin
It’s really important to eat aspirin moderately to avoid dangerous effect

Yes, it may give you some strange vibe, however, it is true that Aspirin can be used in moderation to improve our heart health in a very interesting way. Aspirin are a unique medicine that are usually used for many different interpretation and can help medical expert to treat many kinds of health problem. It is means that Aspirin not only used to cure headache, there are many hidden benefits of this drugs. However, just like many other drugs. Aspirin are a medicine that needs to be used in prescription and moderation especially if you want to use it to treat heart condition. For you who are interested in knowing more about this drug, here are some information regarding aspirin benefits for heart condition in a more detailed manners.

Aspirin Benefits for our heart condition

  1. Cleaning our Arteries

Aspirin becomes a drug that clears the arteries. In the medical world, clogged artery can be very dangerous because it can cause deadly coronary heart disease. This problem can be overcome by taking aspirin which will clear the tissue and artery channels from cholesterol that accumulate so that blood can flow again. In addition, aspirin can also be used to thin the blood. This will help the heart in pumping blood so that the load generated by the heart becomes noticeably lighter. This is very useful for patients with heart disease who often experience clots in certain parts. Aspirin certainly can solve this problem very quickly and make our heart to have normal heart rate zones.

fatty deposits
Fatty deposits is the one cleaned by aspirin
  1. Diluting Blood

Besides useful for clearing artery ducts and thin the blood, aspirin can also be used to make the heartbeat back to normal. One heart disease called arrhythmia, causing abnormalities in rhythm and heartbeat. This although it sounds trivial is actually very dangerous because the beat and rhythm of people with arrhythmia become uncertain. Sometimes it will be very weak but it can also be very strong. Taking aspirin can help normalize an abnormal heartbeat from arrhythmias. Of course, aspirin can also ease the pain caused by a heart attack. Basically, aspirin is indeed a painkiller. Taking aspirin during a heart attack can be a first aid for the patient. Aspirin can also be useful for curing heart leak disease which give us better heart rate variability.

  1. Used in caution and beyond prescription only

As a categorically blue drug, aspirin would be very dangerous if consumed in excessive doses. Therefore the consumption of this drug for patients with heart disease should still be under the supervision of a doctor. The doses used vary for each condition and age of the patient. If wrong in the dosage, it is not impossible will result in very fatal to the patient. Behind its good effect, aspirin actually has side effects that are quite dangerous. It is better if the aspirin purchased comes from a doctor’s prescription. The usual safe dose is 300 to 900 milligrams.

Medical Test to know our heart condition and give us better health condition

medical test
General healthy test to check our health condition

Surely all medicines consumed by heart disease patients should be consulted by a doctor first. Including also taking aspirin. This is to avoid the rash actions that can be bad for the heart. Because there are some drugs that are sold out there, it can have a direct effect on the heart. It is also a good idea if you do a heart health test. Although above it has been explained that healthy heart tips tests can be done manually directly at home such as by examining body parts and performing stiffness tests, but there is nothing wrong if you do a medical heart test. In addition to the results are more accurate, of course, through consultation your doctor can determine the next step will be done to overcome the heart condition.

  1. Electrocardiography test

The most commonly used test is electrocardiography. This one heart matters test is arguably the most inexpensive test for detecting heart defects. Electrocardiography or commonly abbreviated as ECG is a tool used to measure the electrical potency generated by the heart. This one organ has its own conduction system. This conduction system allows the heart to continue beating for life. This system consists of Nodus SA, Node SV, his beam, crus dexter, crus sinistra, and purkinje fibers. These five sections will circulate electrical activity throughout the heart. As a simple test form, the ECG tends to be fast and does not require long preparation. Usually this test uses gel when installing electrode.

  1. Echocardiography Test

Next there is an echocardiography test. This one test uses an ultrasound that is placed and directed straight to the heart to produce an anatomical picture of the heart and display it directly on the monitor. This test has several types that can be used and certain types that can produce a different picture. Types of echocardiography are 2-dimensional echocardiography, stress echocardiography, Doppler echocardiography, and transesophageal echocardiography. Before starting the test, no special preparations are made. It’s just that for some types of tests in heart hospital you have to tell the condition to the doctor to know the action that needs to be taken. Usually this test will use the gel as well to augment sound waves penetrating the skin.

