We as a human want to have a healthy body and most importantly a healthy heart. However, with the advancement of technology and also civilization, diseases has also evolving and become even harder to battle. This is of course, coming due to the change of lifestyle, food and also how people living this day. One of the most important part of human life is our own human body especially heart. With the many diseases that threaten our life, it is a good idea to take care of our heart using simple heart healthy recipes that we can find in this world.

A good recipe for our health
A good recipe for our health can be an enjoyable way to maintain our heart

Yes, heart healthy diet is not something that difficult to be find in this time of a day. There are plenty of hearth healthy foods that can help us to take care of our heart condition and body in a very good manner. However, the challenge for this is to find one that can fit with our lifestyle. As we already know, human civilization has become more and more advanced. This lead to the changes of human lifestyle which also affect mortality and health condition of the human itself. Food and also beverages that we can find this time of a day as we already know is not something that people call it healthy.

Most food this day can be considered a junk food. Junk food means a food that are basically have low level of nutrient and can lead to many kinds of human health problem. The intakes of this junk food and beverages can also lead to a severe cases of heart related problem. One of the most common study and survey says that heart disease problem and heart attack are one of the most common event that happen to modern day people. This is because of the lavish lifestyle that most modern people are doing this day combined with their love of junk food.

So, what can we do in order to make sure that our body especially our heart are healthy? Well, just as we previously mentioned in the first paragraph, we need to find or change our lifestyle. It can be done by changing our life style diet and also food in the slightest. This will make our body to adapt to a more healthy food which can also affect our body and heart health. Of course, not every person in the world know what kinds of food and recipes that are good and beneficial for our heart health. Which is why we come to, we are here to give you some examples on several food and recipes that can brighten your day and make your heart much healthier.

Recipes and food nutrition for heart health

One small weakness, or we can say the main reason that most healthy food are not really interesting is that we do not know how to make a delicious meal based on that ingredient or food. On the other hand, most junk food are quite delicious (and of course have a very bad influence on our health). This is the reason that most modern people this day does not care about what they are eating as long as it is delicious. Fortunately, we are here to give you some interesting idea on how to reduce heart attack symptoms, giving more nutrition for heart health and of course all of this while having a delicious meal. Yes, some of these recipes can really help you making a delicious meal that are also beneficial for your health and heart at the same time! Care to know more about some of these recipes? Then here is the first one.

1. Shrimp and Broccoli

Who would thought that the combination of heart healthy ingredients such as broccoli and shrimp can be made into a healthy and also delicious meal? Well, it is true and we can make it come true. First of all if you want to make this recipe, of course, you need a handful of shrimp and broccoli as the main ingredients. Broccoli and shrimp has the capability to minimize and reducing cholesterol in human body which is good for our heart health. After you already done this the next thing to do is simple. Cook both ingredient with a very low oil and then cook it for 10 minutes. Make sure that you present this food with steamed boil of rice and then stir fry both of them to het a delicious and healthy meals

2. Sweet and spicy glazed salmon fish dish

Okay moving on to the next recipes that can really improve your heart health there is the salmon dish that we like to introduce to you. This recipes require you to have salmon that are broiled in a simple way. Then try to add some sweet and spicy glaze as the main addition to the ingredients. This salmon dish goes well with the steamed broccoli and sweet potato that are baked. The salmon itself is one of the most beneficial ingredients and food for hearth health therefore, this meal is one of the perfect meal for people who thrives to have a healthier life in general.

3. Spinach and tomatoes with red snapper

Just as the name implies, this recipes combines three beneficial ingredients for heart health. The ingredients ranges from tomatoes, spinach and also red snapper fish. If you want to make this meal, all you need to do is a simple and easy preparation. The first preparation comes with the broiling the snapper first. Then add Dijon mustard coating with the addition of fresh and ripe lemon. After you done this simple step, the next thing you need to do is serve the snapper with the combination of tomatoes and spinach for a heart healthy meal that can give you delicious taste. This meal will also goes well with combination of steamed brown rice or whole grain rolls. All of them according to your preferences.

