Exercise and sports that are beneficial for exercise heart rate

The heart works by beating, the purpose of which is to work like a pump so that blood that has passed through the lungs and is attached to oxygen can flow throughout the body through blood vessels. That way all other organs can also work optimally and make the body healthy.

The beats in the heart are not always the same. There are times when the heart beats very fast. This condition can occur if the body needs a large supply of oxygen-containing blood. Usually conditional is carrying out heavy and continuous activities. And there are times when the heart beats quite slowly. This is when our body is in a state of calm or rest.

what you should do and get while doing exercise
What you should do and get while doing exercise

The heart works according to the condition of the body but sometimes there are problems and abnormalities that make the heart not work properly. If this has happened, there will usually be a variety of diseases that attack the heart organs and can endanger human life. Which is why the importance of Exercise heart rate.

We can take various actions to prevent various problems that can cause diseases and abnormalities in the heart. Before proceeding further, is the definition of heart rate actually and how much is a normal heart rate for people who are in good health?

Heart rate is the number of units of heart beat per unit time usually measured in minutes which are represented by bpm or beats per minutes. For adults who are in good health, when they are resting or not doing heavy activity, the normal heart rate variability is amounting to around 60-100 beats per minute.

Knowing the factors that affect the number of human heartbeats

There are several factors that can influence the number of heartbeats in humans, namely the age of a person, physical activity being carried out, a person’s fitness level, time when calculating heart rate, temperature around, body position is also very influential, the level of emotions being felt by someone, fluctuations in hormones, caffeine intake being consumed, nicotine content in cigarettes, a person’s body size and the type of drug being consumed.

By knowing these factors, we can conclude what can be done to maintain fitness and stability of the heart rate to remain in a healthy and normal condition. Like maintaining a diet and consuming healthy, low-fat dishes because fat build up can clog arteries that cause coronary heart disease. Reduce consumption of caffeine and stop smoking. Especially for cigarettes not only affect the heart but also directly affect the stability and health of lung organs. Often control emotions and process stress by doing some exercise.

interval training benefits
Interval training benefits (via fix.com)

Beneficial sports that can be used to exercise heart rate

  1. Interval Training

There are several types of exercises and sports that can strengthen and stabilize the heartbeat and make blood flow throughout the body smooth. The first is called interval training. Amazingly this exercise is not only good for stable heart rate but can also be used to prevent other dangerous diseases such as diabetes and obesity or being overweight.

This exercise which can help in Exercise heart rate can be done by combining high intensity exercise with a longer active recovery period. An example is to walk at normal speed for the first three minutes then proceed with a quick step for the next one minute. Doing this automatically can also increase and decrease heart rate and is useful for improving the function of blood vessels. Besides this exercise is also useful for burning calories and losing excess weight. The body will be more efficient at cleaning up the sugar and fat content of the blood.

  1. Total Body Workout

Then there is another thing called total body workout or exercise by moving the whole body. The theory is that if a lot of muscle in the body works, the harder the heart beats with the aim to balance and the body will naturally become stronger and the heartbeat will be more stable. Do sports that make the whole body work like rowing, swimming, cross-country skiing and so on.

  1. Yoga and Pilates

Sports and exercises that are currently on the rise, such as yoga and Pilates, are apparently also indicated to stabilize the heartbeat. The essence of this exercise is actually to strengthen muscles and increase the power of flexibility and balance in the body. But indirectly it also affects the human heart rate. Yoga can make blood pressure go down and slow down the heartbeat which is a day of hard work due to heavy physical activity and stress, depression and emotional stress. Then the blood vessels also become more elastic

  1. Cardio Exercise

The easiest exercise and exercise to do is to diligently run. Run here must also be set rate or speed, not too fast and not too slow too. Before running do not forget to warm up first with the aim of increasing blood circulation in the body and preparing the body before carrying out strenuous activities while running. In addition, it also prepares muscles and joints so that it reduces the risk of injury while running. When running inevitably the breath tempo must be adjusted so that it does not absorb and makes oxygen decrease.

  1. Singing

For hobby owners singing must also be happy because this fun activity also affects the human heartbeat. Singing exercises cannot be separated from breathing exercises. By training the breath means it also regulates blood flow and pressure which has a direct effect on the human heartbeat. By routinely doing singing exercises means breathing will also be more trained and the heart rate zones becomes more stable.

  1. Cycling

Then doing cycling exercise also has a direct effect on heart rate. Because when cycling will be done pedaling with legs so that the body moves quickly and inevitably requires great energy. With this, the heart will automatically adjust to beating faster. The muscles of the body will become strong including the muscles that go directly to the heart. Become strong and supple and automatically make the heart healthy and beat with stability.

In addition to doing exercises which help to exercise heart rate, rest and quality sleep are also needed. Give your heart time to take a break after a hard day’s activities. Give pause to beat slowly and flow and pump blood to become smoother and reach out to every member of the body and evenly into all the organs that make other organs including the brain get an adequate supply of oxygen. The effect is to make the organs work more optimally. Emotional stability and regulating stress can affect the health of the human heart. By multiplying imagining positive and pleasant things, reducing the thought of things that irritate the mind.