List Of The Best HEART HOSPITAL In The World And Tips On Choosing A Good Heart Hospital

Humans have many important organs in the body. But the heart plays the most vital role in human life. The heart is an organ in the chest of the left side of the human body. The task of the heart is very important, namely to pump blood that carries oxygen throughout the body. Without a heart, a person cannot live. Of course there are various kinds of dangerous diseases that lurk in the heart. Most diseases that attack the heart are caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Actually, all the dangerous Heart disease that lurk in the heart can be avoided by way of better caring for your life. Because if you are sick, the treatment that must be passed is not cheap.

Several studies have shown that cardiovascular or heart disease and Heart attack is the biggest killer in the world. Every year, the number of people who die of heart disease is always increasing in each country. Of course this is no longer a trivial problem. Heart disease patients should immediately get medical treatment. Usually individuals with heart disease will receive treatment such as regular drug consumption to heart valve surgery if needed. Of course all of these medical treatments which can be found in most Heart Hospital must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle too.

Not only that, successful medical care also depends on the hospital and the doctor who handles heart related diseases and its Heart attack symptoms. Usually in each country already has a special cardiovascular hospital which is established to treat patients with heart problems. Handling in a special hospital will be more maximal compared to public hospitals. Of course in this world there are a lot of quality and recommended heart special hospitals. For those of you who are looking for a special heart hospital for treatment, we will share some of the best heart hospitals that you can try or just want to know. These list will be chosen based on the service, service and also how good they are in treating the patient therefore, without further ado, here are some of the best heart hospitals in the world.

List of the Best Heart Hospitals in the World

The increasing number of individuals suffering from heart disease has made some experts in the medical world decide to establish a special heart hospital. Below is the best quality and best cardiac hospital in the world.

  1. Harapan Kita Hospital, West Jakarta

The list of the best heart hospitals in the world begins with heart hospitals located domestically. Precisely in West Jakarta. Harapan Kita Heart Hospital (RSJP) was inaugurated by President Soeharto and became the national referral center for cardiovascular services. Harapan Kita Hospital is also a center for cardiovascular education as well as a cardiovascular research center. Initially, Harapan Kita Hospital was the property of the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Harapan Kita heart hospital
RS Harapan Kita is known as the best heart hospital in Indonesia

However, in the present the ownership has moved to the Harapan Kita Foundation. RSJP Harapan have a motto that are pretty interesting which is” We are committed to promoting the interests and recovery of patient”. This motto is absolutely reflected through their service and also treatment to the heart disease patient making it a very notable heart hospitals as a whole. This hospital is called the best because it has handled various cases of heart disease such as Heart valve disease and is also equipped with adequate hospital facilities and is supported by the best doctors and cardiologists.

  1. Binawaluya Heart Hospital, East Jakarta

Still in Indonesia, now there is Binawaluya Heart Hospital located in East Jakarta. This hospital is still relatively young because it was only inaugurated on September 10, 2007. Before becoming a special hospital for the heart, Binawaluya Heart Hospital was a clinic for heart and congenital diseases. This heart hospital has also been equipped with various facilities such as outpatient care, hospitalization, and hostels for relatives of patients who accompany during treatment.

  1. Institut Hati Negara Sdn Bhd (IJN), Malaysia

We move briefly to neighboring Malaysia. There is the State Heart Institute Sdn Bhd (IJN) which is also called the Nation Heart Institute. It is a cardiovascular surgery procedure center located in Kuala Lumpur and also one of the best heart hospitals in the world. This hospital was inaugurated in 1992 and has provided cardiology surgery and cardiothoracic surgery services for adults and children. IJN is also a reference for cardiovascular diseases and has received new cases of heart disease from abroad. In 2009, the construction of the IJN building was completed and equipped with 432 beds for handling heart problems such as Heart valve leakage. The services provided by the IJN include:

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Allied Health Services
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  1. National Heart Center Singapore (NHCS), Singapore

Still in a neighboring country, this time there is Singapore. National Heart Center Singapore (NHCS) is a central hospital for cardiology problems and is a reference destination for heart disease. The hospital which was inaugurated in 1994 was originally known as the Singapore Heart Center at Singapore General Hospital. The Singapore Heart Center then took over all services related to heart disease and even some Heart valve replacement cases. Then in 2014, NHCS officially moved to a new building that was still in contact with the Singapore General Hospital building. This building is not only for the treatment of heart disease patients, but also the location of surgery or surgery and laboratories. NHCS offers preventive services to rehabilitate cardiovascular disease, lungs and chest pain.

NHCS heart hospital
NHCS is known as one of popular heart hospitals in the world
  1. Jilin Heart Hospital, China

Jilin Heart Hospital was inaugurated in October 2011 in China. The hospital has 300 bedrooms with 40 ICU bedrooms and 5 operating rooms that are modern and have medical standards. This hospital is also equipped with a catheter and cardiac laboratory. Medical personnel are headed by specialist doctors from Europe. Jilin Heart Hospital is an international standard hospital that is able to serve patients from China and abroad. Jilin Heart Hospital provides a package of services for overseas patients, including in arranging visas for medical treatment while in China.