4. Heart smart meals

If you want a combination of heart healthy vegetables with delicious taste then this simple and quick recipes can really help you achieve what you wish for. All you need to have is vegetables, and salad, additionally for the optional step you can also have some fruit for the final touch. Do not forget that you can still have some lean meat, and whole wheat pasta for healthier food consumption. Try to combine with protein ingredient with fiber or veggie ingredient make sure you cook the meal with stir frying, microwaving or broiling and steaming it for maximum potential of the food benefits.

5. Pan Grilled Chicken meal with cranberry salsa

Yes, if you are like me and love chicken other than meat then this recipes maybe made for you. A pan grilled chicken meal with cranberry salsa is the definition of delicious and also exotic taste intermingled. In order to make this meal you need a boneless chicken breast that are pounded to submission. This will allow the cooking to be much faster due to the tenderness of the chicken breast. After than prepare the cranberry salsa seasoning that are made from the combination of pickled jalapenos and cranberry orange sauce. After that cook the chicken grilled style and then apply the sauce on it. Finally, adding some chopped fresh herbs and some lemon juice will finish the meal preparation.

6. Rotini with Marinara Sauce

The combination of pasta and marinara sauce on this next recipes is fabulous, delicious but also healthy. In order to apply the recipes you need to put the pasta cooked first. While cooking the pasta and waiting for it then you need to prepare the marinara sauce so it will simmers. For the pasta itself, you can use any kinds of pasta ingredients as it is quite easy to be found in the market this day. Additionally, you can also serve this delicious and hearty health meals with green salad and breadstick. The combination of pasta which have low calories and also fat value combined with marinara sauces will make sure that your cholesterol level are in touch and giving you healthier heart condition

7. Crusted tenderloin steaks with port sauce and pepper, garlic combination

If you want a new meat recipes that are delicious and also healthy for your heart health then this recipes can become a good alternatives. First of all try to cook the meat in around 10 minutes just like what you will do with any types of steaks. Pretty simple and straight forward. Then for an additional ingredients you need to apply some garlic combined with pepper. After that add some rice pilaf combined with steamed green beans for the final touch. This meal is pretty easy to cook and can really give you the right energy to do your activity while keeping and maintain your heart health.

Looking at all of the above examples of the Heart Healthy Recipes we now know that healthy life is not that hard to be applied. Many people think that having a healthy life means that they will have the same food that is not delicious and cannot give them a sense of satisfaction. In reality there are many kinds of food that are healthy but also delicious. Therefore, it is a simple statement that healthy and delicious go hand in hand. Now after we know about the recipes for many interesting and healthy food recipes, it will be incomplete if we does not add another interesting recipes to make your hearth much healthier. What we are going to talk about is recipes for healthy and delicious beverages.

Creative and delicious recipe
Creative and delicious recipe will make you feel great while eating it

Delicious and healthy beverages for your heart health

Sometimes people think that the only thing that really maintain their heart health is exercise and also having a good food. One thing that people miss is sometimes beverages also have some influence in your body condition as a whole. As we already know, human body consist of majority from water. Therefore drinking a healthy and beneficial beverages with many vitamins and beneficial substances is a must to maintain our body condition and our heart rate zones. Therefore, we are here to share some interesting beverages that can help to complete your heart healthy eating program.

1. Water

The first one is quite simple, what kinds of beverages that your body needs the most? Well, answer these question, what is the most substances that human body has? The answer is pretty easy and it is water. Therefore, if you are looking for the best beverages or drink that can really make your body healthy and heart have better condition, water is the best way to go. This drink is the most important thing that you can drink and combined with the other healthy food that we already explain on the first part of the article regarding this topic.

2. Milk

The second and most important beverages that can also go well with several kinds of food recipes that we previously mentioned is milk. Milk are very beneficial for our health and drink milk everyday especially low fat type soy milk is one of the part of heart healthy lifestyle that really can make our heart healthy and better in every particular way. Additionally, if you want a more useful milk then try the sterol additional milk which is pretty useful in lowering your cholesterol very effectively.

3. Tea

Heart diseases are pretty dangerous and also need good precaution especially on what food and beverages we need to consume. One of the beverages that can really give you better and much healthier results is tea. Tea is suggested by professional in order to reduce the risk of having a heart diseases. This has been studied in several research from 2001. However, make sure that you choose unsweetened tea as the drink as it is much healthier and have better effect on our health in general. The tea itself can be served in multiple ways that will suit our preferences from homemade iced tea to herbal warm tea.