  1. Nuclear cardiac imaging Test

There is still another type of nuclear cardiac imaging test. This one test uses injection of a number of radioactive tracer elements attached to larger molecules or to a patient’s blood cells. The blood labelled tracer is concentrated on a particular area of the heart and a camera capable of gamma wave detection is used to determine the radioactive emissions that make up an image in an area already occupied by the tracker. Preparation performed by this type of test is quite long because the test itself lasted for 4 hours. Patients are not allowed to consume caffeine 24 hours before performing the test.

Nuclear cardiac imaging test is quite sensitive, which means the patients needs to be in their best condition. Additionally, it is one of the test that are pretty dangerous, therefore, the patient really need to follow all of the known procedures. However, on the bright side, this test is one of the best test that can detect any anomaly in human heart. The work of this test is much faster than other test and can really help the doctor to detect any problem with your heart and treat it as soon as possible.

  1. Stressing test

There is also a stress test that is most often used to determine the presence of ischemic heart disease or not. Because the condition of stress often represents the type of balance between supply and demand oxygen. Through stress tests, there will be an increase in oxygen demand from myocardium and show inadequate oxygen supply under conditions of coronary artery-impairment. Before the stress test, the test participants are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, for two hours or more before the test. Ask about the consumption of caffeine and the drugs consumed, because some of these things can affect the results. If the test taker is an asthma inhaler user, it is also important to be notified to the monitoring team. All medical conditions of the test takers should be fully informed.

Stressing test is one of the most common and also the most traditional test to be done to a patient. The way this test work, is that the patient need to work as hard as they can. If there are anomaly in the patient heart or there are heart related disease then the patient will feel something is wrong with their body especially their heart. The doctors and their team need to be very careful if doing this test, as stressing test can be quite dangerous is not properly initiated and monitored. They need to be ready for countermeasure or heart failure treatment if the heart disease that are not known before kicks in and attack the patient when doing the stressing test.

Some of the tests mentioned earlier are just a few of the types of tests you can do to find out just medical heart medically. During this time many people who feel reluctant to check heart disease because it requires a fee that is not cheap. Do not worry. Progress of the times will help you solve the cost problem. Today there are also many online sites that provide help to check heart health via the internet. The result is not to worry because it can be spelled out accurately and reliably. Here is a more complete explanation for those of you who want to try checking the heart online.

Previously it has been explained how to test the heart condition manually by performing examination on the body and medical parts through tests that use certain equipment. This time you can try to do a heart health test via the internet site. Of course, the question is whether the results of the test via the internet can be said to be accurate and reliable. Problem results, everything back again on the data you must input later. If the data you enter is also less accurate, then the results can also be less accurate. It’s good if the heart test using this online site becomes the foundation for you to get ready to see a doctor. Similarly, a self-touching toes test.

heart failure symptoms
Heart failure symptoms

Usually the official site that provides this heart check service or heart failure guidelines requires you to register first. Then you have to fill some things related to the examination. Do not worry because of course if the website is official, leakage of information will never happen. One of the websites used to determine the condition of the heart is www.nhs.uk. But the checks provided by this one website are only for those aged 30 years and over. Online card checks provided certainly not always 100% accurate. Make this your next foundation or step to check your heart.

With all of these healthy heart tips you know can easily detect any kinds of anomaly that can happen to your heart. It is a good preparation to help you comprehend your heart condition. It is a good idea to do some of the manual test first which can be done easily by yourself. If you detect there are something wrong with it, then go to the doctor or heart expert to test your heart condition. They will then do a more advanced test with better monitoring. With this in mind, some of these tips will be really useful to make sure that you know about your condition especially your heart and can help you to avoid a more dangerous heart related disease in the future and have better heart function.