  1. German Heart Center, Germany

Moving on to Europe, there is the German Heart Center as one of the best heart hospitals that is known in Europe. This prestigious heart hospital was founded in 1972 – 1973 and has become the first heart hospital in Europe. The German Heart Center provides cardiovascular services for adults and children alike. This hospital is also supported by medical personnel who have high standards and have professional, supportive and comprehensive abilities for the benefit of patients. German Heart Center with international services so that it can adjust catering to the culture and religion of patients.

  1. Texas Heart Institute, America

    texas heart institute
    Come with complete facility, Texas Heart Institute is known as must-visit heart hospital

On the American continent, there is the Texas Heart Institute. This hospital was founded by a heart surgeon named Dr. Denton A. Cooley in 1962. This heart hospitals has been known as one of the best heart hospitals in the United States and also in the world. Not to mention that it is one of the research center that are built to study Heart disease causes and cure heart related disease making it to have more credibility. Yes, The Texas Heart Institute is under the auspices of a non-profit organization and has a goal to reduce mortality due to heart disease. This hospital also promotes research, education, and improves patient services. To date, the Texas Heart Institute and its partners have had experience in managing 118,000 heart surgeries, 258,000 cardiac catheterizations, and 1270 heart transplants. Some of the services provided include:

  • Access to current research

This means that Texas heart institute offer the most advanced and up to date information regarding heart related diseases

  • Cardiology
  • Cardiac Surgery

Texas heart institute offers the most experienced team of surgeon with great skills and long experience about heart surgery making the success chance higher than most common heart hospitals

  • Transplant

This institute also offer Heart transplant surgery which is pretty rare to be found even in most heart hospitals

  • Health care tool

High quality and also complete heart health care tools are available in this place making it one of the best heart hospitals for treating patient with heart related disease as a whole

  • Artificial heart

Texas heart institute also offer artificial heart transplant. This can be used to replace heart that are afflicted with heart leakage or other incurable heart disease that needs heart transplantation

  • Stem cell
  • Gene therapy

Therapy for heart related disease with advanced methods and higher probability of success

  1. Cleveland Clinic, America

    cleveland clinic heart hospital
    Cleveland Clinic receives the best heart hospital in the world 2016-2017 (via

The best cardiac hospital next is the Cleveland Clinic. This hospital has been named the best heart hospital in the world, U.S News 2016-10`7 version. Cleveland Clinic has the most comprehensive and modern cardiology facilities. Cleveland Clinic has been known to be one of the most known heart hospitals not only on the United States of America but also on the world. Their facility and treatment are top notch making it one of the best choice for people who are looking for the best heart hospitals that can treat their heart related diseases condition.

  1. Raffles Heart Center, America

Still in the United States, there is the best heart hospital for children. Raffles Heart Center is a children’s heart hospital. Not only provide health services for children with heart related disease, but also accompany parents. In addition, Raffles Heart Center also supports research and donations for children’s heart disease. Just like Cleveland clinic, Raffles heart Center also offer cutting edge facility and the best service they can offer. As we previously mentioned, this heart hospitals is designed to handle child patient therefore, the atmosphere is quite different from your ordinary heart hospitals and can be a good alternative from Cleveland clinic.

  1. Centro Cardiologico Monzino, Italy

    centro cardiologo hospital
    Centro Cardiologo is known as the best hospital in Europe

On the European continent, there is the Centro Cardiologico Monzino located in Italy. This hospital is called the best heart hospital in Europe. The services that can be provided by this hospital are medical tests, laboratory facilities, specialist doctors, surgical procedures. This hospitals offer one of the most complete service and also facility for people with advanced heart related disease. Therefore, if you or one of your family member and friends are having a heart related disease that are too advanced to be treated with normal hospitals then this hospitals can become a good alternative to treat the condition that may befall to one of your colleagues or family in advance

Tips on how to choose the best heart hospitals to treat your conditions

Those are some of the names of the best heart hospitals in the world. For those of you who want to seek treatment or just have a heart condition, you can try one of the hospitals above. As it allow you to have the best service and also features that a hospitals can offers. Of course there are many kinds of hospitals that also offer great service and features other than the aforementioned hospitals. Yes, having the best list of heart hospitals is not enough because there are still a number of considerations to consider, in this point we will try to give you some insight on some factors to consider when you want to choose a good hospitals for your health needs. For those who are interested, here are some of the consideration to choose a good Heart Hospital.