Tea a good beverage for heart
Tea is known as a good beverage for our heart

4. Coffee

Another interesting drink that can make your health much better is coffee. Coffee is known to be one of the beverages that goes well with many kinds of food. The taste of coffee are also pretty delicious and exotic making it one of the most appealing beverages that we can drink in a very extensive manner. Coffee are highly recommended because it is considered heart healthy and have easier time to be combined with multiple food choices, especially the above recipes that we already offer to you. There are several coffee option that you can choose from skinny lattes, black coffee and so on. all of these will have low calories and also offer better taste.

5. Diet Soda

We all know that this kinds of drink may look dangerous for our health. However, in reality diet soda is actually a good choice if you want to diet and lower your cholesterol. Diet soda however, are not for regular consumption. It is a good idea to drink it in a moderate fashion. For examples, you need to drink it every week only or once a week. Make sure that the diet soda does not have artificial sweetener in order to keep your health in top condition.

6. Energy Drinks

One of the drinks that can go well with your heart healthy activities is none other than the energy drinks. There are no other interesting ways to enjoy life with a beverages of energy drink after a day of exercise. This way you will have better energy and much better health as well. However, even though it’s a good idea to drink this drinks once a week. It is highly recommended not to drink it everyday and only consume it in a moderate way. This is because energy drinks tends to make your heart goes faster which means heart issues and we does not want that right? Therefore, make sure that this is an optional drink for you to drink and not the main one.

7. Fruit Juice

The next thing that we can recommend for you who want a delicious and also beneficial drink for your heart and health then fruit juice comes up in this list. Fruit juice comes from fruit which is proven to be beneficial for health and heart. Vitamins and fiber are one of the most important part in the fruit juice that can go well with your health. Not to mention that some fruit juice can even reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol level and plays role in reducing the risk of heart diseases. In other words, fruit juice is highly recommended to be consumed everyday as one of the main beverages for your diet program.

With some of the above selection for good beverages that you can drink in your spare time, it is a good idea to have some small snack to enjoy your life as well making you heart healthier. As we already know snacking is one of the habit that we human have, therefore, it is a good idea to make snacking a heart healthy habits that will make our heart much healthier which lead to better life in general. For you who are interested in knowing more about what kinds of snack that you can consume then here are some of the examples that we provided just for you.

Several Delicious and healthy snacks that you can consume

Many people asking simple heart health questions and it is “what kinds of snacks that good for our heart?” this question can be answered pretty simple which will be explained in this paragraph. Some of the snack that can be eaten ranges from yoghurt, apples, and even dark chocolates. Yes, some of these food are a good snack that can be eaten as an optimal food to enhance your body and heart condition. Yoghurt for examples, have the capabilities to give much more good bacteria that will make your digestion system better. Good digestion system means better absorption capabilities and it will allow our body to be able to absorb better nutrient that healthy for our heart.

On the other hand, apples are a good source of fiber and also vitamins. And according to some research apples even have the aptitude to reduce the risk of heart disease due to the high level of antioxidant flavonoid compound. Additionally, apple will also lower cholesterol level as well. on the other hands, dark chocolates are have high level of epicatechin that is crucial for our blood vessel which is connected with our heart. Eating these snacks combined with some of the aforementioned recipes for food and also beverages we mentioned will give you a healthy heart for all. Of course, you also need to exercise in routine which will make all of the program complete and have better results in the end. Because without usual exercise, all of these food and beverages will not be optimal. Exercising will allow our body to work and will force our body to have optimal body condition which means better and healthier heart as a results of all these combined in harmony.

Healthy meal
Healthy meal is really important to maintain our heart’s health

And there you go, several healthy heart tips that consist of food examples and beverages explanation that can help you to achieve a better heart health for life.  In the end, it is up to us the owner of the body if we want to achieve a healthy life in the slightest. Many people think that in this modern day, there are no way to become a healthier and happy person at the same time because of modern people activity this day. In reality we can achieve that as long we have the dedication to do it. All of this can be started by changing our way of life and the simplest one is changing what we consume every day. Giving our body better and optimal condition. Therefore, having and consume some of the heart healthy recipes that we recommend and share, we hope that you can achieve a better health and happier life.