– Listen to input / suggestions from family and colleagues

Before you choose a heart hospital for treatment or self-examination, you should ask for input or advice from colleagues or family who have had experience with heart disease. If there are acquaintances who have ever come into contact with heart disease, you can find out which hospital provides the best heart care. Because usually people who suffer from heart disease will consistently go to a hospital. Of course you want to get the best treatment also for the best results for your heart.

Additionally, you can also try to check on the hospitals yourself and then see it for yourself, it is a good idea to see how the hospitals work with your own eyes before you choose to use their service to treat your heart diseases condition. In addition to make up your mind, you can also choose the best hospitals that have the best atmosphere according to your heart content. Remember that not every hospitals are the same, some are different and have better compatibilities to some patient where some are not. This way you can recover much more quickly when using hospitals that are comfortable according to your taste.

– Take into account the location of the selected heart hospital

Maybe it sounds simple, but you can’t forget this one thing. Also take into account the location of the heart hospital you chose. Usually people will tend to choose a large hospital, but you should choose the heart hospital closest to where you live. Because usually when relapsing, heart disease patients should immediately get a maximum of 30 minutes of treatment. If you want to seek treatment abroad, then take into account the location. Because there must be a visa that is taken care of and also the costs incurred must be greater. Also includes fees for families who accompany when you are on treatment.

– See the hospital Quality from patient reviews

Choosing everything should not be arbitrary. Also included if you are choosing a hospital for treatment. We recommend that you choose a heart hospital that has enough experience in dealing with heart patients. Of course, hospitals that have experience in handling heart patients will provide maximum service. Existing facilities are guaranteed to be better for comfort and handling emergency situations. This experience also applies with a heart doctor who will handle it. Experienced heart doctors will be more mature in carrying out treatment procedures and making decisions. To find out this one thing, you can first read a review about a heart hospital from a patient.

Other than review, it is also a good idea to ask to the hospitals staff itself. Ask about the features, service and what can they do to your condition. By asking directly you then can choose the best hospitals that will fit with your criteria, needs and also liking. Most hospitals usually offer the same features, service and also facility. However, there are some that offer better facility and service. This means choosing the right hospitals can be much more advantageous to your condition and also your health as whole, therefore, consider to ask some of the information in advance.

– Gender and age of patients to be treated

Choosing a hospital also has to do with your gender. Usually men and women tend to have different characteristics about the symptoms of heart disease. The body response given is also different. Therefore you should consider this also when choosing a heart hospital. Don’t hesitate to find out which hospital has experience dealing with heart disease for certain genders, especially women. In addition, age is also worth considering. Now there are enough heart hospitals for children. The treatment given medically may be the same, but psychologically needed by patients with heart disease for children and adults will certainly be different. So consider this well.

– Choose special cardiac doctors who are attentive and communicative

This one thing is very important. As a cardiac patient, you should get as much information as possible regarding the disease you are experiencing. You can get all this information through a doctor. Therefore, choosing the right doctor is a must. Many people are reluctant to seek treatment because they feel that they are not suitable with the doctor. This can certainly be avoided if you have chosen the right doctor. Look for communicative cardiologists and can explain clearly. In addition, choose a heart doctor who can be patient with the patient. You will certainly ask a lot about the heart disease you are experiencing. Doctors must be able to describe all kinds of information patiently and clearly. In essence, this collaboration between doctors and patients will greatly support your recovery. Therefore, be careful in choosing your heart specific doctor.

When choosing a doctor. There are several consideration that you need to understand. First, choose one that are having the best experience. Two, choose doctor that are genuine and care for your health. Three, make sure that the doctor are not busy too much with other heart patient as it means that they will have less time to supervise your condition. When all of the condition are meet then it is the best doctor for you. However, if not, then make sure that some of the condition are meet as it will make your heart related disease to be treated and recover much quickly.

And there you go on some of the information about the best heart hospital in the world for you. All decisions will certainly return to you. Do not be careless in choosing a hospital to seek treatment because if you do not have the consequences, you will lose money if you feel it is not suitable with your chosen doctor or heart hospital. Regardless of the medical treatment chosen, don’t forget to always take care of your health through a healthy lifestyle. This is important but is often forgotten by patients with heart disease. A healthy lifestyle starts with quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. Also start exercising. Heart disease patients are strongly advised to exercise lightly every morning to get normal Heart rate zones.

Exercise can be in the form of jogging or yoga. Heart disease patients can also try Pilates to train breathing. In addition, start also eating healthy foods. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats such as fast food, fried foods, and so on. Saturated fat will increase cholesterol which ultimately results in the condition of your heart disease. You can process food by boiling to avoid saturated fat. Do not be too late to take medications or special heart supplements given by your doctor. Thus are the information about the treatment of heart disease through the best hospitals in the world and also ways to choose the right Heart Hospital. Hopefully this information can be useful for you and help you in fighting heart disease that resides in the body or knowing the Heart problem symptoms and treat it before it become more dangerous.